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  1. In the first video the ship hasn't stabilized symmetric engines either and flies like a charm. Besides, I reworked this thing and built it with 98% stability according to TCA. But it still flips around itself and crashes afterwards when it hits the 100m mark (I filled in the alt(m) before). How come?
  2. Of course discussing those problems over days here are a proof of not having the will to learn something new and the expectation to that excrements works right away! This is not help, this is making fun of me and others like me. BTW I didn't understand excrements in this video you psoted. Not my topic and that's fine. Not everybody has to be interested in higher mathematics, coding and such things! And even when this kind of topic keeps being to complex for my simple being, the mod implies something very different! Being automatic, stabilizing ships with asymmetric engines, (first video in OP, yes I watched them!) even flying with it from point a over b to c, magically with a click of a button! Why should I learn after a video like that how to use scripting languages and what PIDs and are and I don't know what else you could come up with? It functions without them as long as we trust those vids!
  3. It doesn't matter, even 1 m/s destabilizes the aircraft till it crashes. TCA doesn't seem to care at all to balance VTOL out. Nothing like the videos in the OP! It would be great if allista could say a word about it! what means PIDs? Besides, please don't misunderstand me, but the fun in the game comes when something works, not how deep I have to dig myself into even more complex mods... Scripting is definitely something I don't call "fun"
  4. But, but... This was my only hope aswell as my intention to use this mod! You broke all my dreams right now ;-( how can I ever use a vtol ssto ship without any vtol help? :O
  5. This helped! Now it's working ( I think ) But it seems to not being able to control the ship and keep it stable. When I press for example 100m in the upper left corner at alt(m), then it pushes the ship with 100% thrust rotating aorund its own axis in the ground. I am pretty sure, it's the pilot's fault not the modder's, but maybe you can help? Here a screenshot BTW if the GitHub version could've been the issue, you could've easliy prevented this with a little text like "Newest version only in SpaceDock" or something like that
  6. It was this one tagged with latest release Take a look for yourself. Maybe I'm blind or something:
  7. Ok thanks for the hint! I'll try sorting this one out and call back! Edit: Nope that's not the solution. Still a green TCA Button that's not clickable, while having a cockpit with TCA ACTIVE: True. Do I have to use the AT_Utils version provided by the zip file or should I install the newest one of GITHub? I think there's a 1.6 version sitting, while your download offers a 1.5 variant. Could the fact that there was once the 1.6 version installed before killed the funcionality of TCA afterall? I admit, I tried the 1.6 version. As this wasn't helping aswell I deleted AT_Utils and TCA and reinstalled the untouched version of TCA found in the OP (and wrote my first support request here)
  8. Hey, I have the issue that I can not press the TCA button in the toolbar while in "Flight mode" in Sandbox mode! Didn't came as far as I needed yet to test TCA in Career mode! But I can press the button and add things to the "Software" in the VAB for example. But I can't press it when I have my "vehicle on the runway". I know I have to check the line 'TCA Software installed' in the right mouseclick menu. Already deleted the 000_AT_Utils and ThrottleControlledAvionics folders and reinstalled them from a fresh download.. Didn't help I have no clue! Please help The logfile The mod list and KSP Version via AVC:
  9. Thanks for the debugging tipp! I will try it with Kerbinside this weekend! Nope. It replaces too many things for my taste
  10. Hi is this comatible with the KerbinSide mod, which adds to the KSC a Campus site?
  11. THE RemoteTech config cfg with all KerbinSide Groundstations for v1.45! RT config DropBox Link Install instructions: Put the RemoteTech config.cfg in you KerbinSide folder Load a savegame or create a new one In the RemoteTech options menu click preview In there you click on Reload in the "RemoteTech Starting Settings" line Bam, Finished! The direct code: Have fun!
  12. edit 2: I think you could've linked your modder explanation site for further understanding to your explanation. An hour looking for the explanation I understood GUID is just a "random number". Welp, I will share the renewed cfg file for further use for all KerbinSide users here once it's finished
  13. Hey Noob question here: (sorry for that) How do I add the KerbinSide Stations to the Remotetech cfg? I have the newest version of KK, Kerbinside, RT and KSP and dozens of stations but only the KSC as a possible connection? Installed the KerbinSide Complete Pack here is my modlist: and here is the log file: output_log.txt