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  1. Okay, I've managed to land this thing down in one piece near KSC. Hooray! :) Made only minor design changes, mostly did it by refining landing procedure. But I've noticed a weird thing. I have a probe core covered by 2.5m heatshield. During reentry the probe tends to dangerously overheat (and sometimes to explode due to extreme heat) even with heatshield fully intact and full of ablator. Don't know what to do with it. I've thought that right behind heatshlied probe should be safe...
  2. Reporting on the progress (or lack of ) I've rethought the reentry process for my vehicle - now coming engines first. With my difficulty settings Mainsails do actually oveheat upon reentry no matter how I reenter. Tried shallow and steep curves - all the same. My solution to the problem: I've reduced maximum payload for this rocket to save more delta-v. This way I have some fuel to retrofire during reentry. Once I detect overheating, I kick the thrust and slow down a bit. This way can survive slowing down without loosing parts of my rocket. Last problem to solve - this way I end up l
  3. I've tried airbrakes. They are first to explode due to overheating To my surprise they have very weak heat tolerance Hmm. I've found that shallow reentry tends to deplete heatshields without really slowing down craft. Don't know why - in theory if you don't slow down much, you can't get too hot because it is kinetic energy is converted to heat. With my capsules reentry I usualy aim, to 25-30 km periapsis. Will try reentry wings.
  4. Hi, everybody. Playing career, want to save some money. Spaceplanes are something beyond my understanding, so I've decided to make a reusable classic rocket SSTO. My simple rocket is 10 jumbos sitting upon 4 mainsails. Enough to throw full a jubmo to LKO without staging. For reentry I've tipped my rocket with heatshields and installed chutes and legs so rocket lands in engines-up position. Now, problem is that during the reentry aerodynamic forced invariably flip rocket around and it reenters sideways or engines-first. Never made it to the lower atmosphere in one piece. Are there any
  5. Didn't figured out, how to make attachment here. Uploaded it to yandex disk: https://yadi.sk/d/ckO9ZyxUzRNoB Everything is set up, node is created. To reproduce you should only issue "Execute next node" command in Maneuver Planner window. CKAN mod export file: https://yadi.sk/d/XIBYEfFJ3AuDyc I hope it would help.
  6. Bingo, that was the clue It showed zero TWR for TUG's stage and, somehow, two stages. it appears that problem was due to DMaginc seismic sensor module, attached to lander. Somehow it was present in staging sequence as... decoupler o_O After "decoupled" it (it actually disappeared from ship),it works fine. Also, Lander's engine was never activated via staging sequence (only manually). If I activate it via staging (a then shutdown manually), it also fixes problem even without seismic sensor "decoupling". Really, realy strange stuff happens in Mun orbit...
  7. Hello! I am experiencing weird problem. I have two ships: orbital tug and Mun lander, both equippd with MechJeb. Everything works just fine unless you dock theese two together and set tug to push lander. This means, turn off engine of lander, set "control from here" for tug's docking port or tug's mechjeb. After that MechJeb fails to warp to maneuver node. It fires engine immediately when told to "Execute next node". What could that be?
  8. More engineering than flying. I prefer to design ships and systems and then give them to MechJeb. He is doing it just fine Playing career as it give good feeling of progression and accomplishment.
  9. Hellow, fellow Kerbals! Today I've observed strange bug: all tanks of all my vessels in game suddently were refilled up to maximum capacity. It was quite convenient, by the way, saved me costs of resupply ship Anybody know this bug? MODS: MechJeb, ContractConfigurator, DMagic Orbital Science Firespitter fuel switch, Rasterprop monitors, Waypoint manager.
  10. Your blog is absolutely fantastic. Good job!
  11. What do you think about Interstellar life support mod? I love it's simplistic approach with only one consumable resource.
  12. Hello, fellow Kerbals! I'am willing to add life support to my career game, but I have some doubts. I'am afraid that addition of LS into career will bring unforseen gamebreaking issues. One of them is death of stranded Kerbals in rescue contracts. What type of mod (if any) you are using with career mode and what sort of problems do you encounter with it? Thanks in advance.
  13. Sooo.... if I get it right, real rockets also struggle with this problem? Realistic solution would be to use smoother ascenstion profile. - - - Updated - - - I don't like fins. Not that they are bad from engineering point of view. But real world rockets somehow go without them and I like my KSP rockets to look realistic.
  14. Flipping rockets and one of little annoyances of 1.0. Why exactly this is happening? I'am talking about physics of that process. Is this considered a bug or not?
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