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  1. Yeah, Spacedock was actually down for a while. The admin/owner was apparently 'off the grid' and just got it back online.
  2. Does anyone have a mirror for this??? (A second mirror is always a good idea anyway!!) Spacedock.info has been down for a while and no ETA on it coming back up.
  3. Early morning tourism launches. SVE and Scatterer... Also, re-posting since I had to re-upload to a different site
  4. Early morning tourism launches. SVE and Scatterer is what makes these particularly pretty (IMO). https://www.dropbox.com/s/5amoxju1zreitx3/screenshot7.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/uuhbf542hmjj13p/screenshot14.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/b5d1tv6y8uhzfa9/screenshot11.png?dl=0
  5. Hope you don't mind, I found a small issue in VOID_EditorHUD.cs. You missed a space in the delta-v readout for the Editor Hud. Below is the 'fixed' code... orignal code: hudString.Append("Bottom Stage Delta-V"); fix hudString.Append("Bottom Stage Delta-V: ");
  6. Tolos

    I give up

    One day I tripped on my shoelaces, damn shoes must be bugged... Returned them to the store since they obviously don't work properly.
  7. Okay, I too have been having this problem since 1.0 launch. I've played KSP since .18 and used opengl since .23.5. I may have narrowed this down to what I believe is an issue when the game is launched in windowed mode. First, my setup is an HDMI monitor running 1920x1080 as monitor 1. Second monitor is running DVI on 1680x1050. I use Nvidia 770GTX ver 340.52 drivers. Second monitor is running a basic Nvidia 9500 card. I believe this issue stems from the game opening itself right in the middle of the two monitors therefore causing it to try and adjust to the lowest resolution monitor. Simple test I ran, was to remove the '-popupwindow' launch option and disable the 'fake full-screen' option from the launcher. Once these options were changed, I was able to run the game in 'windowed' (not borderless) and also in full-screen. However the windowed version started in-between the two monitors. Hopefully this will help anyone else in the future. There really isn't a fix that I know if besides starting in full-screen and then changing to windowed (Alt+Enter), until they fix this opening in-between two desktops issue. Edit: Apparently windowed mode with '-popupwindow -force-opengl' inherently carries this issue, as Alt+Enter just causes the same crash for me.
  8. Thanks for all your hard work guys/gals! Here's hoping we get to play with this excellent mod this weekend!!
  9. Well, I moved and haven't been able to get my PC up and running as of yet. Hopefully I'll get it working this weekend and I'll know if it works for me. Thanks TT!!
  10. Anyone tried this with .25? I'd love to see this mod updated, I always miss this mod on my rovers after an update.
  11. I received some +rep along with a comment. Now I have a "Notification" (1 rep comment) which I can't view or remove. Hopefully this is the correct place to receive support for this. Thanks!
  12. My guess, they launched the 64bit beta of .25 before the actual x86 is out lol... Or I just got lucky... either way, I'll be playing .25 now.
  13. Wasn't lying, opted into Steam 64bit Beta via game properties and it downloaded .25 in 64bit exe
  14. They are dead, and no they will not be returning.
  15. You've intrigued me with this mod. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning on installing it when I get my "modded" KSP up and going. I think this will be a welcome addition to make things more difficult (which KSP needs desperately IMO). Question, will this automatically find modded parts and cause them to break? For instance any part mods installed (B9, KSPI, etc). Also, I don't know what you do for a living, but I'm sure writing some code while at work does in fact look like you're working. As anyone in the corporate world can tell you, looking like you're working is just as good as work itself.
  16. Awesome, sounds good and I can't wait to try this mod out and for the future of it as well! Kinda sounds like what I asked and was answered above. I'm sure you could fairly easily edit the multiplier for how much they get on missions if you want 5x, 10x for example.
  17. Question, are the salary payments based on whether the Kerbal is hired or only required if they are on mission? Reason I ask, I usually spam the hire button to have a bunch of Kerbals ready to be launched and this mod could give a reason to actually choose a few instead of spamming (which is good). I'm definitely going to try this plug in, I just can't since I'm still at work for the next 5hrs. Also, suggest maybe putting the [0.24] tag in your title for reference?
  18. Sorry, wasn't really suggesting your mod needs to be the one changing the name. Just stating my disgust for the current name. edit: Whatever it's changed to, IMO it should work in both singular and plural vernacular, unlike the current "Funds".
  19. Sounds interesting, I was thinking we needed more uses for our money. Only thing I'd suggest for would be changing the name from "Funds" as IMHO this is an absolutely horrible word for the currency.
  20. I also have a copy of .20 that I will keep for when I want to use mods until they are updated.
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