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  1. Still looking for feedback about the test parts by they way! I'm also looking to update a few parts with nodes for attaching servos and rotors or other items of interest!
  2. Glad to hear that you like it so far!
  3. Here is the parts pack that I am going to be using for testing out any parts that need balancing/adjusting. Please let me know what you think of them and show me what you can find to do with them!
  4. Update for anybody watching: Nacelle mount is created and ready for testing/balancing. Landing Gear Bay is working but needs a slightly reduced in size version of the small landing legs if you want them to not stick out. Also new is a brand new full size cargo bay for the drones! The 'bottom' is also flattened to allow for easier docking/decoupler placement! Once they are tested out, if they are liked, they will get textures and released with the next update of HL Airships! To that end, I need to know if anybody would like to give them a test run.
  5. So a further update: I still need to make the texture for the new cargo bay unit, though in truth it is more like a landing gear bay. I am also working on making a 'Nacelle' mount for the drone parts, allowing you to mount the main body of the airship under the lifting parts like you would be doing in real life. I have to do some balancing on it and get some texture for it as well.
  6. Just finished the base model for a new cargo bay unit for the drone airships! https://imgur.com/gallery/63BXljM Let me know what you think of it. And yes, I know it is missing the texture. That will come later once I finish the design.
  7. Just posting an update for anybody wondering: This mod is still alive and well in the new version of KSP. Work has sadly been keeping me from getting on and working on it at all but with the holidays almost over I'll be able to get on and start playing and working on the mod once more. My first plan is to get some landing gear made that will fit in line with the rest of the parts. Next will be a cargo bay for both the normal sized and the small airship.
  8. Is there any hope of getting a Cargo Bay added to this? I'm hoping to add a few to Hooligan Labs and can't find any good examples of how to make one.
  9. http://imgur.com/gallery/ZWJqr4l And here is a sneak peek!
  10. Ok so I want to go on and post to give everybody a quick update on the status of Hooligan Labs Airships. I am working on it still. Lately I have taken to working on a set of 1.25m rigid airship drone parts that will be aimed at use for small atmospheric drop crafts or disposable science airships.
  11. Yea the buoyancy doesn't change instantly. It takes a bit to go up or down, just like it would in real life.
  12. Yes. Eventually. Once I get better at modeling doing the animation. But not right now.
  13. Just updated the SpaceDock page with the newest patch version for 1.9.x
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