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  1. And here is a sneak peek!
  2. Ok so I want to go on and post to give everybody a quick update on the status of Hooligan Labs Airships. I am working on it still. Lately I have taken to working on a set of 1.25m rigid airship drone parts that will be aimed at use for small atmospheric drop crafts or disposable science airships.
  3. Yea the buoyancy doesn't change instantly. It takes a bit to go up or down, just like it would in real life.
  4. Yes. Eventually. Once I get better at modeling doing the animation. But not right now.
  5. Just updated the SpaceDock page with the newest patch version for 1.9.x
  6. Wasn't there at one time a Harpoon attachment for this mod?
  7. Oh I agree. But to pull that off in KSP I would need to learn how to do Animated parts. And first on the list of things to do is to get the current parts up to snuff and balanced.
  8. Indeed. My 15m parts just need to get some texture added and they will be ready to sail the skies. Also, speaking of those, do people want me to add more adapter parts for them to have more than just the spaceplane parts slung under them? Perhaps add the larger Mk 3 spaceplane parts?
  9. So my end plan is to keep the old parts that Hooligan made, as tribute to him, and then make some new parts that will be my own creations. To that end, I want to know what you all would like to see happen with the rest of the parts in the mod right now.
  10. There are plans to do that. Angel-125 from the Heisenburg Airship parts is looking into updating the code and helping me learn how to update and work on it myself.
  11. Very glad to be back. Now I just have to get back into the swing of it all.
  12. Hello to all! So after quite a long downtime I am back in business! I have a new laptop and will be trying to get back into the process of making more parts. To that end: What parts do you want to see made? Big? Small? Tiny?
  13. Good to hear that the plugin is working at least as well as some of the parts. My laptop is in the process of dying on me sadly or else I would work on a fix tonight!