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  1. Good to hear that the plugin is working at least as well as some of the parts. My laptop is in the process of dying on me sadly or else I would work on a fix tonight!
  2. Right now I am working on building a new computer (waiting on tax refund), but once that is done I am going to try and dig into the code and start learning it as well as working on updating it.
  3. But thank you in advance for any and all help you can give me. Python is the only code language I know.
  4. Oh I did not make HL! I am just maintaining it since the author stepped away!
  5. Any help is welcome. I have never done coding for something like this so I am having to learn as I go.
  6. Hi there everybody. Just wanting to give an update. My laptop has been dying on me lately so I have not been able to try to learn how to fix anything but I recently got it back up (mostly) and I am going to start trying to work out how to fix the mod and get it going again! Thank you all for your patience and if anybody can help me get started on the code fixes please let me know!!
  7. I would have to disagree then. I had 30 or 40 mods on my KSP and never had issues with managing or removing mods. Had over 100 in my minecraft and had no trouble either.
  8. Ok all I can say at this point is just wow... Is installing a mod REALLY so difficult that people need a "tool" to do it for them? Seriously!? Darn it... Fine! I will add it to CKAN but I will provide ZERO support about install issues related to use of ckan!
  9. Actually HL has nothing it depends on but the lack of internals is not a mod conflict but due to those parts being unfinished for now.
  10. Yes, because real airships had hundreds of hours of testing and planning to make sure they needed as little adjustment in flight as possible. So no, this mod and game encourage and borderline require some willingness to adjust and tweak designs. If it is doing something you do not like then learn why and adjust your design.
  11. Auto pitch can only do so much to level out a ship. The rest is just tweaking part placement and mass distribution.
  12. Tested it myself. Seems to be working just fine in 1.3.1
  13. As it has been stated multiple times before, I will not be adding this to CKAN.
  14. My parts are in the mod already but the old hooligan parts will be left as is for posterity.