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  1. There should be an airship button off to the right side of the screen that will bring up the GUI that you need.
  2. Current plans at this time for the mod: 1. Updating and fixing part meshes and assets 2. Begin working on textures 3. Work on trimming out parts that are unused/unwanted and work to add in new parts that will be used/wanted.
  3. As stated, THIS THREAD is being used for release versions. Lisias' thread is for Experimental and Development builds.
  4. THAT thread is for Bug Reporting and Issue tracking. THIS thread is for release notices.
  5. I've stated my issues in the past and I don't feel like pulling out that broken record again. I'm indexing it to shut up the people that nag me about it and that is all. What's done is done and I doubt it will be undone even if I asked so honestly I am washing my hands of it.
  6. Yea I can tell you now, that it was against my wishes and without any talk with me as I have been very open about my opinions of CKAN (no offense) since it was created.
  7. Can you ask them who approved the old version being added against my wishes?
  8. I submitted the request to CKAN to have it added the same day that it went on Spacedock. It is their problem if it's not added now. The old version shouldn't have ever been on CKAN either as I never gave permission for it.
  9. We have liftoff! https://spacedock.info/mod/3040/HL Airships Core
  10. CKAN says it is not updated to the latest KSP. It lists max game version as 1.10.8
  11. Just a small notice that the HL Airships mod is returning to full MIT license with the release of HLAirshipsCore by Lisias.
  12. Making a balance pass on the drone parts tonight. Looking to give them a somewhat more realistic set of configs as well as a 'kerbal' set. Looking for input to what you feel is a good max altitude for the Drone Blimp parts without load.
  13. https://imgur.com/a/bWN5KEB Testing the Drone Blimp parts out a bit more in 1.12~ Might have to see about either upping the battery charge or adding an RTG unit. But that will come after I finish working on the node engines and make the first SCIENCE part for HL Airships!
  14. That was in 1.12 actually. It still works, amazingly. Also, Lisias is the one to ask about a code update. Once I am home from work I will be updating the OP to reflect their status as the one handling the plugin.
  15. Would there be any interest in me making a node attached engine to go with that drone airship?
  16. https://imgur.com/a/zzUHJ6G She is small but she floats and she can get moving!
  17. HLAirships is getting a new update to the code soon and will also be getting released in a slightly new way soon(tm)!
  18. I'd like to keep hosting it as I'll be able to do some more modeling for it after the new year, so long as somebody can get the code updated.
  19. If anybody wants, I'm putting this back to an MIT licence so if anybody can fix the code I'm happy to keep it hosted.
  20. The ZepKit and Interiors were never my work so I have no control over those being broken or missing. I also have no ability to fix them either.
  21. The parts that lack textures are simply that I have not gotten a chance to work on them yet. I am not a very good texture artist so those are going very slowly. Please forgive them. The internals are not something I have anything to do with, nor do I have control over that, as they are not my parts. They will be getting removed on the next update of the mod. The toggle you want is called 'Auto Pitch' and it is only once you are in flight. Just turn it on and then back off again and the pink box will vanish. It can be found in the sidebar tab for Hooligan Labs.
  22. Yes, though with a few minor graphical quirks.
  23. So I did some testing and it's an error being tossed out by ANY Hooligan Labs parts with textures. No idea as to why that is yet...
  24. Is it that much of an issue? It has such a simple fix on the user end for the moment. But as for what version of the mod started having it? I have no idea. I think it showed up about KSP 1.9 or 1.10
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