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  1. I purchased KSP in June of 2013 so I'm apparently not eligible to get Making History for free. Why do those seven weeks make such a big difference? Why April and not March or July?
  2. I would really like to be able to close the game without going back several times to the main menu, especially if I'm in flight. Alt+F4 is not an acceptable solution, as a system administrator I always strongly recommend against force closing any application unless absolutely necessary. I'm frankly surprised this hasn't already been added to KSP. I can't think of another game that doesn't have a "Quit" option from every part of the game, except maybe during the first part of a UI locked tutorial. Edit: So I found out Alt+F4 actually closes the application normally, and Ctrl+Alt+F4 fo
  3. You can also downgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.3.0 via the beta option in Steam.
  4. There's so many incredible and creative SSTOs in this thread, no shortage of inspiration for the creation of my very first SSTO in a few minutes.
  5. Updated thread layout and added LEPT Heavy Mk II.
  6. LEPT Heavy Mk I Zero load delta-v - 6902m/s Max load (300 tonnes rated) delta-v - 3523m/s Objective - LKO Part count - 107 Tested payload - 300t Max theoretical payload - 420t Downloads Subassembly Spacecraft Mods KW Rocketry LEPT Heavy Mk II Zero load delta-v - 6484m/s Max load (200 tonnes rated) delta-v - 3684m/s Objective - LKO Part count - 109 Tested payload - 200t Downloads Subassembly Spacecraft Mods KW Rocketry I'll be updating this thread with additions to the family periodically. Thank you for downloading.
  7. I guess I'll try using a DDS converter/compressor/conveyer/combobulator.
  8. This mod is the troll... It wasted my time and it's wasting the time of others since it doesn't work and hasn't been updated in quite some time to compress DDS textures, which almost all of the textures in KSP are. So I downloaded it, tried it out and all it did was blur my toolbar icons. Then I come to this thread to see that it's basically useless? And I'm the troll for saying it should be removed from ckan so other people don't download it by mistake? Sure.
  9. I'm using your lifter to launch an unmanned 240 tonne upper stage including a 'Honeybadger' rover and enough fuel to get to Minmus. I was having trouble getting enough ÃŽâ€v so I downloaded your heavy lift vehicle for a little assistance. I've modified it a bit. I moved the booster tanks a bit lower and reconfigured them for a modified parallel staging method (a.k.a. asparagus) to add a few hundred extra ÃŽâ€v. I also added two sepetrons to each booster tank and a lot of radiator panels to the main engine. Update: I had to move the sepetrons down to the bottom of the booster tanks and put uli
  10. Thank you for all the input! I didn't expect this thread to gain so much attention, still reading all the replies. I originally planned to launch from Minmus but I think I'll probably use Minmus as a refueling depot and base of operations for interplanetary travel, with a station in MKO to serve as the launch facility. While I may have to haul rocket parts and fuel to the station, it's essential that I try to minimize resource consumption and the most important resource is time. With TACLS, I can't afford to wait years for launch windows from Minmus.
  11. I'm having the same problem on 32-bit KSP in Windows 7. It's extremely annoying to use mechjeb when it makes the game lag so horribly and freeze every few seconds, not sure how it's so popular... It needs some serious optimization. As soon as I attach the mechjeb part in the VAB, the lag begins. 1.) I don't think it's doing landing predictions in the VAB... 2.) Craft size has no relevance to the stuttering at all. Even the mechjeb part by itself causes stuttering. 3.) Again, not relevant inside the VAB.
  12. This mod needs to be disabled, the download links need to be removed from the thread and it should be taken off ckan.
  13. What would you say is the best place near Kerbin or on/near one of its moons to launch interplanetary spacecraft from? I've already begun a base on Minmus but gravity is so low combined with an icy surface, I have to weigh the modules down at least 25 tons just to keep them from sliding around.
  14. Would be cool if running out of electricity killed kerbals... As it is now, when the power runs out, the kerbals just stop eating and stay alive forever. Strange.
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