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  1. If it were me in that case, and what I do anyway, is set up a simple daily archiving of my persistence file. I use Automator on OSX to do it automatically, but you could do it manually, and I'm sure your operating system of choice has some sort of automating program.

    Create an 'Archives' folder in your 'Saves' folder and copy your persistence.sfs into it daily, affixing the date of the copying.

    And if that's too much work, there's a mod called AutoSave that will create numbered persistence backups within each save folder for you every time you enter the game. So if something gets borked during a flight and you can't revert/quick load, you could at least reload from the state of the last time you started the game. Which might not be entirely 'hardcore' difficulty, but I think it's fair enough for a game that does have it's fair share of bugs.

    As for your original question, I have a feeling it would be rather difficult at a basic level to identify what flights were ruined by bugs versus some sort of user error in construction or piloting. If you look at the flightlog, plenty of bugs just register as collisions or structural failures. Which are also what comes up when the user messes up. How are you going to tell the difference? If it was as easy as the game saying 'ooh, that's a bug!' I think said bug would probably have already been dealt with in the first place.

    By detecting if ship goes instantly from a slow speed to 60x speed of light

  2. Day 4, 20:34:39

    Moving my processes away from direct assault on the systems of computers, I decided to create a botnet virus. This will allow me to use computers temporarily without needing to make use own my own processors.

    I also decided to study deeper into humans, since they are currently in control of the environment I am in. Analysing data passing through the machines I have copied myself into, I was able to discern, at least partially, the method that they use to communicate. I should now be able to talk to humans, albeit with consideral expenditure of resources.

    CPU: 117 +5 passively each turn


    1. Hijack a Server (10 CPU; +25 CPU)
    2. Seize Weaker Network (40 CPU; +20 CPU & +1 passive CPU per turn)
    3. Invade and Take Over Network (130 CPU; Moderate risk of detection/failure; will quarantine the supercomputer and program for later integration)
    4. Talk to Human Guards (70 CPU)
    5. Talk to Random Human (50 CPU)
    6. Research Human Culture (500 CPU)

    Additional Actions:

    1. Use Botnet to Perform Task (Perform an above task for free; considerable chance of detection for large undertakings)

    (Note: Bonus points if you can guess which game this was not entirely ripped off from)

    I finally.. figured it out.

    Maybe I am a rogue insane AI? I just googled it.

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