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  1. The game crashes on loading each one of those. I tried them in vanilla one by one and they didn't work either. Perhaps it's just my install, in which case I'm going to try a clean reinstall. Edit: And yes, I did them via CKAN. And I just tested the game again and now SXT is causing problems and not any of the mods I listed...? I think my install is just messed up if everyone else can play just fine.
  2. Would this work without procedural parts/B9 procedural wings, deadly reentry, and ven's stock part revamp? Those mods are incompatible with 1.2.2 regardless of game version and number of mods (or vanilla) and are crashing my game.
  3. In CKAN, there's like 5 versions, including a High Res and Low Res and just a regularly named "Stock Visual Terrain" mod. Is the High-res the same as the normal one without extra tags, or is the high-res mod even better than the normal Stock Visual Terrain offered in CKAN? That one is for 1.3.1 but the high-res/low-res are for 1.2.2.
  4. BDArmory DMP Plugin/Addon has updated, now war should be easier and feasible in KSP DMP. - - - Updated - - - *takes off sunglasses* I have no damn idea...
  5. I intend to emphasize transportation within Kerbin's atmosphere, but perhaps I can make rocket parts something that is required to be researched, while having basic plane parts first.
  6. DMP is pretty stable from all of my testing and such, it's just an issue with collision detection at some times, especially with my war servers.
  7. Note: Before you read anything else, do take note that this post explains the idea that I hope to bring to life in the future, so don't expect anything soon! Intro: Virtual airlines, we all have heard of them (and if you haven't, google it), but what if they were in KSP? In a Nutshell: The first step for a virtual airline in KSP is the contract part, as for it takes place in career mode. All virtual airlines need jobs to do, such as transporting cargo from one airport to the next, but how can we make those contracts? Simple, take the current "Transport Kerbal to This Location" contract, and change the coordinates and such to match the target location. Next, need to get airports. The simplest thing for this would be Kerbal Konstructs, which would allow the importing and placing of custom bases and airports across the planet and beyond. With Kerbal Konstructs, we can place all of the required airports where we need them to be. The final thing is multiplayer. Dark Multiplayer already covers this, but there could be some minor improvements (like locking of vehicles you don't own). Yea or Nay: It is quite simple in theory, though it would require a bit of work. Do you want to see this happen, yea or nay? I'd like to get more ideas too, if anyone has any, in case if I, or someone, creates a virtual airline system for KSP.
  8. Hardcore server is up and running, though I am yet to insert its required mods! This server is a very difficult career mode server that runs in real time, taking hours to days on missions!
  9. Making preparations for a hardcore server, full real time, warp drive, very realistic physics, ect. Expect the server to be running within 48 hours! - - - Updated - - - They're likely all gone for whatever reason...
  10. Bump... we're inactive, so we need more of you to join the server! Share the server to your friends, encourage them to play, get more users! Also, I'm beginning work on a third server that is going to be Hardcore career (lots of realism settings and a few realistic mods like FAR, KJR, IVA view only, ect).
  11. Not yet. I'm about to do that in a moment. - - - Updated - - - Weird, I have no idea why that may be. I updated the server to have the latest version of BDArmory, but I don't think that might solve anything. Just reconnect if you can.
  12. The server is still in its early stages, it's not fully active yet because it's not receiving much publicity and we're still working on mod integration and bug fixing.