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  1. For those finding bugs; I need to run this through the new part tools (when I have the time) - hopefully that will clear up the collider issues (windows or hatch).. I am glad that it is still working with the new version, I can't wait to play it myself.
  2. @MOARdV: The light transforms are named 'Point light' - all of them. As it stands now, there are no separates names (i.e. the left light is named 'Point light', the center light is named 'Point light', and the right light is named 'Point light'). I'm sure the issue with the visible hatch or ladder transform will be resolved when I use the 1.1 part tools to export the model. I'm am glad though that it is only in the VAB's parts list.
  3. @SeaTac: At this point, I'm waiting on the full KSP 1.1 release to update everything all in one go. I purchased KSP a while before the steam release, so I am unable to test it with 1.1. I hope everything is in full working order. @MOARdV: That is just flat out gorgeous.. Wow, I am speechless......
  4. @Delta_8930: I'm sorry for the delayed response, somehow I missed your post. Yes, I am interested in making a service module for it; however, I would like to finish the CP (or at least have an official release instead of a WIP) before I start on it. Even though I have no designs at the moment, I imagine I will use Orion's service module as inspiration.
  5. After a little delay, I have finished uploading the mod to SpaceDock.. Links are in the first post, but I will post them here as well. I have not updated it in CKAN yet, but I will (of course) report back when I have it updated there.. SpaceDock links: Command Pod: Mk. 1-1 A2 Two Kerbal Command Pod Required Texture Packs: (pick only one) 4096 Textures 2048 Textures 1024 Textures Low Quality (Original) Textures Beauty Shots:
  6. I will put it up on Spacedock this weekend. I am thankful that the community has picked up the torch and passed it along..
  7. I think that the resentment toward Squad is deeper than whether or not they had a hand in the closure of KerbalStuff.. A large portion of the community (although I'm sure not the majority) seems to feel a little jaded; at least with those that have been around for a while. It not really that Squad is to blame for KerbalStuff's closure (especially since what hurt's the most is the sudden closure - without much notification). Its all the other things that happened over the years. Remember the additional planets that were going to be added to the game? People were upset when resource gatheri
  8. I understand that KerbalStuff has collapsed (or rather that it is no longer being maintained). I will have ckan updated and a new manual download link added within a couple days.. I hate the fact that we lost KerbalStuff, it was the perfect mod repository. I never wanted to use Curse myself, and as an uploader KerbalStuff was a great tool to leverage. I am saddened by the loss..
  9. I have slowed development a bit while we wait for version 1.1... I want the next release to be a full official release.. In the mean time, I have textured parts of the interior as I was mentioning that I was doing before (the "Kevlar" texture). I have also removed the panels that flanked the main instrument panel, and brainstormed a few ideas for props to liven up the interior (so that it will not look so empty). Other than that, I have taken some time to play the game (along with some Fallout). I am really interested to see if any changes will need to be made with the move to Unity
  10. New power supply has arrived and is installed, I will be resuming development When I had stopped I had removed the side panels that I had marked, and had started work on texturing part of the interior walls. I shall continue on course...
  11. I would like to create a RO MM patch, I will try to create one when I work on the heat shield configs for mods such as 10x kerbal.. I have old development pics up that showcased a couple RPM monitors, but they never made it into production.. My power supply has been throwing a fit lately, so I will have to halt development until a new power supply arrives. I will be ordering a new one either later today or tomorrow.
  12. @MOARdV: No problem, I'm starting work on texturing the interior anyway. I'm adding a white Kevlar texture to the white sections of the interior. If I wind up missing from the forum for a few days (a week probably) - it will be because I am waiting on a new power supply. The old one that I have is dying on me. I just installed a new CPU tower cooler (a Cryorig H7), only to find that my PSU is beginning to fail. Sometimes my computer feels like an endless project... Anyway, if it dies I'll try to keep in touch through mobile, but I will be unable to work on the capsule until a
  13. @MOARdV: That looks great, I cannot wait to see the end result. If there are any changes that are needed to accommodate instrumentation, let me know. Also, I had not planned on changing the color of the panels - so that works out well... The light transforms are currently named "Point light" (I know, very original). I can create a couple panel spot lights to help with readability, I have to ask though, considering your experience with the props; should I create light maps with them, or will they clash with the props (considering the props would not have any)?
  14. [quote name='MOARdV']Two reasons - <[I]snip[/I]>[/QUOTE] All valid points, thanks for pointing them out. I'll put the propellant into the CP.. [QUOTE]The monopropellant is more of a "that is a lot of monopropellant - you don't need that much for reentry". Actually, the reaction wheels and balance on this pod are good enough that I really don't use any monopropellant on reentry, and my service module parts have more than enough for rendezvous, so I tend to leave this capsule nearly empty.[/QUOTE] The values from the propellant are from back when RCS burned through it
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