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  1. Here's my most notable at the moment... Tity Kerman... (auto generated) I came up with a whole backstory of her struggles before joining KASA but you don't want to hear it, trust me.
  2. So... Jeb is always first in line. Is there a way or mod that allows one to set a preferred Kerbal? I'd like to spread the zero-G love without having to edit the manifest every time... Set Kerbal "A" .. do a few missions/launches .. Set Kerbal "B" .. etc...
  3. *Edit* Sorry to clutter the thread. My original issue turned out to be a PEBKAC error. The issue has been resolved and those responsible for the error have been sacked.
  4. RD.. I like the cut of your jib man. I myself have not written any mods for KSP and really don't plan to. etc.. etc.. etc.. (cutting it short) This is a very good idea one hopes the EGOS don't get in the ways or something like this gets slid into KSP code as its a very good concept. Nobody wants to see children eaten... ITS FOR THE CHILDREN PEOPLE!!! If you're not on board then you must hate children or think they are tasty. Not a paid sponsor but I do use the Umbra stuffs. I use yer stuffs cuz I like it I got sh!t to do
  5. It did use auto shrouds I thought they were neat but I also like the new one. Thank you for all your time & hardwork!
  6. OrionKermin.... I was going to ask a question about an issue I was having regarding the radish on re-entry but I noticed I must have been using an HGR version from 1958. I downloaded the current version and am no longer exploding on re-entry. Instead, allow me to profess my undying love for you. Sadly I'm already taken and my wife may not appreciate it if we ran off to Vegas together, please don't beg, I want to remember you for who you really are. In another life maybe.
  7. MacTee.... Thank you sir for the quick response and thank you for the work you do.
  8. I don't know... I would have to respectfully disagree. Just as we are all unique individuals most of us will approach a lot of this game differently. It may or may not come to a surprise to you but I have just over 530 hours in and have yet to do any manned missions outside of the Mun or Minmus. Honestly I haven't tried yet but since the release of Career mode I find myself deleting saves, changing mods, starting over, rinse repeat before actually having the proper tech to head out that far. I think there are just soo many facets to this game that there are near infinite ways to accomplish missions or I must really just be a complete moron... either that or I enjoy torturing myself
  9. I have over 500hours in this game and still going strong. It's challenging yet satisfying.
  10. Dear KSP Mod Admin Boss... I admittedly have not read every post so I don't know if I'm talking about something that's already been covered or not. I really love the idea of "Mod Admins" in general, I've used many and they can really streamline the process as your well aware. I also like the way your Admin visualizes mod conflicts with color coding. One thing that your Admin does is to help resolve those conflicts albeit with a "big hammer" approach it would seem. A nice addition if possible would be to have the ability to set the order or precedence of mod instals as part of conflict resolution instead of just disabling one of the conflicting mods all together. Unless I'm missing this is possible in your current version of Mod Admin here's an example of what I'd like to be able to do.... Simple example: Mod A does some cool stuff. Mod B also does some cool stuff and add's a little flair to a couple of Mod A's files and needs to overwite a few. In order to get the proper benefits of both Mods, Mod A needs to be installed first followed by Mod B. I know in your Admin you can drill down and select/de-select individual files for install but that process becomes tedious when you expand the above example. To make it simple I'd just like the option to be able to set an install order. I know that there would be more involved and you'd probably want to work on more intelligence to allow the uninstall in reverse order and to be able to remove overwritten files and replace them with the original Mod A files.... but Just to be able to set an install order would be great, even if it meant haveing to uninstall all associated/conflicting mods and re-installing only the desired mods.
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