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  1. Ditto. Landed on Kerbin, can't do "Run Test". On Linux, x64 version, with a bunch of mods.
  2. New to using this mod, installed Realism Overhaul recently, updated to 0.90 this morning. I've got a ship with a KVD-1/CE 7.5 Vacuum Engine in its orbital insertion stage. Got to 200km, staged at full thrust. Animation, sounds, everything. TWR 1.2. Kerbal Engineer reported that I should have been accelerating at >10m/s^2. G meter showed nothing, though, and my orbital/surface speed wasn't going up. I didn't have a stuck part blocking thrust as far as I could see (getting the separators pointed in the right direction is sometimes a challenge, heh). I could be doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. Could be a bug? It actually looks like it's thrusting sideways. The animation is pointed in a weird direction, and my apoapsis is changing under thrust, but stops changing if I turn thrust off. And if I lock the gimbal, I get precession.
  3. At what point should we be able to reliably use this mod without save-breaking? I guess you're still in design phase.
  4. In EVE Online, using the Planetary Interaction interface, you have to explicitly define 'links' between factories, storage, and launchpads. Perhaps "roadways" with "capacity" could be an analogy to this. In EVE, links have bandwidth (in m3/cycle), power requirements (in GW), and CPU requirements (Terafarads, I think), each of which can be pretty easy to overload.
  5. Awesome, I did see that, sorry, I should have edited my post to account for it. Meant to, forgot. I hope the KAS guys make the feature permanent. Even ignoring MKS entirely, it's an awesome cosmetic feature.
  6. Sounds like something that the KAS mod could effectively handle. A "tube" part that can connect to docking ports, much like the fuel tube.
  7. Considering that you can make water by catalyzing hydrazine and burning it off (source: The Martian, excellent book) it ought to be similarly simple to produce it without needing an additional module. Maybe tack it into the Kerbitat, or into the kethane converter, if you can modify parts belonging to other mods.
  8. Lacking water, you ought to be able to manufacture it. You could probably produce it by combining oxygen with kethane, which can probably be assumed to be a hydrocarbon.
  9. Tested it again just now. Created a large greenhouse with a couple batteries, solar panels, CO2 canister, seed canister, and an autopilot unit. filled the large greenhouse with biomass from the VAB to 22.5, with 5.0 seeds, CO2, water, and O2 up to half. Launched, opened the doors, turned on IR, turned on lights. Seed count starts to go down, biomass count starts to go up. Time accelerate to 10x. Biomass generated up to 25, seeds dropped to 0.02. Time down to 1x. Turned off IR. Time back up to 10x. No seeds incrementing after 60 seconds.
  10. yeah.. I tried that. Let the large greenhouse fill to 25. Still didn't produce any seeds.
  11. I can't seem to get this to produce seeds, either at night or with any combination of "harvest seeds" (which oddly just converts seeds to biocake) or "ir light converter" or with the panels closed/lights on/off. Under what conditions should it work?
  12. I think it would be fun if planetary surfaces were not exposed in the map view until a map satellite has traversed them. Perhaps replace the surface texture with a grey featureless blob and then reveal them on a hex pattern like with kethane. That would make mapping both necessary and interesting.
  13. Apologies if this has been suggested already, but would it be possible to cover planets with a non-transparent texture in map view, which is then removed as the mapsats do their work? Sort of a "fog of war", implemented like the Kethane mod, except that hexagons start out grey and then expose their underlying terrain as the mapsats work. Obviously you should be able to see things visually, but on the map view, you shouldn't be able to see them until they've been properly mapped. Bonus points for not being able to see the terrain unless you have a MapTraq module on your ship.
  14. An idea - maybe add a rank system. A certain number of flight hours, certain ribbons. Different capsules could require different ranks. Only Commander Jeb could use the mk2 lander can, for instance, or only Ensigns can be assigned to the laboratory, so eg 20 flight hours and a completed orbit for Ensign. You can't just pull a green (har) recruit off the complex. Perhaps kerbals have to earn some time in aircraft before they can qualify for certain ranks..
  15. I've been looking for a mod updater on Linux, but I guess that's not happening here. :/ Oh well, back to the search.
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