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  1. Maybe someone could update Rover Wheel Sounds? I can't do it myself.
  2. -ksp.log -player.log Logs, because they were asked for. Been fiddling with my modlist and found Kerbcam, Probe Control Room, TacFuelBalancer, TacSelfDestruct FlightPlan and EVA Enhancements Continued to be exception sources with MJ.
  3. About your problem described here, I suggest to republish your log on this thread below instead. 

    The maintainer is right about not being a problem on MechJeb, but I think its diagnosis is wrong and not helpful on locating the problems and get them fixed.

    We need to get people willing to help on a lot of testing to get this figured out, it's too much work to be done by a single dude.

    Let's crack this nut. :)

  4. Doesn't work with Mechjeb. Neither does RATpack for that matter. Correction, SR works, RATpack doesn't.
  5. I owe you an apology. I have wasted three-four days trying to get this thing to work, this thing is driving me insane since I don't know what to look for in broken dlls.
  6. Help. Or post a version of Mechjeb without the excrementsty code breaking everything or just a message telling me which file is triggering mechjeb.
  7. -ksp.log -player.log
  8. Ah. Well, I decided to rebuild my modlist from scratch so I don't have the right KSP.log now.