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  1. thanks,i noticed that in the last updates that the notes sed fixed anti matter tank electric charge handling this could have something about it:huh:
  2. no it does not thank anyway:D that was my first thought but it did't seem to give the option to turn the tanks off that why i think it something buggy:huh:
  3. so i was building and anti matter collection station in kerbin orbit the first two payload went up fine but the third one being the anti matter collectors and the tanks. i noticed my electric charge was drained i a few seconds so i added some batters and launch claps but my charge still drained. i believe this is the anti matter stuff as the other launches went fine. also i have the latest version of KSPI so if anybody else has this problem pleas say. P.S.sorry if this is a re post.
  4. so has anybody tried the Orbital resonance feature and if so i would like to learn how to use it to keep satellites in formation. i think i can get a network up their but i don't won't to have to micro manage them once i do.
  5. so i won't to get a plane to fly on duna getting it there isn't the problem but the last time i tried to build one it just did't go very well. i won't to know if anybody know's of how much wing span and power i would need for a given wight and air pressure. any help would bee great thanks.
  6. yes that is what i mean. the ship look nice my rockets always seem to long do you use deadly reentry or is the heat shield just cosmetic? edit: never mind,i just read your post.
  7. as the title suggests i was planing to do an Apollo style mission to duna qestions 1 is this style good for saveing? 2 how much? 3 is duna a good planet for an Apollo style mission or is it just more complexity and lag for little fuel saving. thanks
  8. so i tried for about 4 hours to get a plane to fly on duna i think my plane is pretty good flys fine on kerbin specs: stock lift is 7 engion gets about 2Kn of thrust on duna at lower altitudes the wing are fire spitter. any tips thanks.
  9. thanks. tried this before but it seemed that it broke the mod don't know what happened.
  10. so i have looked around in this thread a bit but couldn't find any thing. is there a way to disable signal delay or set it to a very low amount, tried one and broke the mod
  11. so this has probably been asked before. how do the air ships work with Ferram Aerospace Research?
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