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  1. Oh wow! That's more than enough for me to come out of hiding. It's giving me the KSP tingle again! Well done!
  2. I have been wondering the same thing. My MEM still looks gray, I'd love to have the fancy gold too!
  3. Noooo.. From working with autocad for years I know that it's always quicker the second time around. Looking forward to it! (yeah yeah autosave)
  4. That's a beautiful looking rocket. Love the mission too!
  5. I member.. Though I haven't been here in a while either - not like I used to fill page after page. And then there seems to be no more time to play KSP, due to work and life. :-/
  6. Hey Guys, I am struggling with the LEM adapter fairings. I can open the full ones, but the ones used for the Saturn V I just can't. nothing seems to be happening when I click on open doors. Also; Thanks for this great MOD!! hmm maybe I have the release candidate installed instead of the final one. LEmme check first before looking stupid
  7. that was the first one that came to mind here as well.
  8. HAHA! nice try trying to get @Majorjim!'s New Duna Mission crafts :'D @MJ how are you getting on? OT haven't yet messed around enough with 1.2 to add anything useful to the discussion..
  9. I know, and it will be yesterday here in two hours https://www.twitch.tv/ksptv seems to be on though.. something is happening!
  10. *Holding my breath in Kenya* it's already 10:50 here!! *checks Steam* 10:51 *checks Steam*