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  1. I saw this one on Reddit yesterday, jeez it's a beauty! And I am so jealous of the time you still have to play KSP and build these beautiful replicas!
  2. The PROTON with Block D launches from Baikonur.. ..after reaching orbit over Kerbin the burn towards the Mun is started.. ..quick flyby of the Mun (well over a year after those pesky Americans landed there) .. And with after a clever free return flyby of the mun the two turtoises have almost made it back to Mother Russia Unfortunately they will have to float around in the Indian Ocean for a day, before being picked up by the Russian NAVY
  3. There you go.. fairly standard, with the exception of restock. I am not quite sure if KS3P is still running in the background. Scatterer seems to agree quite well with Scifi
  4. It's been a while since I have posted anything on the forum, but here you go 8 launches including a working spaceshuttle. And while I am at it: Artemis - my (unintentionally walking) munbase If you don't look at it for a few minutes it has moved along the surface by a good 10 meters. Just when you thought surface docking couldn't be more of a pain in the *ss already :'D
  5. Oh wow! That's more than enough for me to come out of hiding. It's giving me the KSP tingle again! Well done!
  6. I have been wondering the same thing. My MEM still looks gray, I'd love to have the fancy gold too!
  7. Noooo.. From working with autocad for years I know that it's always quicker the second time around. Looking forward to it! (yeah yeah autosave)
  8. That's a beautiful looking rocket. Love the mission too!
  9. I member.. Though I haven't been here in a while either - not like I used to fill page after page. And then there seems to be no more time to play KSP, due to work and life. :-/
  10. Hey Guys, I am struggling with the LEM adapter fairings. I can open the full ones, but the ones used for the Saturn V I just can't. nothing seems to be happening when I click on open doors. Also; Thanks for this great MOD!! hmm maybe I have the release candidate installed instead of the final one. LEmme check first before looking stupid
  11. that was the first one that came to mind here as well.
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