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  1. That seems kind of odd. Would changing that with a module manager config resolve the issue?
  2. Haha, that's exactly what's been happening on my end. I do expect to really get back into things in 1.0 though. Curious to see how the new stock aero plays.
  3. You've asked the question enough that it's clear what you mean. Doesn't necessarily mean it will be answered.
  4. Fictional spaceships also tend to fly as if space were filled with a mysterious ether that's functionally equivalent to an atmosphere, so there's that too. Also, 0/0 is an indeterminate form. It's not defined as equivalent to anything.
  5. The current theory is that the Moon wasn't captured, but instead it was the result of a collision between Earth and a Mars-sized body.
  6. Pretty sure Astronomer's pack or any of the other popular EVE add-ons do that.
  7. Can we get some close shots of the docking ports in question? My first instinct is that one of them is installed upside down but I can't tell at all from how small and distant those pics are.
  8. This seems reminiscent of the old "water lag" problem that plagued many people back in the day. But anyway, you are indeed experiencing reduced framerate along with lag of the simulation itself. As far as I can tell the problem is simply that your laptop's CPU just isn't that great and KSP is a highly CPU-intensive game. You can do things like make sure your power management is set to High Performance to reduce system throttling and making sure your drivers are all up to date, but I'm not sure you're gonna be able to squeeze much performance out of that chipset.
  9. If you're playing the game in Linux or OSX, or if you're on Windows and you specified -force-opengl as a launch parameter.
  10. I'm guessing they moved to a newer Unity revision that so happens to have that particular bug.
  11. There are plenty of ways you can stay in the action: 1) Lower your graphics settings (texture settings in particular). 2) Install ATM 3) Buy some bloody RAM. You can get 2GB sticks for around $25 or 4GB sticks for $40.
  12. It's up to Unity to provide a 64-bit version of the Unity player to begin with. Back when x64 was first being played with in version .23.5, I don't remember there even being one available to grab.
  13. March to save the environment, cause irreversible erosion in the process Nice work guys
  14. I just find it odd that the iGPU is even doing anything if your laptop already has dedicated graphics.
  15. Hmm. Normally I'd say that looks like an out-of-memory crash, but the logs terminate pretty quickly and usually more things would happen before you run into an allocation error. There's something else of note too. Apparently your laptop has two graphics drivers: the integrated intel graphics and the dedicated GPU. Is your laptop one of those that can switch between the iGPU and dedicated GPU? Because I noticed that you have a lot of system RAM reserved for the iGPU (1.1GB according to the stats you provided). If you launched it in iGPU mode, maybe you quickly hit the memory barrier because of the combination of RAM reserved for the iGPU, plus your OS and other system processes. So I'd suggest trying again while using the dedicated GPU. Though if my assumptions are off base here and the laptop always runs on the dedicated GPU, let me know so we can try looking at the error from a different angle.
  16. It's Jool. Even if you're looking at it from Kerbin's surface, it will eat your computer alive.
  17. Sweet. After reducing the resolution of altostratus.png, cirrus.png, joolLayers1.png, and joolLayers2.png by half, my game no longer becomes an unplayable mess whenever Jool so much as thinks about appearing on my screen. Time to actually play with all the new shiny stuff now!
  18. Sweet, this pack is working great for me... unless Jool happens to be in my field of view. Even if look at it from the map screen or from Kerbin orbit, my FPS goes to crap. I'll have to try tweaking things around a bit to fix that lol
  19. I forget if it's theorized to interact Weakly as well or not.
  20. Awesome. The previous version was still working for me but I'm glad it's being updated to keep up with new releases!
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