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  1. Not exactly a single stage but a single launch to Laythe and back was accomplished by my little intrepid dudes. Barely. I documented it here. It was one helluva mission! More recently I went back for science and with a rover. Got to aerobrake around Jool. And again at Laythe. Still got 7000 delta v to get home Then she drove to the beach, losing her helmet on the way. Oxygen confirmed on Laythe! Spent the night under the bioluminescent clouds. Is 3,300 enough to get home? just about! Nice one 'Bill!'
  2. Wow, I pop out for the night and all this talking happens...cool. Immense discussion peeps, interesting how very, very few of the posts actually try to rise to the thread title mind you, expected on a forum full of people who enjoy science...things. As I mentioned in the OP I don't need convincing or converting and I'm reasonably familiar with most of the points raised, no where near all of them though, so thanks a lot. You all kept it nice and I reckon we all learned a little something. Long live the KSP forums
  3. Oh, by the way, my favourite one I've come across is when I get asked what the chances are of 2 human beings evolving at the same time and close enough to each other to meet and have intercourse? Hmmm, very unlikely I think you'll find. Then who did the first human to evolve have intercourse with?
  4. I've asked scientists a lot about evolution, Richard Dawkins chief amongst them, The Selfish Gene is an eye opener for sure, but I like discussing things so I thought I would. I totally agree about evolution being about as cast iron definite as any thing can be, it's elegance, simplicity and seeing it happen throughout the 20th century are all sticks beating me about the head with 'Fact' printed on the sides, but there is an awful lot of people who refuse to accept, quoting interesting appendages on strange shrimp and fossil record inconsistencies and all manor of silly things to protect their version of events, I'm interested to see if anyone can give me an argument I can't think or Google my way around
  5. Just saw a post in another thread where someone said they could disprove a lot of evolution. I'm a believer in the theory of evolution, (yes, I know I just called it a theory), and I would welcome some food for thought. Always nice to have a chat. Keep it nice and civil please, it's just a discussion.
  6. How much mass is the Oort cloud postulated to contain? Could big Oort clouds explain the missing universe mass that caused the creation of dark matter? Could Oort objects combined with invisible interstellar dust and clouds, explain away the missing mass? /ignorance
  7. I have never used it. I couldn't play without the engineer redux though, so I guess I use 'mechjeb-ish' features right there. 'Learning' how to get close to another landing site has been troublesome, but fun. First time I saw a previous lander as I drifted in to land, only a couple of K away, I was very, very chuffed. THE BASE COULD BEGIN! I suppose that's also WHY I've never installed it, it would be too tempting to use it for those things, that when you work it out yourself and get a buzz, is the main reason why I play KSP...does that piece of drivel even make sense? I hope it made some sort of sense and I couldn't give a rat's ass if anyone else uses it, each to their own I say, I'll probably get bored of launching eventually and join the club for that stage of a mission, but apart from that, I'mma gonna learn stuff the hard way. By killing Kerbal's.
  8. I adore anyone that makes things for a community for no reward at all, it's exceptional and I'm very grateful. This modding community is fantastic and they are revered in my mind and home for the champions they are. NOW HURRY UP AND MAKE ME A FLYING BANANA OR I CALL YOUZ NOOBZ!
  9. I upgraded recently from a processor very similar to yours OP to a hex core i7 overclocked to 4.4GHz and the performance difference is HUUUUUGGGGEEEEEEEE! I have no idea if that's because of the faster single core, the stupid large cache it has or the upgraded RAM I got at the same time, but seriously, with the last rig I had stutter show launches with anything over a hundred parts or so and all settings on the lowest they could be and now it's smooth as butter with all settings on the fullest they can be and up to 300 parts without any lag at all...it's glorious.
  10. An alpha piece of software has BUGS! NOOOOOOO! Whatever shall we do! Start a petition, call the president, demand justice for all of us who bought an alpha game and got BUGS. HOW VERY DARE THEY!
  11. I checked out Laythe's bioluminescent clouds, was pretty. Although they are kind of scary at night.
  12. 64 bit. My mods shall blot out the sun!
  13. Alrighty then, thank you very much, I shall be shoving millions and more mods in once we get 0.24 so I shall start again then then, thanks again.
  14. Loving this lovely mod except it seems to completely turn off any effects from KW or B9 engines, (at least it does the way I have it installed), so I get nothing, just a little glow around the actual engine itself and no exhaust or effects at all. Could anyone help me get this fixed pretty please?
  15. Yeah, it's the 'Interstage Adapter' part that you can shove in a stack and shape at will. Really useful.
  16. Could put remote control core on each dropping part? Then they no vanish at 2 Km or whatever it is. Brain fart, so there you go.
  17. I saw a video once where someone used landing legs and 2x2 panels and made a cargo bay out of that, which was a hinged row of panels that opened with the gears opening. If that's in any way helpful then you're a better person than me. You do about the infernal robotics mod right? Really great work there.
  18. I'm so gonna use all my 32 gigs of ram with mods, the GameData folder shall blot out the sun!
  19. Dunan southern aurora during ascent. Beautiful.
  20. Couldn't agree any more. Adding a big thank you in from me too. Cannot wait for First Contract and all it's 64 bit glory, my recent pc upgrade, (and the 32 GB of 2133 MHz RAM I wasted money on), will finally allow me and my KSP to gorge on mods. I shall feast on as many parts, hi-res textures, instruments, add ons, heads, clouds, balloons, robotics, lights, suits and whatever other stuff I fancy. My bulging steam screenshot folder will fatten anew with all of the glorious images I shall capture. Modders, your time is coming. The past a mere shadow of the potential 64 bit KSP can become and you guys will be there, shining in the dark, a beacon for us all to follow. Grateful and in wonder of the treasures you leave in your wake. o7
  21. I'd like us to just listen. Granted the chances of alerting a hostile alien race of our presence is quite unlikely, there still is a chance. Let us assume there is an intelligent and technologically advanced race out there waiting for us to find, within some kind of semi-reasonable travel distance with some super tech that we haven't imagined yet. Now imagine their evolution, it's no coincidence that all of the smartest animals on our planet are carnivores, predators, hunters. You need to be clever to catch another life form to eat just as prey animals need an escape mechanism, be that speed, jumping, flying, disguise, 360 degree vision etc. If the intelligent race we throw some radio waves at are predators and hunters then we might just become their latest hunt, (would be fun to watch all the fox hunters getting chased down and ripped apart I suppose), and that wouldn't end well. That or they wouldn't like the competiton and we'd find ourselves getting bombarded by Oort cloud comets for a millennia or two, maybe big rocks from the asteroid belt instead, that would be faster of course, either way I feel finding aliens won't be all sweetness and light and mutual benefit anyway, we can dream, but would you gamble the fate of your entire species on it?
  22. A Chris Roberts game. Have you seen Star Citizen? It's his next big thing. Google is your friend but here is me playing the very first alpha module called Arena Commander, ( Version 0.8)
  23. OK, so maybe I am too stupid for the internet, unsurprisingly I am still confused. So KSP.exe is using 2,750,124 K, (which seems low with B9, hot rockets, all planets and moons with new textures, suits and heads as well as clouds and auroras from the EVE mod not to mention full graphics settings), and with no other programs open the system is using 6GB. The other processes on the list add up to around another 2 to 300,000 at most. Does Windows use around 3GB silently or something? Just saw the 'cached' RAM is 4396MB as well. Which is more confusing again, those numbers don't seem to add up. Not that I understand what 'cached' actually means. So no, poster(s) above is/are not wrong, it is me, as usual. Thanks for the replies, back to my cave.
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