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  1. Did you use the aim camera option on one of these parts before staging? even after staging it will keep the camera aimed at the targeted part even though you might actually be in control of the next stage. it could also be a problem with your root part. change your root part to one in your last stage. this can be done in the vab.
  2. I Downloaded your craft and took her for a test flight. It's nicely balanced! So I fiddled around a bit and this is what I came up with: It gives yaw stability but no yaw control. Not a real problem since it has enough reaction wheels I found. craft file: V4X Tail 1.craft?dl=0
  3. Indian Jones: A western following the life-story of an adopted Indian called Jones by his adoptive parents. Die Had: A professional gambler loses one of his lucky dice and becomes obsessed with finding it. Battlesip: A bunch of extremely drunk friends get violent after a drinking game. John Cater: After his adventures on Mars, John starts a new career in catering. The Pa Riot: A bunch of dads start a riot. Ineption: A comedy that follows the career of some extremely incompetent people that reach the top through sheer luck. Kill ill: The story of a doctor dedicating her life to find a cure for her former boss and lover Bill, who suffers from a rare illness. Rob Cop: A movie about a cop turned robber in Detroit. Death Poof: a story about a homosexual stunt car driver. Tax Driver: Police is in a high speed pursuit with a professional race car driver wanted for tax evasion. Lick: A two hour movie about Adam Sandler sneaking into peoples houses and licking their remotes.
  4. Tadaa, at first I wanted to put a parachute as a nosecone, but then I remembered the thrust reverser! a little bit scary when landing this thing, with a high angle of attack and no clear view of the runway from the cockpit!
  5. This album is in a few days exactly 2 years old. It shows my first operational space shuttle launching and visiting my ring station aptly named Saturn. I used to be all about SSTO's at the time, and didn't build much shuttles after this one. about a year ago my interest turned more towards space shuttles and I have been building loads of em since then.
  6. Thanks, guess I built my sat more for looks than functionality! Launched it anyway in my career save, cause it looks cool and It's a fun shuttle mission to bring it up and assemble its solar panels with a shuttle.
  7. I like this Idea. I think the best way to do this is making it a keyboard + mouse-click combination available for every part. I see no sense in limiting it to control parts, that would influence designs and increase part count just to look at your craft. And right-click menus should be for controlling the craft and some parts have pretty long menus already. an example I would like it: hold Y and click a part to focus camera around that part, and Y + right mouse button to reset to center of mass.
  8. Snark is right, you could rendezvous as it is coming into Kerbins SOI. Just like a simple asteroid intercept.
  9. Would the rate at which you detect asteroids increase if you put multiple telescopes on a single vessel? Would two sentinel satellites spot more asteroids aimed at the same planet than a single sentinel?
  10. I start a new career save every new version. I usually have some sort of focus for my early career. This time it is space shuttles.
  11. Use a tug for construction. that way you can minimize part count on the station by leaving control parts and rcs thrusters on the tug, and keeping the part count of your modules to a minimum. This might sound like common sense but It wasn't mentioned yet.
  12. You can use the Presmat Barometer to check the pressure per altitude. you can check it with a simple test flight. 4KM is for example a usually safe parachute deployment altitude and pressure at this altitude would be 0.54atm. Here are some common deployment altitudes:
  13. Mün! It's close by, has some great easter eggs, and is sort of the proving grounds for any new KSP player. It is like a friendly neighbor that always has it's door open for you.