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  1. It's chipset dependent - many chipsets are not capable of using the newer Crimson drivers (which have significant issues on Linux systems on newer chipsets as well, leaving them a subpar choice anyway,) RadeonSI lacks support for a number of fglrx chipsets, as does AMDGPU.
  2. AMD Users on Linux cannot play the game using official drivers. Users of non-US keyboard configs cannot bind many keys. Render layer bugs resulting in most/all of the UI vanishing. It's one thing for, say, spacecraft landed on the second KSC on the other side of the planet to prevent you from launching from your KSC. It's another for half of the users on one of your three supported OS families to be unable to run the game on official drivers.
  3. You miss the point of this issue. KSP is not a finished game. Numerous bugs dating as far back as 0.19 (many of them extremely serious,) have sat unresolved since being reported nearly 4 years ago. Major features introduced in 0.90, and others dating from long before, introduced only in placeholder format have been left unfinished for well over a year while the game has been announced as being "finished." It's not a matter of it being stupid because the content is available from mods, or because it's a bunch of simple-to-make assets that the community has almost certainly implemented in a better fashion. It's a matter of it being stupid because Squad has no business making a cash grab like this when they have yet to finish the game itself. This is anti-consumer and shows a serious lack of honesty regarding the state of the "complete" game they've been selling to people for years now. Even more so when the funding they were collecting during Early Access was being funneled to projects other than KSP itself, while the game was developed on a shoestring budget, if the accounts of the former team members that have come forward are to be believed.
  4. Ah yes, DLC that adds nothing but new mod-level content while the game itself still isn't finished, and there's still serious bugs in the public tracker dating back to 2013. Yes, DLC is definitely what this unfinished game needs.
  5. One employee, who was speaking anonymously. For some reason, I'd sooner take stock in the past devs that outed themselves and publicly corroborated what was said. It's a fact that bad press kills sales. Attempting to say otherwise is dishonest. If the case is that Squad was overworking employees, and firing competent staff that they overworked to the point of exhaustion, that means that they were overworking for a sub-par product. Does that mean I uninstall the game? No. It means that I mention to everybody that you shouldn't support the console release which will see Squad's unethical choices rewarded. It means I encourage everybody who shares the same stance as myself to do the same. Does that mean my voice on it's own will do anything? No. But if a number of people are willing to say something, and don't allow themselves to be distracted by the shiny keys Squad are trying to dangle with that press release, there stands a chance that buyers will avoid rewarding poor employment practices.
  6. I've heard some mention that it actually shares an office with a firm that specializes in creating shell corporations for tax purposes, and just happens to have staff on retainer for assisting Spanish-speaking clients.
  7. The impression I get is that's all of these things - they're all related. Poor working conditions are gonna result in people not being able to turn out their best work. That being the case, you're going to see more bad decisions get made, and more bugs slip through. It's all interconnected. I suppose a more suitable title might be "Ramifications of former Squad staff claims," or something to that effect.
  8. I totally get you. I just think that calling it a massive success is entirely inappropriate. That's akin to saying an Uwe Boll film is a massive success for cinema in contrast to Kubrick's Napoleon film, simply because the Uwe Boll's movies were released.
  9. I'd hardly call a game that "released" after a single buggy beta release, with a bunch of bugs dating back years, and placeholder art still in place a "Massive Success" for Early Access, and more of a cautionary tale - if *this* is what Early Access success looks like, and people are so happy with a release in that state, that's very concerning.
  10. No. They probably paid around 30% of what they earned on Steam as fees. Taxes are a little trickier. Since KSP isn't actually owned by Squad, but by Deported B.V., a Dutch Company, it's unclear if they actually pay in *any* taxes on their earnings, thanks to the tax shelter laws in the Netherlands.
  11. While they've remained pretty tight-lipped, they (seemingly accidentally, if their rush to have the information taken down is any indication,) revealed that they had sold over 4 million copies earlier this year. Their gross profits are well over $40 million dollars U.S.
  12. He actually comments on this in his Youtube video - he's a retired veteran, so it was really nothing more than a supplemental cheque to go along with his disability payments. He was doing the job out of love for the KSP community, and the game itself.
  13. I'm not really sure what you're talking about, but r4m0n, in a response to the top comment, has some anonymous response from *current* Squad staff that corroborate what PDTV was saying on 4chan. Say what you will about 4chan as a source for accurate info, I'd not quickly accuse r4m0n of fabricating this kind of stuff.
  14. I love this. It's nice to be able to play the game without dealing with the abysmal loading times in the middle of a mission, just because I forgot to add an objective. However, you may want to make a note suggesting to players who frequently hit the memory limit to not use this mod for the time being. Because of the way Unity handles loading and unloading of resources, the scene changes de-allocate the memory used to store assets and other such things. Due to the memory leaks in the present version of the game, staying with your spacecraft for an extended period of time may result in crashes that otherwise wouldn't have happened - a good amount of the leaked memory that would be freed up by the scene change will no longer get freed up.
  15. So... you only do .cfg edits then? That's not modding, that's giving a print of the Mona Lisa a mustache and claiming it as your own because you "changed it to match the style you wanted." If you really want to make mods, learn how to model or code, and actually produce your own content. Don't just collect the work of others and change it enough to call it your own. Even if the licence permits it, that's hardly an honest thing to do, and nobody is going to want to download a simple parts pack.