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  1. I deleted the Boulder folder and it's making progress. Ram usage is a lot better looking
  2. Crashing on launch.. if anyone can help http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/109052-KSOS-4-09-crashing-to-desktop?p=1704923#post1704923
  3. Using .90 with active texture manager. No matter what I do it crashes to desktop, here's how my gamedata folder is setup. link to crash folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fzuxk8fqpbw2jnp/AAADHk-jdOpk8Wwcu1Ompqkxa?dl=0
  4. I cannot use any of the ships because it says "locked or invalid part"
  5. My shuttle flops over backwards as soon as the game starts, then it doesn't detach from the struts when you press space
  6. "Engage ASAS. Engage SSMEs and wait for the Shuttle to return to vertical position after the "twang". Engage SRBs and liftoff." one too many acronyms, being a noob I do not understand. I downloaded the toggle asas, but I can't find where to turn it on. I also have no idea what a SSME is
  7. what is your method of landing it with that?
  8. can someone upload a good launch vehicle for the pieces?
  9. how are you supposed to get this bulky thing to the mun?
  10. this is a big help I never noticed that marker, thank you the maneuver node method is a little complicated i'll have to try that when I have my ship perfected
  11. bob is now on mun.... now I have to practice my landings so my ship doesn't tip over leaving bob stranded
  12. yeah yeah I don't remember the terms lol
  13. ran out of fuel right above the surface.... need to find a way to conserve