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  1. Starting at about T -1:35 there's what looks like a sudden venting of fuel from the umbilical where it goes into the strongback, with an accompanying whoosh sound. Does anyone know what's going on at this point in the launch sequence? I hadn't seen this happen before on other Falcon 9 launches, and was just curious.
  2. Does this mean the air conditioning units on top of all the space center buildings will finally be functional?
  3. Great idea, regardless of whether you use CKAN or not. An easier way to do it might be to use a .gitignore file in the KSP root. However anyone does it, they should be certain they're not uploading Squad's IP to a public Github repo.
  4. Too wordy. Can we just get the commit messages?
  5. Why don't the forum mods just post a brief announcement about what's going on in the announcements forum?
  6. ROFL. In my day we didn't have the internet so we had to do something else to distract ourselves. And that's why so many coders my age took up smoking.
  7. It depends on what level of service you're going for. For instance, as of this year in the U.S. broadband is defined as 25mbps or greater, but most areas still do not have access to those speeds. Yes, these are low population density areas, but that's still quite a few people.
  8. Almost makes me nostalgic for the National Enquirer of the 1970s. Generoso Pope's legacy lives on.
  9. It's money. Think about it in context -- that's the admin building where they're concerned about budgets and PR.
  10. This may well be a side effect of the memory limitations. I know I'd love to install B9 and Near Future and a whole host of parts mods, but given the preloading of assets and the current 3.5GB ceiling, I just stick to those gameplay mods which make stock more fun for me.
  11. I don't know how I feel about KSP, but I'm kind of feeling lately like Squad and the community need to enroll in a Nonviolent Communication program. Who's got the puppets?
  12. These are not in any particular order, and there are other mods which I consider equally important, but these are generally the ones I always look to first. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement FAR Deadly Reentry TAC Life Support RealChute Enhanced NavBall + NavBall Texture Changer (the combo of which I like to refer to as the Myopic Friends' Mod) MechJeb Kerbal Alarm Clock Editor Extensions RCS Build Aid Bonus #1: ModuleManager (because almost everything depends on it) Bonus #2: Toolbar (because the stock app launcher is a nice idea, but poorly realized)
  13. Just stick the album hash identifier (the last part of the URL) between the imgur tags. Like this: [noparse] [/noparse]
  14. Have you visited the North Pole yet?
  15. I'm really pleased with it. Squad should be commended. Yeah, it needs tweaking like Regex said above, but that was only to be expected. Sometimes Squad errs too far on the gamey side for my tastes, but as with orbital mechanics they pretty much got this one perfect -- a really nice balance between game play and simulation.
  16. Aye, it's the difference between an ideal ascent trajectory and an optimal ascent trajectory, the latter of which is incredibly hard to calculate. It goes beyond my math skills anyway. In real life rockets rarely allow gravity to guide their ascent, but rather follow the computed optimized ascent trajectory.
  17. The initial pitch maneuver, which should be done as soon as you are moving fast enough not to fall out of the sky from cosine losses, also makes sure you don't rain flaming death down on the space center from spent boosters or your own RUD. If avoiding flaming death for your ground crew and any looky-loos is a priority for you.
  18. Just to add some perspective to another tedious Mechjeb debate, it should be noted that the Sperry Corporation developed the first simple gyroscopic autopilot in 1912.
  19. Unless it has changed it was just a simple ratio of your velocity to terminal velocity expressed as a percentage.
  20. Well, KSP never had anything remotely resembling a realistic aerodynamic model before 1.0. Would you care to share a screenshot or two, and your craft file? It's really hard to give advice without knowing what you're working with. Also, if you're using any mods, list them as well.
  21. No, you can delete it just fine. Delete the ActiveTextureManagement folder from your GameData folder. ATM caches the compressed textures in a subdirectory of its folder -- it never touches Squad's textures. You don't have to reinstall KSP either.
  22. Have you read EtherDragon's short Why Does My FLIPing Rocket Always Flip Over! tutorial? It's quite good. If you want a tl;dr, it's simple: build darts (center of mass well ahead of center of pressure), don't overpower your rockets, and use fins as necessary to increase ass drag (but not too much ass drag though). On edit: Here's Scott Manley's most recent tutorial on reaching orbit for new players. Skip to 9:00 minutes.
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