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  1. Future plans: (...) Collision detection to make sure you are hitting the ground. (right now, you can actually put the part anywhere) (...) You can use function ray-cast (You can find it being used in landing gear) to detect distance to the ground on part activation
  2. Rebind keys for rover control since same keys are used for yaw/roll and pitch. In high gravity bodies that's not the issue, but on ones with lower gravity force reaction wheels have enough force to sometimes filp Your rover
  3. Why would You want that? It's better to change setting every flight that not change them at all
  4. C7 needs to see this... At last I can make planes with more realistic post-stall maneuvering
  5. Ekhm... He DID added RCS tanks. Look where he put that horizontal fuel tank
  6. @mixxorz At warp speeds >2x physics are disabled. Totally. Even collision between ships at higher warp isn\'t simulated. As long as orbit allows You to keep warp speed above 2, there is no point in trying to create collision based docking. @OP And no offence, but I honestly doubt it that anyone will join plugin team, which is lead by someone who doesn\'t know much about programming. As long as it\'s non commercial there is no point to try (tho You might surprise Me if You succeed ;P )
  7. Still it\'s impossible to synchronize orbits so perfectly, that ships would be floating next to another without any relative movement due to simplified orbit calculation, different ship masses/sizes etc. (I don\'t want to discourage You from doing it, I\'m just pointing problems, which make it so difficult)
  8. Both has been done. Check out Kosmos and NovaPunch Remix Pack - there are some customisable pods. There was abort decoupler (worked trough context menu like jet engines do now) in previous release...
  9. Part gravity doesn\'t works above 2x warp, so this was is no-go. If You intend to create docking before Team KSP deos it, you should do something like decoupler - except it should work opposite like joining w ship to one, and that the problem (due to on-rail system) .... Edit: If you want to add transferring of resources.... Well, it\'s better to wait for official docking than to do it itself. Devs doesn\'t wanted to add placeholder docking for reason, does They? I\'m not good at programming, but I know how it works. And docking is a LOT of work
  10. @noneyabidnis Just look at My reply at page 3. All math is done there if You want to compare
  11. I dunno what happened to my head, but I\'ve developed simple mathematical formula (I hate maths ???) for anyone who needs/wants to know range of bigger radar when mounted on satellite. Char ,,a' stands for altitude of orbit (assuming it\'s perfectly or nearly circular, if it\'s not, margin of error can be bigger) given by km above sea level. Formula for scan radius: 2nd root of (150^2 - a^2) = X (km) Formula for scan area: PI*(150^2-a^2) = X (km^2) Due to uneven terrain and simplifications this is not perfect, but should be accurate for about ~1-0,5 km in range and ~100km^2 on area. Also formu
  12. Kerbals inside are awesome, but textures suck.... >
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