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  1. Man, KSP2, NMS BEYOND, CyberPunk, SE economy update, NFS Heat.....my body my body is not ready for this much hype..ITS TOO MUCH!!!
  2. O-o I find the driver of that car rather concerning....never a good idea to let jeb lose in a populated area
  3. I kinda figured that what you ment edit...huu in thought I think it would be nice to have a Space engineers or such that was more based in reality to mess with, maybe squad should jump on that band wagon and make a block style building game but with more down to earth physics....maybe, I'm just throwing crap at the wall here
  4. O-o umm lets see....we got Empyrion galactic survival, Space Engineers, Avorion(the building in this game is amazing) Star made and several others I can't remember the name of. KSP's building system I think is a little more unique as it gives you set parts and not just blocks but the concept is the same
  5. A squeal normally is for monetary gain. But let's say this, you buy a orange for 10 bucks, you walk around and find a orange that's slightly more orange then the one you have, are you going to spend another 10 bucks for something that's only slightly improved?, now lets say the orange you find is bigger juicer and all together more orangy you would have no problem slapping down some extra dough for the improvements. There is a old saying, "the price is what you pay,Value is what you get. I would want KSP2 to have more value to it, then something that feels like a expensive DLC. It would helps squads PR, Finaces and all together keep the community happy...because people start Getting PO'ed when they feel like they dident get what they payed for/ promised....*COUGH COUGH "no mans sky" COUGH*
  6. If they make a KSP 2 in the next 10 years I'll eat my hat and you can call me bob..your long lost uncle (none sarcastic edit:) if squad did ever make a KSP2 I would want them to put more into it then what we have now, the current state of the game IMO has reached a point where there is simply not a whole lot to add, a KSP2 (again IMO) would feel like a 40-60 dollar DLC..you will get all the same physics, parts and graphics, with maybe a slight boost in performance, a few more parts and vamped current assists, with maybe a few new features. the reason I don't like the idea of a KSP2 is the same reason I dident like Armored Core Verdict day... From marketed it as a whole new game when in reality all it did was add a few parts, territory wars, and more story....heck it removed some features as well, so you ended up with more or less what felt like a expenseive rip off DLC and not a whole new game. If squad thinks they have enough ideas to make a KSP2 feel fresh, I'm all for it but I can't see a KSP2 offering enough "meat" to be worth a new price tag when you could put up with the KSP you have now and do mostly the same thing: edit edit: what would be funny if squad went downs Keen software house's path and made Kerbal naval program, or kerbal Kastle sim...or even kerbnautica....*chuckles*
  7. The idea is not to survive crashes but to prevent them. What helps is a wide wheel base, lots of suspension travel, soft springs and a way to soften your landings..it also helps to turn the wheels friction down to .5 or even .2 to help avoid the KSP wheel physics jitters.....think of your craft as more of a land plane then a jet rover
  8. I don't think KSP will ever get a sequel, it's not that type of game. Most games that get sequels get them to tie together lore or expand upon the universe of the game and its story. ksp dosent really have "lore" or a story to expand on its a IMO a simulation builder.. a physics fun land that's only truly driven by are imagination and creativity.
  9. Heck even if the art pass was a DLC I would be happy..(slightly less happy then if it was just a update) but as long as it stayed in the area of 10-20 bucks I don't think I would mind that much. we have had the same art for the rocket parts sense...lord sense when I first started playing the game some where around the .20 update. i would not mind that so much if the new parts resembled the old ones, In the years squad as improved the game the skill and talent of the art department has only grown and it shows in there past and present work. Is a full art pass needed? No but I feel it would only add to the game at this point
  10. Im voting for 1.4 to be a huge art pass. i feel that may get the same amount of hype as 0.24 and .25
  11. There is a idea, set a altitude limit, lets say 30,000m and other then that no holds bared, I would personally like to see another fastest under 1000m challenge...that was a Fun one http://m.imgur.com/a/RM3St edit: what What's up with imgur!!? That's not my gallery edit edit: fixed it
  12. I don't know, I have no idea what the max speed for the whiplash is. Comparing my plane to yours is like apples to oranges. mine uses the rapiers and yours the whiplash, Ive been playing this game for a good 4 years and have many tricks in my bag. I would not call your run obsolete, I would call it science! Ya learned something from it and that's all that matters. You know what the difference between science and screwing around is? Sciance ya take notes
  13. XD I have AJE and Far installed so there not the panthers.....I don't know there name (something with A and a bunch of numbers in it) but they got the job done and the monster wheels I used because....come on anyone can throw the large plane wheels on and make it easy
  14. HAHA I got to try this...I'm going to save the whole stinking space center staff...wonder how many I could load up lets shoot for 60 https://m.imgur.com/a/1hQ1N ha I forgot how to imbed imgur albums any who, that's 68 kerbals saved from sure death....I think I got them all save for that janitor that spilled his lunch on me
  15. XD haha don't feel bad planes are kinda my thing, not to mention that thing is on fire the whole time and it's literally a min max machine.
  16. Sounds good, I'm making my racer out of the truck parts from SXT so it looks like a beefed up version of the loaders drifting around in the VAB and SPH. even have a bit of a back story on it.
  17. XD was not planning on using my plane in the race, the plan is to scout with it and have it landed then if my rover happens to break something have the plane be a support craft for the rover, it flys out drops off some spare parts and then waits for the next mishap
  18. Hmm a Baja 1000 challenge, I might have to bust out my off road racing skills for this. Is it legal for your scout plane to be your "pit stop" #flying parts store count me in as long as I don't get to busy with work and sending kolony's to deep space my 1.2 career is the most modded my KSP has ever been....save that one time I tried RO.....I like the plight of little green men better then NASA sim
  19. If the sabers are used the fastest anyone can ever go is 1755m/s, at that speed the saber reaches its limit and flames out no matter what you do edit: this was for a previous challenge Everything engine and aero wise is stock
  20. I would but i must respect Ferrams wishes as to keep the dev build to thous that know how to get it off github, you can find it on github it will just take some effort for you to find it, and in reality its not that difficult to find
  21. O-o? So in other words a VTOL upper stage
  22. Well Considering that KSP is now in "beta" (technically its released but there are a few things there still working on so I consider it beta still)...it implys that there will be no more major features added to the game, no more major huge bug creating additions...so sadly the idea of a Kustomizable KSC is nothing more then a hollow hope....sadly Maybe a DLC....maybe...and that maybe is a huge "IF"
  23. I'm getting a odd revive the barn jive from this thread now
  24. Aaaa yup...I was just thinking to hard...I also like how no mater what ya say people like it lets test the theroy....say something completely unlikeable.
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