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  1. The main problem seems to be Animate2Variable.dll.... If some one knows how to recompile it....
  2. The VAL's IVA seems to be blank to me, despite downloading the version in the OP. It just looks like this inside of it, is there some way to fix that?
  3. I used to know how to do this, but it was sevral versions ago, and if I recall correctly my method involved "rescale factor" or something similar that broke and while it would work on the inital load the part would no longer be rescaled upon reload..... So, I would like to apoligize in advance for the stupid question but how do I do this agian?
  4. Still having issues about nothing I am doing fixing my vessals sayin they are deprived of intake atmosphere. I like the modles though.
  5. I thought of trying that, but there is not any diffrence as far as the game is concerend within command moduals, probes are just a ship with a crew of zero....
  6. With 1.2 does the AGI core need telemetry to pilot the craft? And if so is there a way to make it ingnore it? I really doesn't make sense that an artificial genral intelegence would need to wait for every one else to make decisions. Edit: I seem to be getting an anchient issue where no mater what I do, my jet says it is intake atmos deprived.
  7. Is it posible with moding to make a probe ingnore signal and always have full controls in 1.2? And if so how would I do it? I would prefer to do it to 1 or 2 cores rather then all if posible...
  8. Cant wait, will be using it pretty much first thing to send Val to Laythe.
  9. Thanksies~ Just checked myself... It does, but it bounces around like a superball if you disembark with the wheels down for some reason, oh well it is not too hard to remember to put them up.
  10. Does this still work for 1.04? I miss the Ant. >.<
  11. Yay! Now Val will finally look as good as her peers.
  12. Is there any chance of this getting updated to the newer version? It is really kind of sad that none of the .625 parts mesh with the cores.
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