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  1. Hi Tiberion, Thanks for playing KSP - and thanks for modding our game. We wouldn’t be here without support from players like you! We appreciate your feedback on which mods might be abusive or nonabusive and will take that into consideration when making decisions regarding our modding policies. Our team at Squad is passionate about KSP and it’s always great to see people share their own positive ideas about the game. We do our best to listen to everybody and take it into consideration. Did you know HarvesteR was a modder before he started developing KSP? That’s right! And it’s why our entire team spends a lot of time on each update to assure mods aren’t broken before we launch the new version of KSP. Thanks for reiterating your point about Curse not having 100 percent approval from the modding community. We know that sometimes our decisions won’t be popular ones with everybody, but we’re seeing some really amazing metrics from our new modding community at Curse. We’re hoping to reveal a few of these numbers very soon but are just checking our math and finishing something up that should explain why we’re big fans of Curse at Squad. (Plus, their dedicated team to KSP has been working pretty hard - so we hope if you seen them around - you say thank you!) We respect your thoughts on Modding Mondays too - but as it stands, it is currently our policy to focus our efforts on promoting mods that are available on Curse. We use our dev blog as an informational tool and want to promote our other official channels. Rowsdower might slip in a mod he’s particular geeked about from time to time that isn’t on Curse but we won’t be promoting any other sites, although we’re totally fine if you want to use those instead. Go for it! Hope this helps as we’re pretty excited about the continued growth of KSP and our community - it’s been a fun rocket ride and we have no intentional of landing just yet!
  2. No need to feel insulted Sarabian - we know most, if not all our modders, have the community's best interests at heart, but it's important that we clarify our rules and expectations. I am blown away by the modding community - it's something really awesome to see and we're actually working on something to illustrate how proud we are of what our modders have been able to accomplish.
  3. Moeggz, We're still sorting all of this out but the idea is that user-generated content that is for fun (not profit) would be supported and encouraged. What's happening now is we're getting more requests to create content that leverages our intellectual property for profit. We need to defend our rights in situations like this while also making sure we're really supporting the people who are doing great stuff that is beneficial to the community. I hope this helps you out.
  4. We’re proud to announce our new program in which your work as a creator and a supporter of Kerbal Space Program can be recognized and supported through cold hard cash. Sign up to be an affiliate with KSP, earning money for each viewer you bring to the game. To be more specific, we’re going to pay for each new player that clicks on your affiliate link and buys KSP from our store. This is the first time we’ve set up a program like this and hope it will be a successful one. We also are happy to work on making tweaks and updates to better serve your needs as a trusted partner. Please feel free to communicate directly with Maxmaps and me on this program as we want it to be a success for all of us. Please note this program only applies to external content, not that which is on our forums, social media sites or website, etc. This is focused on YouTubers, streamers or other content that you're creating and sharing with your own community. We will need you to sign up and be approved for this program but once approved, you should be ready to get your links and start letting your viewers know they’re supporting you when they buy KSP through your own special link. Click here to sign up: And track how you’re doing here: Thanks. ****UPDATE: In case I wasn't clear in the initial post - this is a TEST program. We are going to see how this works and decide after a period of time if it is something we will continue. We reserve the right to cap the number of participants, to change the program, including ending it. We hope this is something beneficial for all of us and appreciate your patience. Thanks for your help. Thank you.****
  5. Wow - very impressive but yes, please pick the one you use most and go from there.
  6. Thanks for alerting us to the problem. Apparently, I can't come up with a name nor get a survey right! Sorry about the mistake - and I will follow this thread for any write-ins that didn't make it in on the first go-around!
  7. I know, I know, marketing and PR guys like me are supposed to be silver-tongued and always ready with a snazzy title. Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not, but I know this - I need your help! There's no question the response to Asteroid Redirect Mission (0.23.5) was amazing and our team feels like it was the biggest update we've ever done. Now we're about to essentially take two planned updates and merge most of this content into one mega update, 0.24. It's big, folks. Really big. Ever since we launched Career Mode, this has been a major update in the making, and it deserves a name. I've got a few ideas - if you fill out the survey, which asks for some general demographic information that helps us learn more about our players, you'll see them listed. You'll also see a blank line with a chance to name it for us. I'll be honest, this isn't a contest where the name with the most votes wins - but we'll obviously take that into strong consideration. So go here: and let us know what you think. We want to know.
  8. Hi everybody, I haven't had a chance to read all of this thread but wanted to let you know we are working on a future mod portal right now. We don't have anything to share at this time, other than we will be looking at this thread for what people want and see how much of it will work on the updated portal. I also want to stress we have been quiet about SpacePort because, well, we just haven't had anything new to share. We all know it's not fitting our needs but were still trying to fully understand what we want and need. Developing, producing and publishing the game takes a lot of effort so we do appreciate your patience when things remain in flux for far too long.
  9. It just flipped them on me when I wasn't looking. That's what I get for playing when I should be sleeping, right?