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  1. Myself again, ZeeDesertFox. I just downloaded the extraplanetary launch pads pack. How does one get metal? And how does one get ore? Can one get kethane from ore? Oh, and more importantly, how does one get all this system TO the Mun.
  2. I eventually said screw it to asteroids, yet kept hyperedit. Surprising, Any who, any good Spaceport idealisms floating around? besides hyper edit, mechjeb, B9, and kethane, which I all already have. Oh and chatterer.
  3. Hyper edit worked, and its grown on me. Im just wondering now how to mine kethane from my new to- Asteroid.
  4. Sigh...Hyperedit it is then. Ill download it, and comment as to wether it works
  5. I tried, the engines just bloody frak up. Any way I can pull this off with mechjeb instead of hyper edit? KSP for me already takes an ungodly 7+ minutes to boot up, much longer than my PC actually...
  6. Any way to get something to orbit instantly? Like a cheat if you will? I got an asteroid or 3 from space port, and I want to throw one into a large eliptical orbit around kerbin and go after it. I just want an easy way of getting it up there, wether its through consle commands, or what have you. Sorry fi this is a common question. Im not trying to cheat the game for proper rocket launches, I just see no feasible way of modofiying it in any way if its larger than the VAB itself. Pardon my grammer.
  7. Allright. Just want to confirm. Ive worked hard on Cadia 2, and I dont want to see it go into a 200 fireball
  8. Im paranoid. Ive seen how easy it is to deorbit things, and I want this thing idiot proof.
  9. I'm not quite sure, but I'm afraid that my space station is in danger of losing its orbit (at least with the way I dock). Any way I can get a large craft up there to move this roughly 200+ ton piece of SCIENCE!, into a safer orbit? I need a good parking orbit that's over 200 km, yet low enough that its still relatively easy to dock with. Its current ALT is a circular ( ish... APo and PEo are off by about a klick or so) orbit at 198 km. I had it set at first at 200 km, but I tend to Ram/dock, or dock at highish speeds. Yours- ZeeDesertFox
  10. Good news gentlemen! I manged to dock the blasted devil, it just.....Its a pain. I want something that's easy to dock, can hold a large amount of kethane, and most importantly, able to make it to the Mun, to Leo, and back, refueling only when docked to my LEO space station. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/882986798678474577/79D114C8F9A4091094B1EA42560B953461E66418/ Jeb, on Cadia 2 http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/882986798678462794/2187040225AF0916DFF4818DF5C682D197C50210/ The Transport docked with Cadia 2
  11. Allright, thanks mate. The requirements for this are a touch tricky, ill admit.
  12. Here's the craft stuck in orbit. Filled with kethane, no fuel, and no converter. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/882986344291281355/CCEDE7EDE5F4D9B7F549C76AA861EF0AD6C0743B/ http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/882986344291277253/F3436CBDB9F4897D9FF1E47D9D869511B857B503/ http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/882986344291274417/67671B6908C85F84F6619DBFA236B33B054678EE/ http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/882986344291269793/7681B97C1377FC595ED8A29C353C056EC37EFD49/ Any ideas how to throw in more Delta V for this puppy?
  13. That's what Ill have to do. What I need to know now is, how to redesign it to make this thing work where it Doesnt require a tug, and has enough delta V to do its dam job.
  14. I could. cept I kinda...Didnt attatch them to the craft. I got one attatched to the space station. I thought the craft could make it to the space station, but...*shrugs*
  15. There is ZERO fuel in the current craft, the fuel lines are working properly. I removed some batterys to save weight, added a few solar panels instead, and 4 heavy converters to the base of the craft. That may have had an impact.