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  1. I decided to spend an hour designing a small craft that would only set-up a small refueling outpost for now with the help of KIS and KAS. The outpost would be left for future ships and the craft could go collect more cargo for another mission. The first version required some clipping to make it all fit. I threw this out later after testing the assembly of an initial outpost due to the fact that the clipping bothered me. Here is the outpost during the day in its first version, the small probe bottom right is suppose to be a work light. Night time. Then once I saw that it wasn't too tricky to setup a decent little outpost I tweaked the design and gave it some extra stuff cause why not. I will possibly use this in mission mode to set up temporary bases until I land proper modules since this set up would be nice and cheap and could get the job done perfectly fine.
  2. Started figuring out the infrastructure that I'm going to use for the bulk of my transfers and construction regarding my future Mun and Minmus bases. First I came up with the vehicle that can carry cargo from LKO to the Mun or Minmus and even land at each moon. Then I came up with a ring station for this specific craft. Here is the Oie 1 docked inside of its station. And lastly for now I came up with a minimalist refueling rig for keeping the whole system running. Next I'll have to come up with some base designs and missions to colonize appropriately. If all goes well I may expand this operation out to Duna as well and beyond that if the success continues. I do have to worry about funds as this is on a newer career save that I modified. I started the save and then alt-f12'd just enough science and funds to unlock and upgrade everything, and then I zero'd out the science and put the starting salary at 100,000. So I have to figure out how to make the cash just to get this project off the ground. The part count though is refreshing cause normally the count is so high the game will barely run but I designed these to be as low as I could. The Oie 1 sits at 128 parts, the Station itself is only 71 parts, and the Mouette 1 is only 71 parts. So with a rig like mine I was able to run the game with 3 of the stations linked together each with an Oie docked without the unplayable lag.
  3. What I have tried lately is a mixture of sandbox and career. I like the ability to have to balance funds for crafts and collecting science in missions but doing the grind every new version of KSP was a bit much since early on I struggle. So what i did is alt-f12 on a new career to give myself enough science to unlock the tree, and just enough funds to upgrade the facilities. Then just have a starting budget and work from there. Im playing with EJs style of no reverts and a separate sandbox for design and testing.
  4. Decided to run a late stream to work on my next design for what I would like to use for a Jool 5 Mission. Here is my favorite screenshot of the night: And here is the whole album:
  5. Inspired by work with hinges by EJ I decided to attempt to create a lander with foldable wings to fit inside of a cargo bay. The hinges work but it is not at all stable.
  6. Decided to refuel my SSTO at Minmus and then find a new mission for the refuel probe.
  7. Built an SSTO after watching Das do his, flew to minmus and ran out of fuel. Jeb decided he wanted some ice cream and even though it was risky he felt it was worth it.
  8. There are many but the one's that have a decent amount of hours: Arma (2 and now 3) Banished (here and there) Company of Hero's (fading from that) Dayz (modded and standalone but waiting for more updates atm) DCS (one of a couple of my favorite flight sim's, A10C is my aircraft of choice) Elite Dangerous (love to bounty hunt or goof off- CMDRGeneralMDBK if you wana add me to fly, I regular around Frey) Fallout series Farming sim 2015 (when I'm really bored, got it for a couple bucks, great background to long maneuvers or side by with netflix) GTAV (mainly enough the freedom with vehicles and the horrible flight moddle, we know it's true) Insurgency Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (my brain teaser) The Mean Greens (makes me feel like a kid again, lots of fun) Microsoft Flight Sim X (everyone who enjoys KSP needs to at least try this) Portal Series (fun brain teaser) Rocksmith (always wanted to learn guitar, not a bad way to do it) Sid Meier's Civ 5 (best one so far imo) Space Engineers Squad (replacing all my other shooters as we speak lol) Star Citizen (not too often atm due to my expected X-55 I will be getting soon, also I feel like there should be an organization in the game of KSP players that just work together mutually, thinking of starting it if anyone is with me) Volo Airsport (simple yet relaxing fun) Edit: Nearly forgot Minecraft lol (that includes many modded versions but mainly Tekkit, I do miss Galacticraft being in tekkit though)
  9. My little stunt plane, perfect for training my little brothers on how to fly.
  10. So I've started using SketchFab with my craft files using the application to export it to the website and I'm having issues that I wonder if anyone has an answer for. I have tried making models appear with panels extended and comms fully deployed but even editing the craft file itself seems to not get it working so my question is does anyone have an idea or know what to do?
  11. It's awesome seeing this challenge still going strong because of your interest to revive it Voyager.
  12. Started messing around with Sketchfab and the KSPtoSketch application, so much more fun designing craft now. Screaming Eagle Mk2 by mkinney92 on Sketchfab Question though, is there anyone who knows how to fix the Claw to show it open instead of closed? Station Tug1 by mkinney92 on Sketchfab
  13. Completed my first ever attempt to go to Eeloo and return. I have never attempted it before but threw something together and decided why not. Mission went well if I had planned it better I could have landed at three of Jool's moons but I ended up settling with just flying by two of them on my way back to Kerbin. Glamour Shot Saying Goodbye Final fly-by of Jool after passing Tylo and Vall.
  14. For me I've always wanted to do either a Jool 5 kind of mission or a grand tour with some kind of SSTO that can refuel after every landing and keep going. I just can never figure out the right design that can work. One thing for sure is I love trying to make a space plane version but that is the most difficult IMO.