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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry for being MIA all this time. I didn't have school or a job for the last couple years which is why I had so much time to work on KSP mods. I've returned to college to finish my degree, so school, work and relationships have been taking up all my time. I won't be working on any of them for the foreseeable future, but their licenses permit anyone to take over if they wish. I hope I can return one day.. I miss you all!
  2. BahamutoD

    (WIP)(1.1.2)Star Wars Mod

    If you are using models I made for BDArmory (the Browning .50 cal) and redistributing them, you need to give me credit and put them under the same license (CC-BY-SA 2.0). Thank you.
  3. Thanks, but that was just a log of you starting KSP and quitting when it got to the main menu. I'll need to see a log of what happens when you try to open the craft browser with vessel spawn.
  4. BahamutoD

    [1.1] BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits v1.1

    Update v1.1 - KSP v1.1 compatibility Download The links to the dependencies are also updated.
  5. Its a short video because I got wrecked, but here's a test with BDArmory:
  6. Vessel Mover and BDA Vessel Switcher are now updated for KSP v1.1.
  7. @hab136 Great, thanks!! Update v1.5 - KSP v1.1 compatibility
  8. No plugins built for 1.0.5 will work in 1.1 until they're updated.
  9. @Geschosskopf Click Raw, and save it over the existing VesselMover.dll in the vessel mover 1.4 folder.
  10. Oops Hotfix v0.11.0.1 = Fixes = - Fix error spam when no weapon is selected
  11. I've been working on updating this for KSP 1.1. Everything works as before except that on vessels spawned using the tool, the staging is broken (all actions are in one stage and hitting space does nothing but make a click sound). Before, the solution to the issue was to call Staging.beginFlight(), but now that doesn't work. If anyone can point me to information on changes to the code for staging, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, you can try this for KSP 1.1:
  12. Update v0.11.0 = Compatibility = - General compatibility for KSP 1.1 - Loading shaders with asset bundle loader = Fixes = - Fix incorrect tracer width in far camera with Scatterer - Fix short bursts when firing in barrage with trigger armed - Fix barrage on multi-barrel weapons - Fix particle emission force being ovewritten in explosions - Fix possible error on airborne guard with no AI pilot NOTES - Spacedock is extremely sluggish today, so I only updated it on GitHub and Curseforge.