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  1. For the "[1.1] BDArmory v0.11.0.1 (+compatibility, fixes) - Apr 23" I can't seem to see the BD parts.

  2. Hey, everyone.

    I know BDArmory and Vessel Mover are beloved mods, but unfortunately Bahamuto has been away, as explained here:


    So, please, stop filling his profile page with requests for updates. Others have picked up where he left, and if you search for BDArmory Continued, you'll find this:


  3. Hey everyone. Sorry for being MIA all this time. I didn't have school or a job for the last couple years which is why I had so much time to work on KSP mods. I've returned to college to finish my degree, so school, work and relationships have been taking up all my time. I won't be working on any of them for the foreseeable future, but their licenses permit anyone to take over if they wish. I hope I can return one day.. I miss you all!
  4. Its looks like your symbol    :wink:



    Source HERE

  5. If you are using models I made for BDArmory (the Browning .50 cal) and redistributing them, you need to give me credit and put them under the same license (CC-BY-SA 2.0). Thank you.
  6. Did you teach yourself C#? Just curious.

    1. BahamutoD


      I took a few classes in college that were taught in Java (very similar), but I learned C# by myself with help from the KSP modding community.

    2. martinezfg11
  7. Recently found out you were Filipino, (-American). Glad to see fellow Filipinos in this forum! :)

  8. Thanks, but that was just a log of you starting KSP and quitting when it got to the main menu. I'll need to see a log of what happens when you try to open the craft browser with vessel spawn.
  9. Update v1.1 - KSP v1.1 compatibility Download The links to the dependencies are also updated.
  10. Its a short video because I got wrecked, but here's a test with BDArmory:
  11. Vessel Mover and BDA Vessel Switcher are now updated for KSP v1.1.
  12. @hab136 Great, thanks!! Update v1.5 - KSP v1.1 compatibility
  13. No plugins built for 1.0.5 will work in 1.1 until they're updated.