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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry for being MIA all this time. I didn't have school or a job for the last couple years which is why I had so much time to work on KSP mods. I've returned to college to finish my degree, so school, work and relationships have been taking up all my time. I won't be working on any of them for the foreseeable future, but their licenses permit anyone to take over if they wish. I hope I can return one day.. I miss you all!
  2. If you are using models I made for BDArmory (the Browning .50 cal) and redistributing them, you need to give me credit and put them under the same license (CC-BY-SA 2.0). Thank you.
  3. Thanks, but that was just a log of you starting KSP and quitting when it got to the main menu. I'll need to see a log of what happens when you try to open the craft browser with vessel spawn.
  4. Update v1.1 - KSP v1.1 compatibility Download The links to the dependencies are also updated.
  5. Its a short video because I got wrecked, but here's a test with BDArmory:
  6. Vessel Mover and BDA Vessel Switcher are now updated for KSP v1.1.
  7. @hab136 Great, thanks!! Update v1.5 - KSP v1.1 compatibility https://github.com/BahamutoD/VesselMover/releases/tag/v1.5
  8. No plugins built for 1.0.5 will work in 1.1 until they're updated.
  9. @Geschosskopf Click Raw, and save it over the existing VesselMover.dll in the vessel mover 1.4 folder.
  10. Oops Hotfix v0.11.0.1 = Fixes = - Fix error spam when no weapon is selected
  11. I've been working on updating this for KSP 1.1. Everything works as before except that on vessels spawned using the tool, the staging is broken (all actions are in one stage and hitting space does nothing but make a click sound). Before, the solution to the issue was to call Staging.beginFlight(), but now that doesn't work. If anyone can point me to information on changes to the code for staging, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, you can try this for KSP 1.1: https://github.com/BahamutoD/VesselMover/blob/master/bin/Release/VesselMover.dll
  12. Update v0.11.0 = Compatibility = - General compatibility for KSP 1.1 - Loading shaders with asset bundle loader = Fixes = - Fix incorrect tracer width in far camera with Scatterer - Fix short bursts when firing in barrage with trigger armed - Fix barrage on multi-barrel weapons - Fix particle emission force being ovewritten in explosions - Fix possible error on airborne guard with no AI pilot NOTES - Spacedock is extremely sluggish today, so I only updated it on GitHub and Curseforge.
  13. Can you provide some logs and more information? Pre3 was working fine for me in 1.1 full. The UI for TGP is unchanged and works as expected for me as well.
  14. Updated for 1.1 compatibility (thanks @ferram4)
  15. @Van Disaster That's in already. I would just need to expose the coefficient for it. Rather, the deflection calculation uses the same code that turrets use, with a coefficient that fluctuates to try to handle different planes that overshoot or undershoot. Also, the derivative loop during aiming uses the angle to target as the frame of reference for the angular velocity, so in theory, if tuned properly the aim should perfectly zero onto the target if it's turning at a constant rate.
  16. @SuicidalInsanity Good match! I think I just got lucky with that double kill in round 1. I think my Kp is a bit low so my planes kept firing behind the target. I foresee it as their downfall. See ya in the pit next round @tetryds
  17. There were no major fixes or changes from the current version to the pre-release version other than compatibility fixes. Hmm, I'll give it a look later once KSP 1.1 is finalized. Could you open an issue on the BDArmory github with as many details as you can? That would be really helpful later. Ah, airborne guards are prohibited from engaging missiles unless they have an anti-missile laser. This was to prevent fighters from chasing missiles with their fixed guns. I plan to let you customize guard behaviors a lot more eventually. I plan to allow more tuning of the pilot controller eventually. 1. Yes, they should. 2. If you're further away than the AIM-120's active radar range (I think it's 8km), you have to maintain lock. Once the radar displays "ACTIVE", the missile's radar has taken over and you can break lock. It's code from before skin temperature was added to the game. I haven't done the research to determine the best course of action here. Its hard to say without more details or logs Heat score only gets updated when something is trying to get a heat lock. Keep an eye on it when you're flying over a heat missile turret.
  18. Hmm, the only times it should drop throttle is if it's exceeding max speed, or trying to stay behind a target (which is more rare now that ferram4 has added BnZ behavior). IIRC Of course, all of the behaviors are works in progress
  19. I have actually had better results from keeping steer factor and damping low. Usually 4 and 2 or 6 and 3. The planes don't need a whole lot of inputs when just flying around, and since the gains get boosted during aiming, setting them lower will minimize the wobbling during aiming.
  20. @inigma That's very strange.. does anything come up in the log when it happens?
  21. Vessels are given a "heat score" based on the temp of the hottest part and heat being generated, and the heatThreshold is the lowest score it will chase.
  22. I'm having no issues with AI engaging each other in 1.1 with the latest prerelease. Could you try again with debug labels enabled and post your logs? If you mean the kerbal and interior get overlayed in the IVA and face cam view, I think that's a stock bug that happens when a vessel with an IVA is destroyed. The guards/AI don't know how to use ECM jammers at all yet. Target all should indeed enable them to target both vessels and missiles. If its not engaging incoming missiles then there could be a different issue.
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