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  1. Ah, it's cool, I'm sorry if I sounded overly critical. You can use whatever screen name you like, I really was mostly (like, 98.7%) joking about how long it is. But, if you'd like to inform us folks about your 'nickname', just put something in your signature like, maybe "You can call me 'Kdoge20', just don't call me 'late for dinner', ha ha!" Or, well, you know, something that's actually funny or witty...
  2. With great difficulty, I'm guessing. Lol, sorry, couldn't resist. But on a more serious note, I don't think that those parts are meant for actually BUILDING ships, more just as a cool looking and well-lit place to dock them at a space station. Perhaps in the future someone could or would integrate these parts with another mod that DOES allow the construction and/or launching of ships from them, such as EPL or maybe one or two others that I can't remember the name of right now... Anyway, as far as launching... All I can say is keep trying, build a really large rocket, or if worst comes to worst, you could always use something like HyperEdit and just 'put' it into orbit without any of the annoying need to actually 'launch' it. Rotsa Ruck!
  3. Alrighty then, we're all cool. I also apologize for getting my dander up a bit, and you're right the new rule is kind of a 'gray' area type of thing, it's easy to interpret in a variety of ways. So, situation resolved, apparently to the satisfaction of all concerned. Later all!
  4. Sorry to butt in here, MisterFister, but I take exception to a few things you said here. 1. First of all, CraftedDoge... the guy who needs to get a shorter username!... Anyway, the guy didn't ask 'when will the mod be updated to 1.1.2, he (she?) just asked if it will work. Also, please note that, with only 18 posts on the forum to-date, I think we can be a bit forgiving for them not yet knowing all of the ins and outs of this particular forum, don't you? 2. Here is the text of the forum rule in question: 2.3 Forbidden messages f. Messages that repeat inquiries about updates or content from modders. Again, CraftedDogeEtc. was only asking if the mod will work, not requesting an update or anything of the kind. Also, to my mind, this rule doesn't "prohibit" anyone from asking that question, it only does so when done so repeatedly. Now, again, yes, there have been several recent posts along those lines, which you sited, but again, new forum user, so I don't see that he/she was being particularly obnoxious. But, if YOU think so, then how about avoiding posting snarky and chastising comments yourself, and just report the post to a forum moderator and let THEM deal with the issue. I really dislike posts that deliberately try to make someone feel bad for asking a simple question, as you might be able to tell. Now, @CraftedDoge20PlaysKSP1.0.5, 3 things: One, please consider a shorter username, lol! Two, welcome to the KSP Forums, friend. Three, in answer to your actual question, no, as far as I can tell this mod probably won't work in KSP 1.1.2, but I could be mistaken. I haven't been able to find a download that states definitively whether it works in the latest version of KSP or not, and since I already have a lot of other mods installed in my game, I haven't yet tried this one in 1.1.2. If I'm wrong, I hope someone will correct that information, or otherwise provide a link or point the way to a version of the mod that does work.
  5. Yeah, well, you're still way ahead of me on this whole thing, lol. I may be good at some things (well, maybe a few...), but I certainly don't know all the particulars of game design, or all the pros and/or cons of every single game engine out there. All I know is what I've observed, and as it happens the majority of PC games I've played have used either the Source Engine (anything from Valve, such as the Half-Life franchise, Portal 1 & 2, the Left4Deads, etc.) or CryEngine, specifically the first Far Cry and the Crysis games... well, I can't play Crysis 3 on my system, my video card isn't beefy enough... but like I said before, the few games I've had the misfortune to purchase and play that used the Unreal engine just made me feel... unclean, somehow... after playing them for just a few minutes. Anyway, as far as I know the only game I've played that uses Unity is KSP, so I'll freely admit that I'm working with a sample size of 1. But based on this experience, and while I really do love KSP despite all my comments seemingly to the contrary, I would honestly have a bit of a think before knowingly buying another game that uses Unity.
  6. What he ^ said. The mod is ancient, the author has abandoned all development, and no one has picked it up in any capacity other than a few attempts at maintenance updates, but even those seem to have fallen by the wayside. Let it go, please.
  7. Oh, I'm not saying Unity is the worst game engine ever, I'm just saying that I think Squad could've done better. I do agree with Kenobi McCormick that Source is superior to Unity in pretty much every way. Every game that I play that uses the Source engine plays more smoothly, is less resource-intensive, and just overall seems to run better than other games that use different physics engines. I absolutely refuse to purchase any more games that use the Unreal engine after wasting money on 2 or 3 games that use it, it looks awful and just sucks in my opinion. It doesn't crash a lot on my system, but it's just fugly. So, anyway, I'm sure Unity has its strengths, but if that's the case then Squad doesn't seem to be doing a very good job at utilizing it to its full potential, IMO.
  8. Yes, this is my point, I think that Squad FUBAR'd bigtime when they chose Unity. But it serves no purpose to tell me to "Go play Gmod". Gmod isn't KSP!
  9. Thought I'd pitch in my 2 cents with a few requests here: These are great parts, but the lack of modularity limits their usefulness. Because the rear engine mount/fuel tank has its own flat bottom that only comes in one length, and there are no shorter flat bottom sections, it means that one can really only make one specifically sized space shuttle, i.e. one that only has one length of cargo bay, the longest stock Squad part. So here's my request. How about separating the rear fuel tank and engine mount from the flat bottom, and then making one flat-bottom part for each length of stock cargo bay? This way, if I want to create an extended length shuttle, I can just add in sections of cargo bay as needed, and then add their corresponding bottoms to each section. Another suggestion, how about an adapter part that blends the rounded bottom of the MK3 bay down into your flat-bottom parts, in a 'stockalike' white-gray texture? I figure this would be great for building airliner-style fuselages, with the aforementioned adapters and flat bottom parts allowing a 'low-wing' configuration. If you wanted to get really ambitious, you could utilize Firespitter's texture-switching feature to change all of the adapter parts between 'shielded' and 'unshielded', at least visually. Just gives us gamers more options, that's all. Okay, those are my requests, fwiw, feel free to completely ignore me, lol.
  10. Yes, no need to take time to explain, take time to FIX!! Lol! Something that irks me about this whole issue, meaning Squad's inability to reproduce 'in-game' a relatively simple physical object - the wheel. While I realize that there are a great many things that need to be simulated in the code, things that you've talked about such as suspension variables like shock and rebound and damping and... other stuff. Anyway, while I'm certainly no computer coder or programmer, I get that it's not just "oh, well, a wheel is simple, it should be easy to simulate in a completely virtual way". However, my point is that there are at least a few other games out there that use the Unity engine, although admittedly I don't know how many use Unity 5 yet, but anyway, there are a few games out there THAT HAVE WHEELS IN THEM that use Unity, and maybe I'm just not paying attention, but I don't hear any great wailing and gnashing of teeth about how crappy the wheels in THOSE games are. I guess what I'm saying is that I just don't get why Squad seems to have such difficulty doing things that other games manage with no apparent problems. Wheels. AIR, for felgerkarb's sake, how many flight sim games are there out there that accurately simulate aerodynamic forces on an aircraft, but Squad's atmosphere settings seem to be set permanently on 'custard'! Grrr. Sorry, again, rant over, but I'm becoming increasingly disenfranchised by KSP's inability to do anything that it's supposed to do even COMPETENTLY, let alone WELL. 'Nuff said, for now at least. Keep on keepin' on, lo-fi, you're 'good people' in my books.
  11. I agree that this mod is now an absolute 'must have' for me, right up there with MechJeb and RCSBuildAid, to name a few, I absolutely CANNOT play the game without this mod anymore, it makes life SO much easier! Regarding the typing thing, this issue is being discussed over in Add-on Development in several threads, apparently this is something that changed with 1.1 and Unity 5, and some mods are trying to implement fixes to ignore keyboard input (for ship controls and other mods' key bindings, I mean) when typing in a text field, but my understanding is that so far results have been mixed. It'll probably take a little while for someone to have an 'Ah-Ha!' moment and get it fixed for good, but in the meantime we'll just have to cope, I think. Later.
  12. Oh my G0d Lo-Fi, Squad's wheels are so g0dd@m messed up, you need to set up the Red Bull I.V., down a bottle of no-doze, and GET US SOME DECENT WHEELS STAT, A.S.A.P., PLEASE FOR KRAKEN'S SAKE!!! Sigh, calming down... Okay, the preceding... rant, flip-out, nervous breakdown, whatever... was an only partially humorous plea, because the stock wheels are so freaking USELESS! They're WORSE than useless, I don't even know why Squad bothers to put them in the game, I cannot find or create any combination of parts that actually functions as a "rover" that uses the stock wheels! They either don't work at all, meaning the thing just sits there on the runway, immobile, with the wheels doing NOTHING, or if I can actually get the thing to move it does so at one of two speeds: Glacial, acceleration (and I use that word VERY loosely here) can only be measured accurately with a CALENDAR, or 'So Much Torque and Wheel Slip' that it would be better to replace the word 'Rover' in a description of the vehicle with the phrase 'Drift-O-Matic Crash-O-Tron'. And turning? Fuggeddaboudit! Again, either wheel-slippage-city, or the good-ol' Squad control method of 'try to turn when moving faster than about 3 m/s and automatically catapult your rover into the air because the wheels dig into the ground sideways, immediately followed by landing upside down creating very much lots of explosions'. Yes, I know that they've added all kinds of tweakables to the wheels so that we can supposedly 'tune' them to work better, but to me all that illustrates is that they KNOW the wheels are F'd up, but here, let's just put a Band-Aid on that severed artery, maybe nobody will notice. They shouldn't NEED to have their 'traction' and/or 'friction' adjusted, they should just WORK! Bah... I just got up to do some stuff for about 10 minutes, and I'm calm now. Just had to get that off my chest. Anyway, since wheels obviously confound Squad all to heck, I just figured I'd get on here to encourage Lo-Fi & Co. here at Kerbal Foundries to redouble their efforts so that I (we, the players) can create a vehicle that actually moves on the ground, as opposed to having to create VTOLs and whatnot for exploring the surface of a planet or moon. So, anyway, for what that's worth. Keep on keepin' on, folks.
  13. Yep, that seems to be Squad's M.O. these days: Release a 'patch' that 'fixes' lots of things that the previous patch broke... but it also breaks all kinds of NEW things that were actually 'fixed' THREE patches ago, but what the heck, let's go ahead and break 'em all over again, job security, right?
  14. Or you guys could try my solution: Delete the TweakableDockingNode .cfg and .dll files from TweakableEverything. Also got rid of the TweakableDockingNode .xml document in the Plugin Data folder of that mod... Wait, why are there TWO different config files for the same plugin? I looked at them both, and they're not the same, but I wonder if one is interfering with the other? I don't know. Anyway, I'll fire up the game again in a bit, hopefully this will be a temporary thing until TweakableEverything can be updated.
  15. Lol, no worries! If you can pull off with Unity 5 and KSP1.1.X what you did with your wheels in Unity 4, that'll be par for the course for you, plus we'll once again have wheels that we can lobby for Squad to make stock instead of the dreck they give us. No pressure, though...