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  1. Chapter 4: A New Addition to the Crew ICE: Jeb. Jeb. Jeb. Jeb: *Groans and wakes up* When I said I needed an alarm clock, I expected a ring or something. ICE: RRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Jeb: Ah! Okay, okay. ICE: Good morning captain. Jeb: Good morning, ICE. ICE: We have a transmission from High Command. There is a change of plans. Jeb: We aren't going to Jool? ICE: We are going to Jool, captain, but first we have to return to Low Kerbin Orbit to retrieve another crew member. Jeb: Who? ICE: They did not say, only that you would know him and he would be arriving v
  2. Would be a 10/10 Civ V mod, but also an awesome standalone thing.
  3. So we return to our intrepid... heroes? Or just protagonists, I guess.
  4. Chapter 3: Second Try Mission Control Recording Begin... Officer: Alright people, high command isn't happy about having to send up a new rover. Luckily, it's pretty cheap compared to the hardware we're using as a tug and so is the lifter. But that doesn't mean you can fool around with multimillion kredit equipment. *Murmurs of "yes sir" are heard aroudn the room.* Officer: Lets get to it. Pilot: Sir, the package is in sight! Officer: Great. Bring us in to 10 meters. Pilot: Yes sir! *A siren is heard from the payload section.* Officer: What happened? Payload Officer: Nothing major, you j
  5. What is this, "real life", you're talking about?
  6. Short chapter, and it isn't really that good, but I'm very tired. I'll post a better, longer chapter later.
  7. Chapter 2: The First Payload Mission Control Recording Begin... CivCom Officer [Name: Classified]: Tug is in a stable orbit. Prepare to rendezvous with the rover payload. Mission Control Pilot: Yes sir. Pilot: Burn has begun. Officer: Good. Pilot: (A few minutes later.) Second burn initiated. Officer: Good, we're almost there. Pilot: We're coming in. Officer: Good, tell the payload team to prepare for docking. Pilot: (On headset) Prepare for docking. Payload Officer: Roger. Wait, what? Pilot: What is it? Payload Officer: RCS isn't responding. SAS. The payload is spinning out and we do
  8. Sorry for no updates lately: I've had a busy week. I'll update today.
  9. I think this will come down to only Jeb returning at this point.
  10. Chapter 1: Engines Test Aboard the IPEV Charon... Jeb: Nice to finally have my own ship. Given, it's a light escort corvette, and I've got a shoddy first mate- Bill: Hey! Jeb: I'm just joking with you. Bill: Good, cause I was about to throw my shoddy captain out the airlock. IVCAI: William, that goes against protocol- Bill: Shut up, ICE. IVCAI: Bill, my name is IVCAI. Interplanetary Vessel Charon Artificial Intelligence. Bill: ICE has 2 of the same letters and is easier to remember. IVCAI: Would you like me to refer to myself as ICE then, William? Bill: Yes. And call me Bill, not William. IC
  11. The Joolian Crisis It has been 100 years since extraterrestrial motherships threatened us with extinction. Jebediah Kerman and his crew gathered vital data while his friends on Kerbin created the International Fleet. Kerbin was united, and we defeated them. We thrived for 2 decades. Trade, science and settlement began to rise between the Kerbin, her moons, and Duna. Then, one fateful day, pirates attacked some routine traders. They had made new weapons out of the ancient ones we used for wars on Kerbin herself. We were defenseless. The Trade Coalition, formed from the remains of the Internatio
  12. I don't really like how I made the plot for this- I think I'll start a new story with a more original premise.
  13. What is this, Game of Thrones!?! All the good ones are dying EDIT: Also, aliens.
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