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  1. If that is the case, then it does literally nothing. I installed the Corsair folder like a normal mod a couple of days ago after my first post, and thus far it does not appear to do anything at all. I only installed the Corsair folder do I need to install the Logitech folder as well? Are there certain keys that should be lighting up under certain conditions? Perhaps if you had some test cases you needed me to go through?
  2. I have a Corsair Plat K95 on a Win 10 system if that helps. I have no idea at all how to install this, so you will have to let me know how/what you need tested.
  3. Thanks for the help, it all worked out in the end.
  4. Thank you for explaining, it was kind of a pain to do manual bookkeeping for 16 kerbals, but I think I got it sorted. I also figured out why some of the ribbons were spotty, my MKS/Life Support mod had turned some of the kerbals into temporary "Tourists" which apparently made them temporarily ineligible for ribbons. Is there a way to sort that so that those temporary Tourists can get ribbons too? Edit: also editing the save does not appear to have added them in game. Do they have to be in perfect chronological order? Edit2: Even putting them in the same spot as Val's entrie
  5. Tried that, but it is not showing any ribbons used in the actual game, just templates and custom ribbons and the search function appears to be broken.
  6. Does the Tundra Mobile Workshop/Assembly Plant modules have the same functionality for building in situ as the GC Orbital Workshop/Orbital Assembly Line?
  7. Sorry if this has already been answered somewhere, I cannot find it. I took a large crew to minmus, landed, planted a flag, launched, and redocked in orbit, broke kerbin SOI then returned home. For some reason Valentina was the only one awarded the various "first time" ribbons. I thought the whole crew was supposed to get those, or at least the "I did that too" version of the ribbons? Is there a way to award them the appropriate ribbons after the fact?
  8. No big rush, just an observation. Wow, that sounds awesome, I always loved the packrat.
  9. I gave up on trying to fix the gap and just launched an exact copy of the station using the orbit cheat to replace the broken station (sans construction ports). Never done that before. The only odd thing is the station does not seem to have any kind of helm control now, even though it in the correct orbit/velocity/etc. Anyone have a clue on that?
  10. Actually, this is exactly what I am trying to figure out now to close the gap where the clamps disappear on the port side or make the existing clamps function correctly on the starboard side that I sent up to replace the first side that messed up. From what I gather, the Truss and the ISM are connected and have consecutive parents, as if the malfunctioning ports are no longer between the parts (visually there unless I collapse them). So I can either collapse them or remove them with KAS, but how do I close that gap? Any tips on lining things up? BTW is it intentional for those c
  11. Anyone know if there is a way to edit the save to "manually" collapse those parts before I EVA out and disassemble the whole Port section of my space station?
  12. So, I just put one in orbit to check it out, it definitely had the materialkits and machinery, but I forgot it would not deploy until you had a Kerbal EVA to deploy it. Did you try that?
  13. Doing it still docked did not work, I was able to replace the parts and collapse them, but it left a permanent gap in the structure. Going to just replace that wing of the station. Edit: The plot thickens, I reloaded the save so that I would not have the gap and I put a new wing on the station across from the one that was malfunctioning. It is having the same problem, but to make things even weirder, when I tried to collapse the joint on the new one, the joint on the other side exploded, leaving a gap between the two sections like before. I cannot undock it now, so I will have t
  14. Aww crap! Good catch noticing that! I would like to try to fix it in place instead of relaunching due to logistics. Do you know if I can pull the part off with KAS while it is still docked, or would I need to release the ship first?
  15. I have a problem with the collapsable ports, I have two identical ports, perfectly docked and I get a message saying they cannot be welded or collapsed, anyone know what the issue is? https://imgur.com/a/jvFby7z[/img] Also, what does the collapse (rotate) button do? It just spins and spins without ever stopping or collapsing when I click it. What does reset aquire do? Afraid to push it. (Edit: Apparently it does nothing) This is the part section for the construction port at the nose of the ship (above the inflatable tank) -- I have not found the other port in the save file
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