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  1. I tried it a few different ways and none worked. I ended up using the the tube to ghetto dock the two crafts and deorbit after redistributing some parachutes-- I am quite surprised to say it worked. Thank you for the mod info, I found and added it as a result of this mission. Hopefully this will be the last to face this complication.
  2. I got one of those rescue contracts that puts a kerbal in a sealed module with no hatch. I managed to rendezvous, and I am trying to transfer the rescue kerbal using a FlexOtube, there is room in the destination module, but for whatever reason I cannot make the transfer. Any help troubleshooting this? FlexOtubes are passable for CLS, right? If not, how do I MAKE it passable?
  3. Is Kerbin side being maintained for 1.4.3 or has it moved ownership to Kerbin side remastered?
  4. Exactly what I thought. Instead of the constellation bundle I tried to use just MKS 54.1 and crashed to desktop. The crash log is literally empty. And the version checker still says various things (Konstruction, MKS, USI-Core etc.) were compiled for 1.4.
  5. I am using the newest USI constellation download labeled for 1.3.1, but when I start the game the version checker says it was compiled for 1.4, and it crashes to desktop before getting to the main menu. I am using a pretty heavily modded game, but it loads/plays successfully without the USI constellation.
  6. Which is the newest TCA release compatible with KSP 1.3.1?
  7. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you. I am just saying that if you make things too complex there is a point of diminishing return where more users will opt out rather than deal with all the extra mechanics, at which point most of the effort put into perfecting those mechanics is largely wasted. This is in no way a criticism, Rover does great work. I hate to see him go too far down a rabbit hole when his limited time and energy can be used elsewhere and potentially have more impact for more end users.
  8. While the back and forth about maintenance and such has been interesting, I just want to point something out from the "casual" gamer perspective. There is a notable difference between adding interactive complexity/depth to the gameplay and simply creating a huge, repetitive pain in the ass for the player to deal with on a regular basis. If you add too much complexity for the sake of complexity, I will be forced to neuter all of these extra "features" so that I can actually enjoy playing the game again.
  9. I did not realize you guys were doing a full reboot. How is that coming along?
  10. Well hell, knowing that sooner would have saved a whole lot of time and annoyance. Thank you. That should probably be placed down with the other downloads under the Patreon button (which I highly recommend using to support Rover's coffee addiction).
  11. What is the "Constellation"? Is there a simple "Everything RoverDude Makes" bundle?
  12. Yes, the catalog is where I am downloading mods from. But no, the information is NOT right in front of me on that page to tell me what is or is not included each download. The entire point of having a list of the contents is to let people who are not already intimately familiar with this family of mods know exactly what is or is not included with each download before they download it. For example: Karibou rover system is listed as included with MKS. Kontainers is NOT listed, but apparently IS included with MKS. USI Life Support is mentioned on the front page here, but it is not specified if it is or is not included in the MKS download. USI Core sounds like something I need, is it also included in MKS, or is that a separate download like the USI Life Support? Do I need to download USI Core to run the Sounding Rockets pack? What about USI Tools? The Community Category Kit and Community Resource Pack sound like they are for modders, do I even need those? If I need them, are they downloaded separately, or are they included with MKS? So yes, a list is needed.
  13. I usually just download everything from the USI site, but found that there seems to be some overlap resulting from bundling. I am not entirely sure what all is bundled in with this pack, Karibou, Konstruction, Kontainers, what else? Is there a complete list somewhere?
  14. Glad to see this one is still kicking, one of my favorites.
  15. I stopped playing for awhile and came back to find that the reentry physics were a bit more lethal than I remember a year or so ago. For the first time I am considering the use of a drogue chute, but I must confess I do not really see the point of using drogues if they deploy at basically the same speeds as a regular chute. Why bother? What is the point of a drogue chute if it does not actually slow down the hot part of your reentry? Please help me understand.
  16. I managed to get a realchute mission calling for me to test a nose chute while splashed down on Kerbin. The problem is once the craft is splashed down the chute will not deploy because it is splashed down. Anyone know a work around? Edit: Never mind I unlocked the action groups and found the setting.
  17. I finally managed to unlock the XL rover wheels -- W T F do WHEELS cost 550 science at the far ass-end of the tech tree? Anyway, I finally remade my badger with the big wheels, but the damn things pop and/or fall completely off any time you even look at it funny, much less go down a hill. Seriously, I cannot get the damn thing off the runway. Also just the act of putting down the landing gear will destroy the runway/launchpad. How do you keep your wheels on the badger long enough to go anywhere? We really need dedicated deployable "spice harvester" type wheels for the Honeybadger.
  18. Dmagic, most of the parts say what type of science they are used for, but could you pretty please make sure they all have info in the description text to describe what type of science a given part is capable of: e.g., Surface, Atmospheric flight, Orbit etc.
  19. Is it possible to have it transfer LF and Oxidizer in the same ratio? As it is now there is always a tiny time gap between clicking the transfer on one and then the other so they never transfer the exact same ratio of each. Is there any way to tie them together so they transfer the same amounts?
  20. These work nicely, but you might consider bringing the crash tolerance and temp up to the same as the stock clamp o trons.
  21. Thanks for the tip, I will try <20 km, but stay out of the negative periapsis. Maybe that will be the sweet spot.
  22. So I can launch it with a pre-seated kerbal inside. - - - Updated - - - I had to put my kerbal on a booster seat using an AES outrigger to get him high enough that the hatch was not obstructed. This is the fully kitted out version sporting a full science suite, duel mini-drills and karbolectric generator. It seats 4, with the pilot in an AES pod. Update: Incidentally, on that 2nd version pictured there is a bug when you go IVA in the jumpseat it puts the Kerbal's POV well behind the pod to approximately where the green science box is and has them looking forward through the center EAS seat. Also the Jumpseat does not show under the command tab. Should it also have science storage? You should really look into creating your own tab for Kolony modules...they are really cluttering up my Utility tab.