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  1. Because we are bringing it up I am making a temp logo. What are good dimensions for a logo?
  2. how long would it be until I get a mission
  3. The Kerbal Space research Agency would like to join.
  4. Many people have theories of what the surface of Minmus is made up of. What is yours? Show your work.
  5. That's a good point. Using that logic the surface could contain a high concentration of Lepidolite (a purple mineral) This being said, it could mix with the sulfur oceans to create a purple color.
  6. This will only work as long as you are within 2km of the ground
  7. Also, when circularizing your orbit make sure your nose is pointed at the prograde marker on your navball; using the navball is more accurate than flying by eye alone.
  8. I was doing the wikki campaign and am currently on "Age Of Satellites" http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Campaign:_Age_of_Satellites and came to the mission SpySat. In it you need a sun synchronous orbit. Is this possible? Anything helps, thanks!
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