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  1. (Late!) There were some issues with KSP AVC versions earlier than and KSP 1.8 that was leading to updates never actually being checked. I noticed that after running 1.8+various mods for some time I never got any updates for mods I knew had newer versions. Turns out there were issues with threading in the early 1.4 releases. It should all be working now.
  2. I've seen the AutoStage option, but I still believe there's a bug here, because it will stage if _any_ engine has a flameout, even if there are others still working.
  3. Now that I've Read The Fine Manual: I guess I set inclination to 6 and select Descending Node.
  4. Hi there, If an engine fails while using the To Orbit autopilot, TCA will immediately stage, even if there are other working engines in the stage where the failure occured. I'm playing with Kerbalism, which among other things simulates engine reliability. This means that engines have a MTBF rating, and a limited number of ignitions. Most launch engines (at standard reliability) have MTBFs of around 5 minutes, so failures, while rare, aren't unheard of. Also, it would be nice if TCA had an option to limit re-ignitions when coasting to apoapsis - currently it will pulse the engines now and then to keep the Ap at the right altitude, which will use up remaining ignitions. One more thing - I can't seem to input a negative inclination, either by typing directly or using the -5/+5 buttons. Nor can I fake it by using, say, 354º to get -6º
  5. Yeah, as I mentioned in my post above, something is up with and it's serving up very old version information. I believe it's on @linuxgurugamer's looooooooong list of stuff to have a look at. Also, some older builds of AVC were simply not checking at all due to timeout issues, though I think your version wasn't affected? I've lost track of what works somewhat and what's broken. The current build of AVC is working well, though - it's successfully checking and offering downloads for any mods that have URLs that are reporting correct version information.
  6. @linuxgurugamer Tested and things seem to be working now! Thanks so much. I now have 4 mods listed that have updates! Thanks again for sorting this out, and for all your work. As I mentioned above, I am still seeing old information coming from, however, which I think may be hiding other updates. For example, KSP-AVC is claiming is current: $ curl { "NAME": "KSP-AVC Plugin", "URL": "", "DOWNLOAD": "", "GITHUB": { "USERNAME": "linuxgurugamer", "REPOSITORY": "KSPAddonVersionChecker" }, "VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0, "BUILD": 7 }, "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 5, "PATCH": 1 }, "KSP_VERSION_MIN": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 5, "PATCH": 1 } } I manually changed the KSP-AVC.version file in my GameData/KSP-AVC directory to claim it was version, but was not prompted for an update to I haven't manually verified all the data that is serving, so I'm not sure how widespread this is.
  7. It gets to the main menu. From there, I can start the game and the checking dialog goes away. I set up vanilla 1.8.1, and made a folder in GameData and put in 68 `.version` files from my main install. On launch, it checks up to about 27 of 68 before the main menu loads, then counter shows 47 and then 54 of 68, then stops completely. If it's useful, here's a screen capture of this vanilla startup: (You may need to download to view, google's not done processing it for streaming). Also I'm still seeing the issue with URLs returning very old information. KSP-AVC is claiming is current: $ curl { "NAME": "KSP-AVC Plugin", "URL": "", "DOWNLOAD": "", "GITHUB": { "USERNAME": "linuxgurugamer", "REPOSITORY": "KSPAddonVersionChecker" }, "VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 2, "PATCH": 0, "BUILD": 7 }, "KSP_VERSION": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 5, "PATCH": 1 }, "KSP_VERSION_MIN": { "MAJOR": 1, "MINOR": 5, "PATCH": 1 } } (I'm assuming isn't relying on UserAgent strings or other data to serve different results to different versions of KSP?)
  8. Glad you found something, and thankful it wasn't something specific to me. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the quick release @linuxgurugamer. However, when testing I'm now seeing the same hangs as was reported above. AVC will stop after checking some number of add-ons. In my fully modded game, it was always around 52 of 68. If I use a vanilla 1.8.1 install with only AVC, it hangs checking 0 of 1. I uploaded KSP.log and KSP-AVC.log for both the vanilla+AVC and modded installs here. The logs seem to indicate it's actually checking now, but something else is subsequently causing issues.
  10. I don't mean to speak for the devs, but there are essentially no details yet about the APIs for modders that will be in KSP 2. Maybe they'll look similar? Maybe they'll be completely different? Who knows? I expect at minimum it will be A Lot Of Work to support KSP 2, whenever it is released.
  11. If you have Persistent Rotation installed, GravityTurn will fail to steer the rocket. It turns out this is because Persistent Rotation is activated by default on launch, so I believe it's trying to steer and overriding GT. Also, I would very very very much love to see the ability to limit ignitions. I'm running Kerbalism, which limits ignitions on most engines. So, during coast to AP, when GT cycles the engine on/off in little bursts to keep the AP at the target, that really burns though the available ignitions.
  12. You know, this comes up a lot. I was thoroughly confused by it when I first encountered it. It may be better to have Fuel Cells default to dump when installed.
  13. No problem, thanks! FAR isn't as necessary anymore now that the stock atmosphere isn't thick as clam chowder anyway.
  14. Is anyone using this with FAR? GravityTurn does a reasonable job with the launches, but there are two issues. The fairings separate almost immediately after launch, no matter what value I put in the Fairing Pressure config (I've tried -1000, 1, 10000, 100000) The stats show ridiculous amounts of air drag. On a normal launch that uses around 3400 delta v to low Kerbin orbit, it's showing about 7300 delta v in air drag loss.