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  1. Hi there Thank you for the awesome mod, I have been using it since 0.90 I was wondering if it would be possible to add a radiator module that would react accordingly to the size of the wing. I have been messing around with MM a lot, but this is above my understanding as i dont have any clue of how a dll is built. So, there is probably a bunch of equations in the dll that determine the weight of the wing depending on its general shape and size, is it possible to add a line there and output maybe two new arbitrary variable, like fuel volume and radiator capacity, that could be used by a tank or radiator module if it needs to? I'm quite unsure if it's possible thought, MM is patching everything at loading, and it seems like Pwing dll is outputing the weight value in the VAB. So it means that the dll would need to output a radiator capacity value in the VAB as well, could it be as simple as copying the line, multiplying by a ratio, and giving the value a name. Or do we have to code a whole bunch of stuff to make sure the value get outputed in the right field ? Anyways, It would be great to have such an option, as much as a compatibility with interstellar fuel switch (wich would probably require the same kind of work )
  2. Yes I have both latest version of these I also have throttle controled avionics, could it conflict with FAR? Plus mechjeb and RKE joystick, wich I guess are both messing with control input somehow, but i've been using both without any problem before ... EDIT: Nevermind, not even an issue As I was saying I haven't played for a while and I forgot a lot of stuff , just builded a plane to try it out and I have been setting the control limitations to -100% instead of zero. So it is totally my fault, haven't payed enought attention to what I was doing before thinking it was a bug. Thank you anyways !
  3. I've been trying to find something realted to my issue but I'm not even sure of the name of the feature. So, I would always set pitch,roll and yaw % for each wings so they respond diferently to each input. like Yaw at zero for the elevators, Roll at zero for tailfins etc. I can set all of this in the VAB but it doesn't change anything once the craft is on the runway. All control surface are responding to all input. I don't know what is causing this behavior, I'm wondering if the feature is linked to the techtree maybe (not unlocked yet even though i can see it on the parts in SPH). If not it would be a conflict with another mod ? Or I'm just dumb and I'm doing something not right. I have not played since 0.90 early days so I am not sure if some stuff are handled diferently now, is there a button to enable this feature somewhere maybe ?
  4. Hey Great mod, again ! Thank you for the awesome work ! It's funny to see all these trolls making it a pain in the ass to update our mods everytime squad is updating their game! Over 6 pages of trolling and there is like 5 relevant comments! All the other are just these silly imperative and irrelevant request and complaint about the update of the mod. I am choosing the funny side, cause on another hand it is the biggest pain in the ass in the world to read throught that garbage to get actual information about the ETA of the mod and the specific incompatibilities. Internet is somehow proving that mankind is hopeless, or at least that freedom of speech should be limited... Anyways, thank you for not giving up on us and to keep working on this mod!
  5. So, when you right click a part in flight, the window gets the good lenght by default, adpating to the number of lines of info/buttons it has to show. But can we adjust somewhere how wide it is ? On stock KSP it is not really problematic, but a lot of mod are showing some long lines of information that the window is just clipping and then you can't read half of it. I'm mostly reffering to KSPI, where the first info line for generators is sometimes plasma/laser consumption rate and you just can't see the numbers because they are clipped by the window .... I'm pretty sure this has already been solved, I just can't find it anywhere on the forum through google.
  6. So you were able to reproduce the Fusion reactor problem. But were you able to make the toolbar button work. I can see the GUI from each separate reactor but I can't get any window from the toolbar button still. I would help you more if I could, but I'm doing my reading right now during the christmas vacation. I'm coding on mills and laythe IRL, so there some similarity, but I mostly have to go throught everything that is computer related.... coordinates systems handling is kind of a joke compared to unity... And there's a huge difference between 3d modelling for games and 3d modeling for actual physicals parts. So I'm still totally lost when it comes to unity, but I'm slowly making my way up there and hopefully I'm gonna be able to do my share of support in a few months.
  7. Well in fact, I just realise the toolbar "megajoule power manager" button was not doing anything. I would say that as long as I can't make that button work, means something is broken with the thermal mechanics dll. As I was saying, I'm gonna try it on a fresh install right now and try to outline the mod that could cause it. EDIT: Here's a screen of the results (tweakscale1.50 and modulemanager2.5.6 only). Actually, it's only happening with the Fusion reactors. They don't have any power output... I don't have the log right now, my game booted with -nolog and I'm leaving for shopping. I'll make one tonight.
  8. The dev link still give 404 by the way I'm still trying your fix, I have a bunch of other mods, mostly USI stuff, and It seems like I have some problem with the thermal turbojet. It doesn't seem to understand when he's hook on a reactor. The reactor is online at 0% and the turbojet gives 0 thrust. I'm just wondering what kind of mods could mess with kspi thermal mechanics. There's a lot of new stuff related to ressources and I'm not sure if it could conflict with how KSPI handles them. I'm thinking about regolith and CRP maybe even EPL. What kind of interaction is messing with interstellar ? Anyway, don't bother trying to reproduce it, I'm gonna install from scratch and reboot until I find some culprit... If I can't find anything I'll output the log later today
  9. Wow that's totally awesome !!! Thank you for the Fix Boris ! I don't know how much trouble it would be to make a regolith adaptation fix as well, I'm gonna go through the documentation of regolith to see, but KSPI ressource behavior is still a mystery for me until now
  10. Hi there , I've been running ksp on a Hptouchsmart since my desktop broke ( liquid spilling ). With a Intel Duo1.2Ghz, 4Gb Ram, and a 512mbATImobHD5450 GPU it's as awfull as expected. With Atm scalling everything at 1/8, 0.25 was runnable and playable with craft under a hundred parts. With the 0.90 version, I don't know whats happening, but even with 2gb of gamedata, 1/2 scalling, graphics setting at default, I get double fps than before, without sacrificing 7/8 of the textures !!!! It really feel like I'm playing the game on my desktop.
  11. It's working when creating a double of the hinge and changing his rescale factor. I have no clue why it wouldn't work with the original part over a certain size, and I won't try to figure it out. It's working like that and that is essentially what I wanted !
  12. Did you had time to make engineer useful finally ? Or ''next time folks ! ''
  13. @Khataar: look in the ActiveTextureManagerConfigs folder and take these as example. Write one config per mod folder, since there a folder field at the beginning of each config files, I'm not sure your */textures/* method will work.Determine each textures path properly, they are not all in a folder named ''texture''. @MGCJerry : Have you tried without openGL ? I found that the new ATM versions are kind of making it less mandatory. My GPU doesn't like openGL (don't, I've cheked everything, it's an enduro build ), so I had to deal with that. And anyway, what are you doing with squad's folder !!! You should just leave it as it is from the start. Or at least try a clean install instead of reporting a bug your likely the author... @jdavis : ... @Elthy : good question, you could look if after deleting the part(and it's texture, ATM is loading every texture he's finding, useful or not ) and rebooting there is still a texture for the part you deleted in the cache folder inside ATM folder ( it's easy to browse trought it ). Then you would know if ATM realised that there was no more texture at that address, or if he's not aware of it. Then you would have either to reload all the cache, or to just manually remove the compressed texture of the deleted part form it
  14. I came up with 82% because i'm picky It a excellent idea to use rescale factor on a new part, I'll try it too. I didn't spend too much time testing it yet, so it might be a cfg error or something that kept the part from moving at 1.45 and stuff. Let me know if you get the same behavior when you put all the scales on the same part. EDIT: Ok, I'm dumb, didn't retry it but anyways, the ''bug'' I was expperiencing with part bigger than 1.22 scale was most probably due to the fact that I didn'T respect the IR building scheme ( attaching part always on the good node, not reversing them without using a reverse mount ) EDIT: Tried to assemble it correctly, still translating instead of rotating, i'll try with a new part like you suggested.
  15. It's normal... You can help yourself with airbrakes, but with deadly reentry you have to make that kind of trajectory if you don't wan't to burn or to crush your kerbals. It's a matter of how many G of deceleration and how much heat you're ship can take. You can tweak your reentry to get a shorter path, but there's no way you can deorbit less than .25 orbit from where you wan't to go ( actually yes , but lets talk only about common situations ). I personnaly love airbrakes, they automatically go in the break action group, and then you can control pretty well your deceleration by playing with them. You could also make sure that spoilers/flap are enabled on your wings and to link them to some key in the action group to augment your deceleration power ( be careful though to test your plane reaction while all spoilers are on ). I understand your feeling about chute, I'm not using them either on spaceplanes. A third option I used one time on a 300t spaceplane ( it was a bit to heavy for conventionnal breaking only) was to put some retroengines; I had two precooler body per side, one with a conic adapter on the back and intake in front, and one with engines on both sides. It's creating a lot of drag though, but it's manageable and pretty cool. I was using KSPinterstellar too, it make it easier to build over powered stuff.