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  1. Not sure it's even a secret at this point.  The Falcon Heavy is literally just MOAR BOOSTERS.

    [At a SpaceX board meeting]

    "So, the Falcon 9 is pretty successful, but it can't lift the largest payloads. What do we do?"

    *Elon Musk glances up from KSP* "Have you tried gluing three of them together?"

  2. The laws of physics are unforgiving.

    Jeb never took law.

  3. You can't hide a Saturn V.  They didn't go up to 11 volume wise, they went up to 21.

  4. That's an option, I'll have to try and figure out how things have changed from version to version and see.
  5. The former reply is correct. I have the folders as: Gamedata -> WildBlueIndustries -> 000WildBlueTools AND Gamedata -> WildBlueIndustries -> MOLE One further clarification: The MOLE parts appear in the VAB. The Subfolder for WildBlueIndustries is present as well. The parts themselves appear as owned and unlocked in the Tech Tree. I can click on the parts and use them to build a new ship, but I cannot use several of the premade ships that come with MOLE.
  6. I have a bit of a problem and I'm unsure of what is going on exactly. I am new to this mod, just installed the latest version 1.5.0 The folders are in the correct places: Gamedata -> WildblueIndustries -> 000WildBlueTools and Gamedata -> WildblueIndustries -> MOLE I've unlocked all parts of the tech tree to unlock all MOLE parts. I put the sample craft files in my game save folder and they do appear in the VAB. My issue is that for several of the craft files, I am told that the files are missing parts and cannot be opened. Trying to open, for example, Titan Appaloosa gives this error for missing parts: WBI.backseat, WBI.MK8SISC, WBI.ShortInterstageAdaptor, WBI.LongInterstageAdaptor I can load, for example, Titan II Kerpollo, and several other craft, but it seems like the same series of parts listed above are just not able to be found. Any help would be welcome!
  7. Both links worked fine and thank you so very much for sharing this!
  8. Thank you for all of your efforts in creating this amazing piece of work. I was wondering if, in a future update, you might include a sub-assembly or a craft file of a completed Nexus with things? Thank you again!
  9. Okay... *goes off to try ramming speed* - - - Updated - - - Needed just over 2 m/s for the grabber to latch onto the capsule. Thanks for the help!
  10. It's a one Kerbal capsule, no engines or anything. The contract is from StrutCo, but using struts doesn't seem to solve the issue either.
  11. I have a contract which requires the rescue of a Kerbinaut and as well their ship. I've rescued the Kerbinaut, but I can't figure out how to return the ship to Kerbin safely. The grabber won't grab, I can't put the capsule into a cargo bay and return it. Are there any ideas how? Thanks!
  12. Nope... It was a question because the Outer Planets Mod had them. Just was curious about it as a possibility.
  13. Any chance of any of these being offered as craft files? Thank you to Frank_G for doing so!