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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I have not been able to be on the forum, work on the mod nor as a moderator nor play KSP for such a long time, and it is not finish for me, I have big IRL project coming my way. I am modifying the licence to open it to everyone who want to follow it, create you own mod based on mine, continue this one. I will pop back on the forum when I will get more IRL time (probably wont be able to pop back in the mod creation however). Make me proud, keep flying and have lot of fun. Edit: Here is the code of the last version I was working on (still heavily WIP), I tried to make it as a AP
  2. Kerbal engineer, Alarm clock, proc fairing.
  3. Je t'avous que je ne vois pas non plus pour le invertSteering, il n'a pas l'air d'etre vraiment utilisé! Peut etre qu'il est automatic en fonction de la position avec le centre de mass et/ou la rotation du model!
  4. It is part of the forum rules, You may want to have another read at them. So please be careful next time and re-read your message before posting. As for the suggestion, I do agree with it completely.
  5. Thanks guys, I have tried to get the new version done before .24, but the update went out earlier than I thought it would. Toolbar is already in the new version, I am stuck with the concept of tech tree integration I want so I may give that a rest and try to get at the part per save fonctionality working asap. I am having double shift at work at the moment, and since it's outdoor, with the sun it is quite tiring.
  6. Thread close as it is part of the what not to suggest stickies. Make sure you read the stickies before posting. Until squad change their system to something else, you can use either FAR or NEAR.
  7. Il te faut de quoi stocker le Kerbal àrécupérer (genre un pod vide), Ensuite tu fait un rendez vous comme pour faire un docking, et tu te met a moins de 2.5k du Kerbal (le plus près le mieux) Tu utilise les touche pour changer de vaisseau '[' et ']' par default, pour passer sur le Kerbal a sauver, et tu déplace dans le pod vide.
  8. Yes I am trying to get them to see what can be down to make a good career integration for my welding tool. I will give a try at your solution, thanks.
  9. RDNode[] listnode = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<RDNode>(); This always return an empty array. I am in career mode, I am loading the plugin once in KSPAddon.Startup.SpaceCentre. I have tried it inside the constructor and inside the Start() function. Any idea how I can get the list of RDNode?
  10. cpast and Darkstar616 How about you take several steps back so the thread can go on about 64bit and Part count! And Darkstar616, I believe the font is readable enough in lowercase to use uppercase only for name and starting a sentence.
  11. Change in the config file to have the node you want to be the one it attach with at the end of the list.
  12. That post should show you the difference easily. I believe there are a few video on youtube also.
  13. Locked since the OP moved his post to a better forum here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85557-Idea-Stage-Dream-Chaser
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