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  1. Hey guys, Sorry I have not been able to be on the forum, work on the mod nor as a moderator nor play KSP for such a long time, and it is not finish for me, I have big IRL project coming my way. I am modifying the licence to open it to everyone who want to follow it, create you own mod based on mine, continue this one. I will pop back on the forum when I will get more IRL time (probably wont be able to pop back in the mod creation however). Make me proud, keep flying and have lot of fun. Edit: Here is the code of the last version I was working on (still heavily WIP), I tried to make it as a API for future integration with fairing etc... And also offer several ways to weld parts. It's a completely different way to approach the merging of the config file, so feel free to have look and use that code too. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwou6bewBq0uM2J3VnFqMFRKRWs/view?usp=sharing
  2. Kerbal engineer, Alarm clock, proc fairing.
  3. Je t'avous que je ne vois pas non plus pour le invertSteering, il n'a pas l'air d'etre vraiment utilisé! Peut etre qu'il est automatic en fonction de la position avec le centre de mass et/ou la rotation du model!
  4. It is part of the forum rules, You may want to have another read at them. So please be careful next time and re-read your message before posting. As for the suggestion, I do agree with it completely.
  5. Thanks guys, I have tried to get the new version done before .24, but the update went out earlier than I thought it would. Toolbar is already in the new version, I am stuck with the concept of tech tree integration I want so I may give that a rest and try to get at the part per save fonctionality working asap. I am having double shift at work at the moment, and since it's outdoor, with the sun it is quite tiring.
  6. Thread close as it is part of the what not to suggest stickies. Make sure you read the stickies before posting. Until squad change their system to something else, you can use either FAR or NEAR.
  7. Il te faut de quoi stocker le Kerbal àrécupérer (genre un pod vide), Ensuite tu fait un rendez vous comme pour faire un docking, et tu te met a moins de 2.5k du Kerbal (le plus près le mieux) Tu utilise les touche pour changer de vaisseau '[' et ']' par default, pour passer sur le Kerbal a sauver, et tu déplace dans le pod vide.
  8. Yes I am trying to get them to see what can be down to make a good career integration for my welding tool. I will give a try at your solution, thanks.
  9. RDNode[] listnode = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<RDNode>(); This always return an empty array. I am in career mode, I am loading the plugin once in KSPAddon.Startup.SpaceCentre. I have tried it inside the constructor and inside the Start() function. Any idea how I can get the list of RDNode?
  10. cpast and Darkstar616 How about you take several steps back so the thread can go on about 64bit and Part count! And Darkstar616, I believe the font is readable enough in lowercase to use uppercase only for name and starting a sentence.
  11. Change in the config file to have the node you want to be the one it attach with at the end of the list.
  12. That post should show you the difference easily. I believe there are a few video on youtube also.
  13. Locked since the OP moved his post to a better forum here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85557-Idea-Stage-Dream-Chaser
  14. Thanks for those extra info. Yeah the modules are the most anoying, and require lot of test, especially module that look for a object or collider in the model, it often look for just one collider and not all the available one, that's why it won't hide the fairing of the engine, and the animation don't work very well etc... Thanks I am trying to see how I can get it a bit more career mode friendly, I am playing a bit with the R&D and science tree, to see what I can do. What KSP/Unity does is to consider all the last declared nodes that have the same orientation to be the one to stock from. You can see it stock with the station core. Apparently there is also a stock bug that if a part have more than 3 resources and not some specific modules, it will break apart like that in the window!
  15. Bravo pour l'avoir eu qui fonctionne. Pour les UV je peux encore moins aider que le reste, c'est vraiment en dehors de ma zone!
  16. Merci pour l'info Vahal, Ils ont un peu de mal entre mexique et finlande, mais bon c'est àcoté hein!
  17. Sadly no, someone made an alternative for monodevelop here. for KSPAddon, it is declared inside Assembly-CSharp.dll [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup, bool)] First argument is where the plugin will start second is if it is loaded only once or everytime you go to that startup.
  18. Non même pas, mais je veux bien que tu me pm la ref, par ce que ca fait longtemps que je n'ai pas vu pulp fiction
  19. You have a nice full (a bit outdated) video tutorial .Taranis have made some very good example code you can have a look here. TriggerAu have documented his remake of Alarm clock, you ca find the info here. You best bet will also be to create a new installation of ksp, and remove all the parts/internal/props you don't need to have the loading going as fast as possible. You can create a savefile and use this trick to autoload the game to that save file. I personally use this code [KSPAddon(KSPAddon.Startup.MainMenu, false)] public class Debug_AutoLoadQuicksaveOnStartup : UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour { public static bool first = true; public void Start() { if (first) { first = false; HighLogic.SaveFolder = "SaveName"; var game = GamePersistence.LoadGame("persistent", HighLogic.SaveFolder, true, false); if (game != null && game.flightState != null && game.compatible) { HighLogic.LoadScene(GameScenes.EDITOR); //Start to the VAB CheatOptions.AllowPartClipping = true; CheatOptions.InfiniteFuel = true; CheatOptions.InfiniteRCS = true; } } } } Since you cannot use the debugger/tracelog/breakpoint under VS (sadly), you will need to use a fair amount of Debug.Log() to know what are the value of the variables and where it could crash. In the ksp config file you want to have this VERBOSE_DEBUG_LOG = True
  20. Tu commence vrament àbien t'amélioré dans tout ca c'est bien. Pour la lumiere, pas d'attache pour le lumiere stock (tu va galerer sur le cfg, et les lumiere stocks sont trop grosse). Pour le mémoire, ben au vu de comment ca se passe, tu as besoin du moins d'utilisation de mémoire possible si tu veux que ta part soit vraiment utiliser, et il te faudra les textures aussi.
  21. Please note that all I am going to say is as a player and member of the community. When you buy a game, you usually buy a finish product, but you buy a game as a player. When you buy an early access of a game, you buy the product as well as the right to play the game while it is not yet finished. You do not buy the right to be part of the development team and so add your idea into it. Of course the community can influence the design (as we have saw many time already). Before you start into making a game, you will always have a design document (especially if you want to get investment, and Squad have invested into Harvested project) and a vision to know where you are heading. It doesn't have to be fully detailed, but you need to know all the feature you need and what are the goals of the player. From how I see the update going and the few article from the developer, I can imagine than this is how Squad is doing it: - They have the list of all the Core feature they need to consider the game complete. - They choose which update would bring what feature, so they have a goal as to when considering an update done. - They will create a fully design document for the feature of the next update (even may be 2 updates in advance) - They will start working on the next update (spending probably 20% of time to advance the big feature of the later updates, like testing/probing how things works). - Once a feature is done it will go under QA. and pushed to the main game once considered bug free. - Once 90% of the feature are done (only small one, bug fixes are left), they will send it to the experimental team for a bigger testing. - Experimental push the bugs, give them feedback, and the dev work on fixing all that. (more may go during that process, like tweaking and all that) - Once the experimental are done, it mean that the feature are quite stable and considered as implemented (doesn't mean there is lot of content with it) - It is then pushed to the community for them to play/try/test, and the dev to see how things can be tweaked/fixed - Once all main feature are implemented (scope completion as they call it), they will probably start working on more tweaking and adding content, and may be consider the game as a beta now - Once all the content is added, the game will certainly be considered as done and so release. - Later update/DLC/etc... to be seen During all this time, they will stay open and flexible to opportunities (NASA pack, edu version etc...) and community desire (Multiplayer) which sure could push some feature toward later update, but you have to take the opportunity while you can. Now the choice of lack of transparency vs (pretending to) say a lot. .Star citizen, you think they says a lot, but they only says what could make you pledge more, any Squadron 42 is redacted, etc.... But ships to pledge are quite transparent! They also have a planning for DFM december 2013 ......... fairly late. .Squad decide to not say much, keep it silence, and never miss a deadline, They certainly have deadline in house, but bugs/opportunity could push it, and not saying to the community just avoid the late update. .Space engineer have decided for a weekly update, it's great but how many thread saying, it's still not that feature...... and how many Friday hot fix patch or next week patch etc..... Here you have 3 space related early development game with 3 different approach to updating. About the EULA and no obligation from Squad. Let's say they don't include that in the terms, and for any reason Squad decide to shut the project from Harvester, or go bankrupt (probably not a decision) or any other (bought by another company etc...). Then all the player could send them to court to get their money back. That simple line removing any obligation from actually finishing the game, just secure them that in case of problem, they player base will not send them to court and make it worst (especially if it's a financial problem). I am sure however than Harvester and then Dev (it's their Job) do not want to stop making the game he wants until it's release or even after.
  22. You did figure it out, it's better to not reload the database in game while using a lot of part mods and/or module manager. Thanks for that list, I will try to have a way to support more mods for the next version, I am currently trying to get a good career/tree/save working for the next version. Can you pm me the config file of that part so I can have a look if it does the same thing for me please?
  23. Edit your post, go on advanced mode and change the title. And please edit your posts instead of double posting.
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