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  1. SQUAD have a team of tester who test the game intensively the way SQUAD want and the way they thing the game will be played. That is the Q&A part of the development. As a player of an early access your goals are: - play the game the way you want to play it (certainly different from the vision SQUAD had), and if you encounter any bugs, follow that guide line (isolate the bug, find how the dev can reproduce it, report it with all the info) - Keep playing, and when you have idea on how to improve a feature or the game, let the dev know with the suggestion forum, Make sure to research if it has been suggested before or already confirmed/denied by the dev (and that is is not in the what not to suggest list) - If you have any art skills (writing, drawing, speaking, videos etc...), use the forum blog or other to share the story of your space program. Every one love to hear what is going on with other space program. - Share the love, talk about ksp. As simple as it sound, but the more people share their love of ksp, the easier it is for the dev to stay motivated. Developing such a game with a small team is very stressful, and they work hard on it, so all those story of player space program, all those fan arts and magazine review does keep the dev motivated, because it really show them that the player are behind them.
  2. Hey, I am actually working on the same thing, There is no free way (that I know of) to have a debugger attach the game, and i didn't try the paid one, the full version of VS may be able to do it. I have a intensive use of the Debug.Log to display all the information i need. For the part info, I use a mix between what is in the part classes, and the configNode of the gamedata base. Either C#, Unity or KSP have parser for lot of the possible type to and from string. Here is a screen of a very early version (like a month or two ago), when I could only weld the structural parts (I now manage ressources, modules etc...)
  3. The camera is actually quite complete when you know all the tricks VAB Right click + move mouse: rotate camera Wheel: move up and down Shift + wheel: Zoom in/out Middleclick + move up/down: zoom in/out SPH Right click + move mouse: rotate camera Wheel: Zoom in/out Shift wheel: Up/down Middleclick + move: change the position of the camera (like first person walk)
  4. They are a bit tricky, especially if you start going to interplanetary travel, it's all about a finding the good camera angle (to have the now close to the camera, and see all the target and orbits), Also I usually use the maneuver node for a rough idea of direction of burn, and then I do all the tweak by hand. as NoMrBond said, they are some good mod to help with them. I think (don't take my words for granted) that SQUAD said they didn't wanted achievements. It may change since we are still early in the development, but you can still use flags and screenshots to mark your own achievement in game. You even have access to a blog in the forum if you want to record and share your missions with the community. I do like that, more like not displaying the info (atmosphere etc...) in game until we bring sensor out there. May be we will see that in the career mode may be not. It's probably something that wont happen in the sandbox game. Part of the what not to suggest list. So discussion about it will result in thread being close and message deleted (since you have all the above suggestion too) As Van Disaster said, you can use the great mod Procedural fairing. And same as above it is part of the what not to suggest list.
  5. That would be redundant with the current GUI light that we have. Now that is a good idea.
  6. And if you want even faster guys, this is a trick to auto load a save (so no need to go through the main menu) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/7544-The-official-unoffical-help-a-fellow-plugin-developer-thread?p=611180&viewfull=1#post611180
  7. RCS: They are not really useful in the atmosphere, so starting with it on would be a waste of fuel, better use the control surfaces. SAS: Would you like your car to start with the cruise control on? If you don't know how to switch them on, then you won't know how to switch them off and you will end up with problem later in the rendez-vous/docking/landing etc... Plus pre .21, having both on would have bring lot and lot of problems. like not been able to move the rocket at all, and emptying all the rcs fuel quickly. edit: ninja'd by Chris
  8. You can't really suggest to SQUAD to create nice crash report for the mods! the modders have to do it themselves. SQUAD is not responsible for the mods. All part of the what not to suggest list. So any discussion about those ones would bring the thread to be close.
  9. I love it, It's a great idea, nicely design. good job.
  10. screenshots would help (F1). make sure you open the shield of the shielded port (right click and toggle).
  11. Yes, you just need to bring enough fuel out there. Have a look at the Apollo style missions on the mission report / spacecraft exchange / youtube.
  12. A simple research of the word museum would give you plenty of info of what other think about the idea. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/48447-Mission-Pictures-Rock-Samples-Kerbal-Museum?highlight=museum http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/46699-Recoverable-Randomly-Generated-Artifacts-with-Display-Museum?highlight=museum http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/45688-Space-and-aeronautics-museum?highlight=museum http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/37803-Museum%21?highlight=museum And since you are the one who posted the last one just a few weeks ago, I will fell free to lock that thread!
  13. I am locking the thread because a simple search of "Flags Progress" would have shown you that thread which is a complete duplicate. So feel free to continue the discussion on the original thread.
  14. Considering that no resources (except electricity) are used in the stock game while the the ship is not active, you may be better off asking the specific mods to do it. It can be modded as part of the update when the ship is not active.
  15. Added to my mod list. Great idea! Looking forward to name my ships now
  16. A good way to control your rover without switching to docking mode, is to go to the option, control and change the rover control to key that are not the same than the plane/rockets keys
  17. Please to have a look at other discussions before starting a thread so we don't have 2 similar threads! http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/29807-Planet-Ideas-And-Names-For-The-Future-Of-Kerbal-Space-Program So please keep the conversation on the original thread.
  18. Personally I use the atmosphere to slow me down, and deploy the parachutes when my speed get under 200m/s if possible. I haven't yet use the drogue chutes to slow down faster before that.
  19. What I do is to simply copy/past the KSP folder from the steam folder to the dev folder, then I delete all the parts I don't need (to improve the loading time). That way I can play ksp with steam, and develop with the other version.
  20. The what not to suggest list is for suggestion posted to SQUAD not the modders. And as for multiplayer, there have been a few abandoned mods, out there, and a few working one, Kerbal live feed is still up and running and a good way to play with friends. I would suggest following the progress of Pwolf: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/47861-Multiplayer-Proof-of-Concept-with-video As so far it looks like the closest possible mod for MP.
  21. From what they said, the science parts does the experiment and you can either send the data through antennas or bring it back to Kerbin. For the antennas yes they will be useful, not sure about the other sensors, I would guess/hope so. They have been working on optimizations. And if they manage to get unity 4.2 (we did not had update for a while about it), it should resolve some unity bug/performances too.
  22. 7.5m as you stated is right. for info default rescale factor (if not set in the .cfg) is 1.25, and default scale factor (if not set in the .cfg) is 1.
  23. Since the FL-T800 is such a pain to deal with (the name and all the non normailsed stuff comparing to other tanks, I used the tank smaller but put two of them. And here is the equivalent of the 2.5 quad FL-T800 PART { name = ubioQuadTank module = Part author = UbioZurWeldingLtd rescaleFactor = 1 node_stack_top = 1.788139E-07,2.62819,0,0,1,0,2 node_stack_bottom = 1.788139E-07,-2.62819,-1.192093E-07,0,1,0,2 node_attach = 0.62625,0,0,0.125,0,0,1 cost = 8400 category = Propulsion subcategory = 0 title = 2.5 Quad FL-800 manufacturer = UbioZur Welding Ltd description = Equivalent of 4 FL-800 attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0,0,0 mass = 2.4 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2017578 minimum_drag = 0.3 angularDrag = 2.017578 crashTolerance = 6.105469 breakingForce = 49.50781 breakingTorque = 49.50781 maxTemp = 2908.789 fuelCrossFeed = True MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = -0.6250001,0.9124999,0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,0,0 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/Structural/adapterLargeSmallQuad/model position = 1.788139E-07,2.62819,0 scale = 1,1,1 rotation = 0,0,0 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = 0.6250002,0.9124999,-0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,0,0 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = 0.6250002,-0.9124999,-0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,180,180 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/Structural/adapterLargeSmallQuad/model position = 1.788139E-07,-2.62819,-1.192093E-07 scale = 1,1,1 rotation = 0,180,180 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = -0.6250001,0.9124999,-0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,0,0 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = -0.6250001,-0.9124999,-0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,180,180 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = 0.6250002,0.9124999,0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,0,0 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = 0.6250002,-0.9124999,0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,180,180 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTank/model position = -0.6250001,-0.9124999,0.625 scale = 1.25,1.25,1.25 rotation = 0,180,180 } RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 23040 maxAmount = 23040 } RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer amount = 28160 maxAmount = 28160 } } Create a folder like "ubioQuadTank" and create the part.cfg inside and paste this in the file. And it should work fine.
  24. Thread locked as it fall under the of the What not to suggest list sticky.
  25. Agree with the fact that SQUAD does not want to have random failure that would lead two similar launch to two different outcome. However, on his suggestion, it is easy (if there is a GUI to display it of course) to know when a failure could happen (and one will happen), Just the failure itself is random, not so much the when. Locking a thread is far from deleting it, it just allow actual new idea to be visible, and when the dev need, they can research the forum for all the ideas about a topic, research failure, and you will get all the suggestion that have been posted about failure in KSP, locked or not. Now to the OP, It does sadly still enter the category of random failure (I have discussed it with other mods),And even so this is a good idea and well explained (to my opinion), we have to lock the thread. I do strongly suggest you to suggest that idea to the modders, and I hope for one day to see a mod doing it.
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