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  1. From the last I have heard (before .23.5 or .23, I think it was in a interview with Scott Manley or on KSPTV), Squad was not interested on making any line of sight (To keep the game accessible) but were considering having some communication area allowed by satellite for transmitting science. They have also changed their mind in the past (like Multiplayer) and so who knows. It has also been suggested several time this is why it is in the what not to suggest list under the "More functionality for satellites" so the thread will be close. If you are not against mod, you could give a try at Remotech. Or since it's a sandbox, you can still pretend.
  2. Tu sais tu fait les choses a moitier ou en entier Il faut voir la où on atterrit! donc..... il te faut une loupiote! (et les train stock en ont aussi)
  3. That's a good work around, It shuld more or less be the same pannel that need the change, so you can look for it's name and change the position with a good find/replace.
  4. You can have a look at how HyperEdit does it. There are also other mods that change a craft position, but I think HyperEdit would be the best way for you to figure it out.
  5. Thread merged Keyboard Cat to an existing thread. It seems to be a common bug, either it comes from KSP / Unity / Steam will have to be determined I guess.
  6. Sympas la part pour le moment! Pour ce qui est de la demande, La raison principal pour lequel il n'y a pas de tuto officiel et outils/doc officiel, c'est principalement par ce que le jeux est toujours qu'en stade d'Alpha, et pas toutes les fonctionnalités ne sont pas encore la. Donc le code change pas mal, et mettre une personne àtemps plein pour de la doc n'est pas aussi efficace que de garder cette personne pour le jeux (sachant qu'ils ne sont pas beaucoup non plus). En revanche Squad est pour les mods, et essaye d'aider au max avec ce qu'ils peuvent pour le moment. Mais je ne serais pas surpris de les voir sortir des outils ou doc pas loin après l'arrivé de la phase beta.
  7. UbioZur


    It is not 2 colors but you can have a look at http://www.kerbalmaps.com/ Edit: a bit of photoshop/gimp should easily select all the water (as it's the same color), and then the inverse selection should get the land.
  8. I am not a expert, but I guess you would like to get angle on your engine to: - Avoid the exhaust to hit a part of your rocket - Getting the exhaust further to avoid over heating - Aligning Center of Thrust with Center of Mass. I quickly googled soyus rocket and I don't really see any angled engines, Sure the side boosters are conic, but the engines seems to be pointing down.
  9. Welcome to the forum, You have actually answer your question yourself: Transmitting will get you less point than recovering it. Usually you can transmit once at a certain % but transmitting the same experiment will not get you any more points. Try to look in the R&D archive if you already have some science for that experiments.
  10. Moved to the space lounge since it is not KSP.
  11. Son tuto est bien (je l'ai utiliser pour mettre mon VS. Mais un peu daté. Pour le GUI le mieux reste la doc de Unity (car c'est du Unity et non du KSP).
  12. Désolé àcause de nos outils de mods, on ne vois pas toujours les nouveau posts, du coup j'en ai oublier de quelques jours. Mais ca reste toujours un plaisir àlire Wooow Wooow code + model maintenant. Il faut de la patiente, mais tu y arrive tu vois. Pour le code je peux aider jusqu'a un certain niveau.
  13. I guess you will need to have a look at tools like planet factory.
  14. The SPH does have a few issue because of a default rotation. For the b9 parts, I have been told and also a few other parts mods does the same things. You can just change the rotation in the model{} of the parts that don't have the good orientation. PS: that look like a great platform!
  15. I will answer some 'possible' way to do it at the moment either stock or with mod in case you want the feature asap. Stock: IVA view (below 3000m). MOD: KER, Mechjeb, Steam Gauges Stock: if you can see the opposite mark then you can deduct where to spin. Mod: Enhanced Navball Stock: Looking around with the camera (I personally don't see the 'point' since it's quite fast to know where we are on the map). I don't recall any mod that would do it. Maybe KER/Mechjeb use the little red cross next to the Delta-V reading of the maneuver node. Map mod, just look at the AN (Ascendant Node) and DN (Descendant node) value. you need a target to be selected. KER and I believe Mechjeb could display it in flight mode too. In space there isn't much talk about time and more about Delta-V. KER/Mechjeb can give you a reading on the delta-V left for the vessel (not always precise, and it depend on a lot of things) No automation will hapen on the stock game (may get a dlc for it), Mechjeb could do it I think, may be KOS. And lot of practice. Mechjeb, may be KOS could allow you to do it, I don't think there will be anything stock since it would require an automation. Same as above. From what I understand if you know how to read a navball you should be fine to determine your angle with the horizon and also your orientation (0 being north, 90 east, 180 south, 270 west). Not sure I understand but I guess knowing to use the navball and where is the north/south on the body you are orbiting can help. Same as 6, there is the estimation of the Delta-v require for the maneuvers. (everything space related is processed with Delta-V) F3 to access the report at any time. all the default key binding can be found on the wiki. Sadly you can attach action to all stage but not a specific one. I don't know of a mod that could do that either. KER/Mechjeb for the in flight view. Maneuver node require to have a direction path so it can extrapolate from there. if you are not moving on the surface then it doesn't have anything to work with that. I guess a good coding on KOS can make you do it Else trial, error and experiences An option to snap to node could be cool I guess, but again the maneuver is more of an approximation of what to do than the real maneuver to do, than it works great for information and quick planning and not so great for precise planning. not sure if Mechkeb could do it, or maybe PreciseNode Not much of a bug than a design choice of how to store the vessel, it is a tree and therefore you need to have a root before you can change anything. You don't NEED the pod to be the root, other parts can do it too. Selectroot can help, abandoned mod but apparently still working. The game will soon arrive to a moment where all the major feature are implement and content/balance/tweak will start to be added. Note that by looking well, you can find other mods than those I have posted to do some of the things. Also if you do not want to use mod, you will have to wait until it's implemented (if it does get implemented) and learn to find a stock solution for it. Edit: ninja'd
  16. I'll be more than happy if KSP continue to grow and get updated in 15 years with free update! And do we switch to beta at version 1.0? And more seriously as the other have said, the number mean nothing. Let's take another well known indy game (not to mention minecraft), let start from the alpha and not all of the before alpha: Alpha 1.0.1 -> 1.2.6 Beta 1.0 -> 1.8.1 Release 1.0 -> 1.7.10 (and it's in release but still in development!) A lot of same version number and still very different time and content. If that happen, they would have the happiest community behind them. As of a side note, Gmail was more than 5 years in beta!
  17. Ben tu peux par exemple utiliser les modules existant d'un mod existant, je sais que beaucoup de gens utilise firespitter pour leurs parts par ce qu'il àde meilleur modules pour les animations. Et il authorise la redistribution des dlls. Interressant. J'aime bien comme idée, J'aime bien quand j'ai ma rocket lisse et sans plein de modules ici et la. donc les boites comme ca c'est cool Continue àtravailler sur des parts
  18. I'm not understanding this equation? Could you provide a working example? For reference, the rescaleFactor value in the welder output for my example above was 1. Also, I note as a separate bug, the current malkuth version messes with the Action Groun Extended GUI. Weird, huh? It models in some different UI skin and not all the functions in AGX work in-flight.
  19. Désolé, j'ai louper les updates que tu avais mis, je viens de tout lire. Je suis ravi que ca marche. Je suis un peu fatigué donc je regarde pas tout la Mais tu ne peux pas compiler du code c# dans le part.cfg.
  20. I use that system for the futur version of the welding tool: Enable the Drag and drop box if the editor have a part selected GUI.enabled = null != EditorLogic.SelectedPart; if (GUI.Button(new Rect(x, y, w, h), "drag here",_skinWindow.box)) { Func(); } GUI.enabled = true; Inside your Func(), use the EditorLogic.SelectedPart or a copy of it.
  21. Hola mister, tu veux commencer àte prendre la tête dans la prog Autant je peux sur certain trucs mais je ne le ferais pas sur tout ce qui est algorithme. Mais ça commence àbien venir tout ça de ton coté!
  22. I think Malhuth post explain it quite well: Yeah that scaling issue, it's a bit of a pain to figure out how the game apply the scaling and rescale, to what and when. I am having the same issue for the new version since I take the value from the config file and not the processed value ingame. Try deleing all the unwanted node (or at lease put them on comment, with // in front of them), also make sure there is no static solar panel welded. Could the graphic that doesn't handle it (but I don't think so), reduce your graphic setting just to check (in case). It looks like it is MODELscale * scale * rescaleFactor (default 1.25) * rescaleFactor.
  23. Follow the direction of the last post of the remotech 2 forum thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/56399-DEVELOPMENT-SLOWED-RemoteTech-2?p=1219513&viewfull=1#post1219513
  24. Il y en as qui prefere dormir àcette heure la eheh. Je pense que le collider c'est juste une boite qui determine où l'action pour s'attacher àl'echelle est! Si Jeb est dedans (àune collision avec la boite), alors l'option s'affiche.
  25. As said above, it is already been implemented in-game. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/R.A.P.I.E.R._Engine
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