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  1. To change it to answered, go to edit post -> advance -> and then you will be able to change the refix Wow! I am not sure I can say anything else.
  2. I confirm it's been unbanned. and luckyly for me, it was the only way I could choose where to get. I will have a look at that world transform kelven. I have finally (with a massive help from a friend) been able to grab the url. I have now a part.cfg writer in game. As I finish the basic of the UI and transform, I will add all the ressources/fx/module/crew etc...
  3. Let's use our Scott Manley reference He posted a video to set up 3 geostationary satellite. This should give you an idea on how it can be done.
  4. I do believe MapSat will show you anomalies on each Easter eggs. even those that are hidden under the ground or far up in the sky. Low pass orbit is how I have found some. works great without terrain scatter and on sun rise/set (so low side way light). Instead of a small rover, I would use a kind of skycrane that can hop from place to place. it would be a lot faster. In atmosphere, planes would be the way to go. There is still looking a videos/wiki to know where they are and then trying to find them (it's like going for MapSat without the time spend to map the terrain). or just play and you may end up seeing a few while you are going over or crashing err landing.
  5. Here are all the links to the Engine data that can randomly found in the forum http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/30989-Nuclear-engine-interplanetary-transfer-sloooooowwwwwwwww?p=382503&viewfull=1#post382503 http://imgur.com/a/kfnng http://imgur.com/a/okuO4 Max liquid fuel Dv = a bit over 17k (good luck getting it) Max Xenon Dv = more than 90K (good luck having the patience for it) To extend it, the best way is adding stages and so dropping dead weight. Another way is to use the infinite fuel cheat (ALT+F12 menu) Note that RCS have a nice Dv for very light craft (check of course) but I don't think it's possible to calculate it.
  6. What sojourner said and also don't hesitate to launch it, and undock on the pad to test it, and then revert to the VAB so you don't get the kerbal killed.
  7. Est-ce que un de vous serais m'expliquer comment faire: - récuperer l'url d'un model in game (dans GameDatabase.name) depuis un objet Part qui viens du EditorLogic.fetch.PartSelected Aussi du même part, je souhaiterais connaitre les positions et rotations de chaque child par rapport au parent. et vu que leurs variable position et rotation sont a 0,0,0, je vois pas ou chercher ca!
  8. apparently I am not the only one not knowing how to do it. I have fixed the writing of the .cfg using the System.IO I have still not found a way to access the GameDatabase for the MODEL and so any link from the part name and the url stored by the database. Also not found a way to access the relative transform of the part from it's parent part.
  9. Tu ne peux pas parler chinois ici Touhou mais tu peux parler Français sans probleme!
  10. Terminal Velocity is the speed at which your rocket don't accelerate anymore and so you are just wasting fuel. Without going too much into details (that I do not know), the faster you go, the more you try to push the air in front of you which create more drag. At a certain velocity (for a given atmospheric pressure, so air density), your rocket is no more accelerating but actually just creating more drag. It's like trying to push something, and the more you push the harder it gets to push it. so it's more efficient to find the sweet spot between pushing it at a good rate without making it too difficult. There are the value on the wiki (the table with altitude and speed): http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Kerbin I personally just try to have about 100m/s for 5000km, 200m/s for 10000km, it's a bit lower than the optimized value but they are easier to understand.
  11. Hey Marshall, There is no need to update for .21 or .21.1, they are still working fine. I am currently working on making it in-game too. I do run into few issues as I am not familiar with unity and a bit rusty in coding, but it's slowly coming along
  12. Hey twan, No need to apologize for being french. If you are not sure about writing/understanding english, you do have a specific french forum now, and we will be happy to help you there too. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forumdisplay.php/62-French a few things I see are: - The delta wings on the center piece of the rocket are useless, they do no provide control. try adding canard instead. - Check your electricity, you may run out of it and that is why you can't control your rocket anymore. - are you using the sas (key T to toggle) to help stabilize the rocket? PS: to avoid spam, the first 5 messages a new account post need to be accepted by moderator, you don't need to write them twice, just give us the time to check and accept them.
  13. oui le mod est compatible avec la .21 Il permet de sauvegarder des "subassembly" et de les recharger apres. ce qu'il faudra que tu fasse, c'est de prendre ton lander, le glisser sur le bouton qui apparaîtra a droite de l’écran, et ensuite tu charge ton lanceur et click sur le même bouton et choisi ton lander, et tu peux l'accrocher ou tu veux après.
  14. Salut Apodeus, Tu recherche pour Sub Assembly Manager: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/subassembly-manager/
  15. Oui je m'occupe d'un mod qui était principalement la modification de fichier part.cfg pour diminuer le nombre de parts pour construire plus gros. Avec la .21, je me suis remis au code, et j'essaye de le rendre en outils in-game. Si besoin hésitez pas àdemander, je pourrais toujours faire le liens entre les infos en Anglais et Français.
  16. Hey all, I have decided to work a bit on my welding tool to make it in game tool. I have a good programming background even if I didn't touch a code line for 4 years (a bit rusty) and this is my first C# experience (I do know C++) I will be updating the questions I have, It will mostly be how I can access some data (which class to look for) Here are the first few questions: - The only way I have found to write the file in Gamedata/UbiozurWeldingLtd/Parts/Category is by using ConfigNode class. It does work as a charm, except that of course the file does not work, and I don't know how to check if it already exist and/or create it? also is there a way to have the plugin folder from a variable? I don't really like hardcoding the plugin forlder in it. Fixed using System.IO - So the part.cfg file will include the model with the node MODEL{ }, where can I find the path of the path of the mesh to use? Done with a nice use of regex and the database. - I can add the nodes when I weld two parts together, however I haven't found a way to get the position of the new node. or the position of the second part. I have looked at all the position and original position value without success. I will also need to know that position/rotation value for the MODEL{} stated above. Thanks for your help. Any point toward the class I have to look for or a plugin that already does it would be appreciated. I have looked at the subassembly manager to know how to setup the project so far. Also if there is actually a way to save a Part class to a file directly, it would be even better (if I can choose the save directory)
  17. Here you go, it's working on my computer now, without error on the log file. It is a lot easier when I can locally test it Must have done a copy-past mistake. Again the crew of the space station is removed (let say disappeared following a solar flare!), so you will have to bring some new kerbal out there. http://www./view/gqyfzljnk4buzvi/persistent.sfs Keep a back up in case there is a later problem (we never know for the station time and world time etc...) and let me know if you need more help. I may not answer before monday evening, but I will have a look at that thread and my pm.
  18. I am working on it. Managed to get some stuff fixed. And the save loaded. Will keep you updated, I still have a few error on the log files, I would like to see if I can remove them
  19. humm, it's the fix I gave you, what does the log file give? Also is the mod you use only mechjeb? if so, I can just get it and try it.
  20. Thanks, I can see how you have done it. I won't need a .craft file.
  21. I am just starting to get to KSP plug in development so I am not sure but I would guess the reasons could be: - only activate the plugin for a specific ship (kerb eng, MJ) - easier to implement a part feature than a game feature, and there are more tutorial for part modding than gameplay modding. MissMolly, you are welcome.
  22. Bonjour àtous, Je suis ravi de faire partie de l’équipe de modérateur du forum. Je vais aider Cykyrios et stupid_chris sur le forum Francophone. J’aime bien récuperer des information sur KSP via des vidéos et/ou tutoriels et ce sera un plaisir de vous aider. N’hésitez donc pas àdemander si vous avez des questions sur le jeux et que vous ne comprenez pas bien l’anglais, ca me fera plaisir de vous aider. Si vous avez des idées et suggestions sur ce que nous pouvons vous fournir pour aider (notamment en traduction) n’hésitez pas. Je pensez notamment vous traduire le challenge reddit hebdomadaire si vous le souhaitez. Pour la science.
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