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  1. You can go into the settings for OBS and change it to output to .mp4 instead. You can then import these files into Movie Maker or just about any other video editor.
  2. It happens to all gaming communities at some point, unfortunately. We've been pretty lucky here so far.
  3. I believe that these are created in Blender using the KSPBlender addon here. You basically create a craft in KSP, import it into Blender, and then you can do practically anything from there.
  4. Hey this one is up a little bit earlier than usual!
  5. Great devnotes! I had to do a double-take with the title, I thought a day had mysteriously vanished without a trace. I'm really looking forward to this update!
  6. First things first: I fixed it! It turns out that the UV maps were being incorrectly flipped along the x-axis which caused the objects to receive the wrong parts of textures from the texture files. I dove into the python files and found the culprit: line 237 of the import_craft.py file. Originally the offending chunk of code looked like this: if len(obj.data.uv_layers): if "_fixed" not in obj.data.uv_layers[0].name: obj.data.uv_layers.active.name+="_fixed" for uvvertex in obj.data.uv_layers.active.data: uvvertex.uv[1] = -uvvertex.uv[1] + 1 Notice that negative sign in front of the uvvertex.uv in the last line? That's the problem. Just get rid of it and your UV maps will be correct! I'm guessing that it was originally a workaround for some weird KSP texture handling that got fixed in some update. So, to reiterate, remove the negative sign in front of uvvertext.uv[1] in line 237 of import_craft.py to fix the texture problem. Now that this is fixed, I'm going to play around with it some more and finally realize my dreams of creating a decent rocket launch in blender!
  7. So I decided to mess around with KAS and took my copilot out skydiving. He doesn't seem to be enjoying it...
  8. That was a really nice read. Just, wow. Like you suggested, you might've saved that kids life. It makes me happy to know that there are people in this world like you.
  9. I wish I could select more options in the poll! I'll like anything that I find particularly entertaining, informative, amazing, etc. It could be anything from a really nice SSTO design to a particular quote from a movie I enjoy (ahem see Gladiator quote above).
  10. Congratulations to the winners! I really enjoyed participating in this giveaway! We should have more of these types of things here on the forums.
  11. I believe it is about time I made a return to the Mun's south pole.
  12. You'll be in luck when 1.1 is released. 64 bit and multi-core support should (hopefully) provide a nice performance boost for everyone.
  13. I'm so glad gifs are now accepted as profile pictures! I'm loving the new forums!
  14. This has the potential to be a very nice night launch. I hope they can get it before the end of the launch window.