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  1. Same here. Looks like something's up with the site, or with CloudFlare.
  2. Doesn't help the situation, any. I'm also having the same issue. I'm going to open a ticket and see what can get done about it. I've already done all the usual checks locally, across multiple PCs on my network, so it's gotta be somewhere online.
  3. I think his argument is that he got something for free, but it doesn't work with the latest version, and rather than realise that nobody is getting paid to develop Kopernicus and make it work with the latest quite-extensively-changed version of KSP, he'd rather go on about how those of you who have worked on Kopernicus are deliberately leaving everyone "hanging" (you know, as opposed to what is happening in reality). It's a little like a Karen walking into a coffee shop, complaining that the free donuts she was given at the drive-thru aren't fresh from 5 minutes ago or aren't made with
  4. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this... But I'm having trouble getting the mod to work with any build of KSP 1.2.2 The parts appear just fine in the editors. There are no options in the Action Groups Editor for any of the parts, but having never been able to get it working, I don't know if this is normal or not. The models load just fine on launch. They also have an arm accelerator option. However, no amount of clicking works to arm the accelerator. The options do not change. Nothing happens. I have tried this with a sole accelerator, and an accelerator chained to
  5. Same here. Unfortunately, I do not have the Steam version of the game, meaning I cannot update.
  6. Wrong... At least in this particular instance. Every calculation on every part of a given object needs to rely on calculations performed on all connected parts in order for the results to be available. Let's try an example... A collidable object has 3 parts that all need to be checked for forces. Let's say that they are checked for forces from bottom to top. In a single thread, which is where it has to be done, you pass calculation for part 1. The result of that force calculation is retained. Part 2 is then given the same calculation, with the difference being that part 1's resu
  7. I don't suppose there's an appropriate method of reporting bugs that I can use, is there? I've come across a couple I'd like to report that I have yet to see anywhere else.
  8. This mod, with the right changes, should be integrated into KSP's stock version in the future... Even better is if Squad could implement the functionality directly using Unity.
  9. If you have 4GB installed RAM or less, don't bother. It won't be of any benefit. If you have more than 4GB, it depends on whether you need mods, what OS you're running, etc. On Windows, it's not very stable, so should only be used when you need to exceed the 4GB address space of the 32-bit version. This is true if you use a lot of mods and no Texture Management tools. The 32-bit EXE is far more stable on Windows, so it's probably best to stick to it. Performance wise, there's not a lot in it.
  10. Edited from earlier today... My brief results from testing: Note: I have already updated ModuleManager to 2.5.1 before installing B9 Aerospace, and removed the 2.4.4 version included in the pack. No other mods have been installed other than those bundled with B9. KSP has flagged the bundled CrossFeedEnabler and Firespitter as incompatible on startup. Testing in-game has been limited so far, but anything that doesn't rely on Firespitter or CrossFeedEnabler seems to work OK for now. I will try updating Firespitter and CrossFeedEnabler (if newer versions exist) to see how that fares. More in-dept
  11. Another follow-up: I've just tried accessing the Telemachus server from a web browser in my Android tablet, and it works normally by accessing it from its' built-in index page: http://IP_ADDRESS:PORT/telemachus/information.htmlas well as all linked pages from the Telemachus server. However, I cannot access the JSON data from the web browser e.g. IP_ADDRESS:PORT/?pe=o.timeToPe Because it simply displays an error page asking if I intended to load the index page (as listed above). Is this by design? If so, what resource do I need to access in order to send the HTTP arguments you mentioned earli
  12. Sorry I haven't gotten back to this before now, I've been busy but I'm going to look into it now. Just to follow up: Is it possible to access the JSON data directly using JSON functions that can be included in Java libraries? I've seen a few implementations of the JSON framework (off the top of my head) for Android programmers, and I'm thinking of network overhead when I pose this question, but if it's too difficult, I may just rely on an HttpGet request in Java to pull the JSON documents off of the server. The latter is easier from a programming POV, but the former might eliminate unnecessary
  13. Is there any possibility that you can give information about how to access Telemachus' data from within java code (e.g. what type of connection should a Java application make to the Telemachus server, what format is the data that Telemachus transmits over the connection, and what are the commands that Telemachus recognises)? Is it done through the use of string data, or is some of the data converted to byte form for efficiency reasons? I ask because I want to write an Android interface so that I can directly use my tablet to control KSP without having to open a web browser (I don't like unnece
  14. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I haven't been able to find any email links for you guys. I've two Android devices for testing (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1; 1st generation, and Galaxy Note 2) and can provide feedback for beta testing if you guys are interested.
  15. Small bug: If you have Mission Controller Extended and this plugin installed at the same time, the buttons overlap. I can't find a config entry anywhere to change the location of the Sct button in the interface, and the MCE button always gets the mouse click instead of the Sct button.
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