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  1. How is it annoying? It takes less time to full throttle, and if you want less or none, X is there to tap.
  2. Heavy, Weak and incredibly buggy. Standard docking port is significantly better.
  3. Overpowered? Nope. They're actually USEFUL now, Before I NEVER used RAPIERS because they were too heavy, had ....ty isp and ....ty thrust.
  4. The test while landed at Kerbin missions are realistic, It's the fire a rocket motor at the space center to test it's ISP and thrust numbers(and what have you). Does it make much sense to send a completely untested part to a far off world? No, Not at all. So test fire it at home and make sure it'll work.
  5. The kraken is not a bug anymore. It's simply part of KSP, The same way the parts and planets are, and it should stay, Because it is incredibly entertaining.
  6. This should stay! Committing fraud in KSP is probably one of the funniest things ever!
  7. So much win in this post. This is why we need this, Otherwise if it isn't an SSTO, You are being horribly punished for launching and attempting to return and recover objects that can VERY clearly survive the descent. So you go either SSTO, or you lose money.
  8. and why should that prevent us from allowing this to be implemented? imo, It makes perfect sense, some, Like myself will want almost everything dropped within atmosphere to be recovered, Efficient or not, it's a simple and neat feature.
  9. Fairly simple idea(probably not too simple to implement), To get around this, Any part with an active and armed Chute, Should be recovered and compensated when taken beyond the 2.5km limit.
  10. I readily abuse Part clipping on a Regular basis, I get to build the rockets I TRULY want and I enjoy the game more because so. It's not even Cheating either, Cheating would be clipping the parts and making them weightless, but you still have to lift their mass of the pad!
  11. Well, Mods won't be limited anymore, So those random crashes when you have 1 too many mods installed will be entirely gone. (Granted you have the Installed RAM to support it.)
  12. Fairly well, It took a very long time though, Simply because of the Lack of Thrust and abundance of fuel.
  13. Unfortunately they've put down Spaceport in favour of the Malware ridden nightmare that is the Curseforge.. This is probably the best place for mods now. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/forums/35-Add-on-Releases-and-Projects-Showcase
  14. Impacting Water at a certain speed, will instadeath everything that touches it, Regardless of the Impact Tolerance, It will just sploosh and die. Head bouncing only works on solid land.
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