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  1. Hey, I've been messing around recently in 1.12 and the "add alarm" button that shows up when you hover over key bits on the orbit path seems to keep on getting in my way, I've ended up accidentally creating alarms a couple of times when trying to create nodes near apoapsis/periapsis. I know i can usually just swing around and get another angle on it, but as it stands it seems to be cluttering up my UI more than it's doing any help. Does anyone know if there's a way to toggle this feature off? I'm not against toggling alarm clock off completely on a save temporarily if that's the only way to fix it. I just can't seem to find an option or mod for it.
  2. Hey, which parts of Kopernicus Expanded are supported/recommended for use with Beyond Home?
  3. This is good to hear and, to some degree, calms some of my worries. Do you know if under this new studio the team is still protected from stuff like Crunch and stress casualties? I would very much hope so as that not being the case would unfortunately be a dealbreaker for me personally.
  4. Well like I said I'm a game developer. So it's very much my concern if the games industry is just allowed to get away with treating their employees like excrements, which more often than not they are. As far as the willingness of games publishers and studios to merrily work their developers to death. Yes it is shortsighted and impacts the quality of games, and yes they do it anyway. It's something so common that it actually has a name: Stress Casualty. Here: https://kotaku.com/how-biowares-anthem-went-wrong-1833731964 And then just before release they will end up firing huge chunks of the development team to make their sales look more significant to shareholders too. I honestly can't believe they get away with it either and yet it keeps happening.
  5. Good to hear you're not interested in attempting to stand in support of bad things not happening to the people making your fancy new toy. How very thoughtful of your. Also Point 3 was more about combatting exclusivity deals that would prevent the game from releasing on the promised platforms and not being Epic Exclusive locked or anything.
  6. Back when KSP2 was first announced I posted a question in the Announcement thread on this forum to Star Theory asking if KSP2 will be developed ethically. Completely free of crunch and other developer-hostile practises. They responded and they said yes. Then this happened: KSP2 is no longer being developed by Star Theory, and the way it ended up no longer being developed by Star Theory was, regardless of why it happened, Unethical As All Hell. As someone who's both interested in video games and as someone who works as a game developer I'm not sure I can ethically speaking purchase this game anymore. I'm sure that, as a community stuffed full of developers, modders, computer scientists, artists and content creators that there are many of you that will share that sentiment. Furthermore the transfer over to the new studio, the delays and the fact that the KSP2 license was pulled from Star Theory over them refusing to agree to Take 2 Interactive's terms for a buyout all makes me nervous that the game will not be developed as promised: with an ethical degree of respect for the health and mental wellbeing of its developers, free of exploitative mechanics such as micropayments, mod friendly, unhindered by dangerous "anti-piracy" spyware, and available free of exclusivity on all major digital storefronts. So as a community I would like to ask for you help. As KSP2's main audience together I think we have the influence to ensure KSP2 is held to an ethical standard that will not be compromised by Take 2 Interactive's corporate decision making. I know it's a big ask, I'm sure we've all been excited for the promise that is KSP2, but if we all agree to stand together as one to hold Take 2 to a set of ethical standards, I believe we can ensure that KSP2 is developed in a way that is healthy for the developers and released in the state it was promised to be in to the community. Below is a statement I have written. I'd like you all to read it and if you agree with it I'd appreciate if if you showed your support to this sentiment by signing this petition WE, THE KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM COMMUNITY PROMISE THAT WE WILL NOT PURCHASE THE GAME KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 UNLESS IT ADHERES TO THE FOLLOWING ETHICAL STANDARDS: 1) THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM AT INTERCEPT GAMES MUST NOT BE FORCED OR OTHERWISE COERCED TO CRUNCH AND/OR WORK UNPAID OVERTIME DURING THE DEVELOPMENT OF KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2. 2) KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 MUST NOT FEATURE EXCLUSIVE PRE-ORDER CONTENT, DAY-ONE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT (DLC) OR PAY-LOCKED CONTENT (PLC), NOR MAY IT CONTAIN A PURCHASABLE IN-GAME CURRENCY OR IN-APP PURCHASES IN ANY OTHER FORM, COSMETIC OR PAY-TO-WIN MICROTRANSACTIONS, OR LOOTBOXES ("SURPRISE MECHANICS"). 3) KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 MUST BE RELEASED ON ALL PROMISED ONLINE STOREFRONTS, STEAM, THE XBOX MARKETPLACE AND THE PLAYSTATION STORE, AT THE POINT OF LAUNCH ON SAID STOREFRONTS' RESPECTIVE PLATFORMS AND AT THE SAME POINT IN TIME REGARDLESS OF REGION. 4) KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 MUST RELEASE WITH THE PROMISED MOD SUPPORT. FURTHERMORE TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE MUST NOT CLAIM ANY OWNERSHIP OVER USER-GENERATED CONTENT WITHIN THE END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) INCLUDED WITHIN THE KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 RELEASE. 5) KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 MUST NOT RELEASE ON PC PACKAGED WITH INTRUSIVE DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT (DRM) SOFTWARE, INCLUDING THOSE PRODUCED BY DENUVO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS GMBH. NOR WILL KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2 FEATURE ANTI-CHEAT SOFTWARE PRODUCED BY DENUVO OR OTHER COMPANIES AS IT WOULD VIOLATE THE ABOVE CONDITION REGARDING MOD SUPPORT. 6) IN THE EVENT OF FUTURE CHANGES IN THE DEVELOPMENT TEAM, SUCH AS THE CHANGE OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIO FROM STAR THEORY TO INTERCEPT GAMES, TAKE 2 INTERACTIVE MUST, AS A SIGN OF GOOD FAITH, RELEASE A STATEMENT DETAILING THE CAUSE AND NATURE OF THE CHANGE IN DEVELOPMENT TEAM. IN THE EVENT OF A SERIOUS BREACH OF THE ABOVE CONDITIONS, WE THE KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM COMMUNITY AGREE AMONGST OURSELVES TO BOYCOTT THE RELEASE OF KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM 2. SIGN HERE I want to close out by saying that I hold no ill will against the former Star Theory development team who moved over to Intercept Games, and please don't harass them or Intercept Games for continuing to develop the game they set out to develop.
  7. Well sign me the bloody hell up if there is. Plus i just received a BSc in game design, so if anything i'm very qualified for that.
  8. Hey, is this thread still active? What will Mining look like in KSP2? With the increased focus on colonisation I hope things will be a little more complicated than "Ore does everything", you know, give you a real reason to carefully survey and pick your colony sites, and even a reason to have multiple facilities built across a planet. Like, imagine having a shipyard somewhere on Duna's equator in a metal rich caldera, but having to build your fuel refinery up at the northern polar ice cap, and having to rendezvous fuel shipments with your newly launched starships down in their equatorial orbits. So obviously want to design a fuel SSTO that can make that trip with as much wet mass as possible, in Duna's oxygen-less atmosphere. Or just a SSTO, but have a small tug with a space-efficient engine in polar orbit to dock the fuel shipment to and make the rendezvous, conserving more of the fuel you mined. And because you don't want to wait for the tug to return to drop the SSTO back down to the refinery, you could make two fuel tank modules, one for each ship, and swap the full one onto the tug when they meet in polar orbit... Now that's the kind of cool emergent gameplay complicated mining could bring. So yeah. fingers crossed.
  9. Another question: Will plasma blackout be reworked to allow preprogrammed control/TDRSS style communications coverage? It's a pretty cool simulation element, but as it is in KSP 1 it's not exactly possible to satisfyingly circumvent like it is IRL.
  10. I'm not sure that would really be best put behind "Difficulty levels". It'd make much more sense to order it under themed "Difficulty presets", like in factorio. Something XML driven too so the community can share their own custom flavours of KSP, maybe even make it part of a challenge.
  11. How else are Take 2 going to afford to pay their hired goons?
  12. How well are the developers at Star Theory being treated? Have they ever been made to work unpaid overtime? Are there any plans to make lay offs in their QA department after launch to increase profit margins? Will there be any attempt to suppress workplace complaints over harassment to be overseen exclusively within the company? I know this is all pretty sombre and cynical stuff to ask, but as a young, newly graduated game developer myself, I want to be sure that I'm putting my money towards something that has been developed ethically and that the wellbeing of the developers is taken into consideration. Even if it is KSP 2 and i'm excited and giddy as all hell.
  13. Pretty CleverTM (if infuriatingly asymmetrical). I never realized that something that size would take so many parachutes to land safely, i guess that's why we usually use runways and gliding and all that stuff.
  14. Trapped in the Sky! Disaster! The luxury SSTO space-liner Fireflash finds itself trapped in low kerbin orbit, unable to use it's landing gear without activating a bomb stowed aboard by the dastardly Hood Kerman. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to design and prove the most creative way you can think of to bring the 18 crew and passengers of the Fireflash back down to kerbin safely. Rules: 1: don't use the Fireflash's landing gear to land. 2: don't just ditch it in the ocean, while technically the most practical solution to the problem it is also the most boring. 3: don't just send shuttles up into LKO to dock and collect the passengers, again not a whole lot interesting. 4: do pretty much anything else that you need to do. want to use modded parts? go ahead! 5: success is nobody crashing into the planet and dying. The Ship: The Fireflash Prototype, a Hackenbacker Class Single-Stage to Orbit luxury Space-liner with a crew of 2 and 16 VIP passengers. Current Situation: in Low Kerbin Orbit with more enough oxidizer to deorbit and plenty liquid fuel for low altitude manoeuvring/powered glide on final approach. Action Groups: 1: toggle rapier engines 2: toggle engine mode (currently closed cycle) 3: open/close orbital components (solars, antenna) 4: deploy emergency radial drogue chutes 5: toggle in-line radiators between passive and active (currently active, can and should be indefinitely sustained with RTGs) Tips on landing the Fireflash: The Fireflash while able to glide will drop too fast to make an unpowered landing, or at least requires maintaining power till just before touchdown. it can survive high physics warp and is mostly stable both in and out of atmosphere as well as being easy to manoeuvre at subsonic speeds. when re-entering be careful as the front section has a habit of burning up, though losing it does not fatally detract from the stability of the craft. The Fireflash has a relatively short stopping distance with just the air/breaks compared to the length of the ksc runway. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3bAkbqjp8mGY1lsdGRPR3dmRXc contains a savefile with the Fireflash in orbit, there is also the Fireflash's craft accessible from the SPH list as a "Hackenbacker Spaceliner" in case you need a reference vessel to mess around with. Good luck.
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