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  1. First off awesome mod Started a new career game to play with this, everything worked as expected except for the KSC biome issue above - got a bunch of contracts, biome hopped around in planes etc, everything was good... Then I put my first rocket into orbit and check the contacts... Field Research: Gather rare science results from Laythe's Poles *ahem* I think I'll stick with going to Mun and Minus first (No errors or anything in any of the logs, let me know if you want a copy of any of the logs/save)
  2. If you go into your Gamedata folder, inside of /Squad/Contracts/ will be contracts.cfg - Near the top of that file will be the entry for how many you are offered (default 10)
  3. This is easy If you go into your GameData folder then /Squad/Contracts/ there will be a contracts.cfg - One of the very first options will be how many contracts you are offered (Default 10) I bumped that up to 25 myself.