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  1. Your mod is awesome, i manage to balance shuttle that go in orbit first try with your mod ! I'm glad you have already a update in your hood. Thank you ! you made my day
  2. I strongly recommend that the follow mod didn't send a email but that there is a notification system on the spaceDock. maybe a option ? I would also like _ filters like for ksp version / parts or plugins or both / Impact on performance _ Add mods to a modpack directly from the mod Spacedock page. _ Gallery for the mods packs ! _ KerbalX.com links on the profile Keep the great work, this site is nice ! PS : the mod pack don't work right now for me ;(
  3. this update freeze my ksp loading when the kos part are patch with the module manager. I play on a mac and it's the only mod install
  4. This is how i get the AoA FUNCTION AOA { RETURN VANG(ship:facing:vector, ship:srfprograde:vector). }
  5. there is a lib for that, https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KSLib/blob/master/library/lib_navball.ks
  6. I've write a SSTO ascent script, tell me what you think about it link : https://github.com/Cakeofruit/Kos.PlaneToOrbit The real deal are in this file : https://github.com/Cakeofruit/Kos.PlaneToOrbit/blob/master/sp_guidance.ks
  7. intensive testing of my new shuttle ( this one is almost stock )
  8. RCS Build Aid got his gui broke by the beta. Damn my mk3 shuttle is gonna be delay ;( but i will make it FAR ready the toolbar seem ok
  9. thx to you to make that game so good !! and thx to the mod community that make wonderful mods and some contributioon to the stock game. ( plz add select root to the functionnality if not already in the BETA )
  10. I know that dropbox and a simlink is a good alternative but i wanted a script that i can tweak and that i' m mastering. I want to use this on my work and project so dropbox is out of the league Time machine lost 3 h of careful flights to set up my RT networks. nice piece of code to check if a app is launch i will try it ( see if it fit well in the script) . i'm also trying to make a xcode interface but i really struggle ;( ps : thx NathanKell to move this thread in the good location and for your awesome mods
  11. Hello mac kerbaunauts ! This is a bash script that i'm working on.(still a WIP don't use if you don't know bash) This is made to autosave your save files in kerbal and allow you to grab a old persistent.sfs that isn't corrupt by a craft randomly explode ( true story ) Make a new .command of .sh and make it excutable than that the code and paste it. Then put this file in the save you want to save This should works on linux but i'm not sure. #!/bin/bash #INIT #******************************************************************************************************************************************* clear Adress=$0 dir=${Adress%/*} dirdir=${dir%/*} dirdirdir=${dirdir%/*} Adresslength=${#Adress} #source auto and folder name Nametosave="Back_Up" cd ${dirdirdir// /?} mkdir $Nametosave Source_auto=${dir// /\?} Dest_auto=${dirdirdir// /?}/$Nametosave #VARIABLES & CONFIGURATION #******************************************************************************************************************************************* cible=$Source_auto ciblelog=$Dest_auto Dest=$Dest_auto interval=5 #nbbackup=20 Not use for now #BigBackup=10 Not use for now #END OF VARIABLES & CONFIGURATION, DON'T CHANGE AFTER THIS WARNING #******************************************************************************************************************************************* #Files log cd $ciblelog touch rsync.log backup_log=$ciblelog/rsync.log ## need to create a intermadiate folder that contain the small update while true ;do rsync -ravb --backup-dir=`date +%H:%M` $cible $Dest >> $backup_log;sleep $interval;done & sleep 3600 kill $!; trap 'kill $!' SIGTERM I'm open to any improvement you could thinks of. To do list: change the dest that it doesn't mess up the ksp files ( by creating invalid saves) Make a others script to make a profile ( change the souce, Dest, and the interval) maybe in applescript or bash if my script works on ubuntu secondary : built a xcode interface
  12. And i also post mine here : This one is made to plot Orbit it's still a wip but it' working. This is to help me balance ion lander,it need a little update And the last one is for the transfert (mainly with remote tech) it's calculate the PE to have the good satelite spacing. it also calculate the dV for the probe burn ( transfert and deorbit burn)
  13. Hello you ! This thread is made to group the spreadsheets and work together to update and improve those spreadsheets. Category : Delta V : DeltaV Burn Time Calculator Orbital : Part stats: Jet stats see bottom of the page for ddl Part List : Raw .cfg from Black-Talon Science checker : Science Checklist in Spreadsheet Form Not really a spreadsheet but very nice Building your craft :
  14. Hello i' m making a post on excel spreedsheet but yours is offline ;(
  15. shair it if u finish it i wanna play some rts on kerbol syst !!
  16. For the fouth view you can take the worse case for the moons placement and avoid the simulation part.
  17. I like your work cuz it´s save me the exel work but i found that i need to calculate the eleptical orbit to spreed the sat evently. I use péri of transfert =2*((t orbite circ in sec*(1-1/nb of sat)/2pi)^2*mu)^1/3 -(2*radius +alt circ in m) For géostationnary orbit at kerbin : torbite circ = 21600, nb or sat= 6, mu=3,5316*10^12, radius=600000, alt circ =2868750,7 and it give me péri = 2074745 Keep the website update if u can, some like me use it more than a mod.
  18. Here the biggest and the most advance shuttle i maid from 24.2 (old B9 shuttles)i cannot update them to .25 but mostly because of the new B9. huhu the biggest didn't show what's in it belly but is big and orange and 7 t of rcs !!
  19. Soon great stuff with the destructible vab (BDArmory will get my attention it deserve i wanted to save it for the multi but meeeeh destroy bulding is nice too) the surface attachement is really nice for cargo bay. PA and openttd got my attention for now but this
  20. Yeahh I-on RCS are near ( like the update great work dude !!! i'm very happy
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