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  1. Has anyone else had a problem with Making History Parts being duplicated / not being hidden correctly?
  2. If you use ReStockPlus, the new version deprecates the Mallet and the Striker, because KSP 1.8 adds the Mite and the Shrimp. So - you are left with zero propulsion options in the Start and BasicRocketry tech tree nodes. In a normal game, you can milk a bit of science from the KSC biomes to get up to BasicRocketry, but that only gets you a liquid engine. I believe the idea of the mod was to start with SRBs, so I've created a patch that moves the Mite and the Shrimp in the same way the Mallet and Striker were moved last version. Two changes to UnKerballedStart.cfg: Line 16 (start node): @PART[batteryPack|SurfAntenna|sensorThermometer|probeCoreSphere_v2|Mite]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree]:BEFORE[zzzUnKerballedStart] Line 26 - Add an entry for the basicRocketry node: @PART[Shrimp]:NEEDS[CommunityTechTree]:BEFORE[zzzUnKerballedStart] { @TechRequired = basicRocketry } There are two other parts deprecated in RestockPlus in the same way, a 1.8 metre SRB called the Anvil and a 1.8m nose cone. They probably also have new stock versions, but I've yet to reach them in the tech tree to know where they go.
  3. I see that the Anvil 1.8 metre SRB is deprecated in the 1.8 version. Which of the new SRBs replaces it? Thanks!
  4. Has anyone come across problems when trying to attach multiples of the LV-T05 and LV-T10? Example images below. I've tried to look into attach nodes, but have not been able to decipher them yet I'm running Restock and Restock+ if that helps. Attaching a single engine: Attaching multiple engines:
  5. I'm tired of the Rockomax decouplers breaking up the clean lines of my rockets. I used to like using the Procedural Fairings decouplers and before that KW (it was a while ago). The flat grey was more to my liking. Can anyone recommend a mod with nice looking 0.6, 1.5 and 2m decouplers/separators?
  6. Hey taniwha, are you ok with someone updating the entry in the CKAN meta data repository to reference 5.0.1? Those using CKAN still see 5.0.0 as the latest version. I would update it but only if you're ok with that. thanks
  7. Here's a tip for some extra cash just at the beginning - take the 5000m altitude contract, and carefully make sure you only just make it. I then got another for 11000m, then another for 22000m, then another for 33000m - all paying in the thousands. Some fuel and thrust modifications on the RT-10 make these possible and bring that little extra cash in at the beginning. Especially helpful on hard mode.
  8. Is MM 1.5.5 a new update distinct from 1.5 (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/55219-Module-Manager-1-5-%28Nov-11%29)?
  9. The wiki has Eve atmosphere at 96km - has it changed in 0.21?
  10. I had the problem of the map view jitters as well. There is a fix posted from this thread that worked perfectly.
  11. 1.) Pressing F3 during flight pauses the game and brings up the flight log - this might be what you need. 2.) http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/0-18-1-kerbal-engineer-redux-v0-5/ - The Engineer plugin gives you lots of useful information during building and during flight.
  12. They definitely need re-packed before the lander is re-used, but it isn't necessary before you take off again. Using this lander, I would always repack them while on EVA after I had taken off and docked with the station. EDIT: I can see the safety benefits of repacking them before takeoff - an ascent failure could result in an emergency landing.
  13. If you can manage to land using only parachutes - you can actually carry a little less d/v than a Mun lander. This was mine from 0.20. When fully loaded with fuel, it could depart from an orbital station at 100km, land using parachutes, then take off and return to the same station using appox. 1500 d/v.
  14. This is a good example of what Frederf described. I have tried to re-create this, but can only watch in awe and hope to be this good one day.
  15. For everyone who is having problems, in this video http://youtu.be/-tslKIlAxHQ C7 mentioned the new SAS system in relation to joysticks, and states the need to set deadzones. Perhaps the drift from stable can be attributed to micro-inputs from an ever-so-slightly off center joystick or controller?
  16. In the early media exclusive video http://youtu.be/-tslKIlAxHQ - C7 mentions joysticks and the need to set deadzones. I can imagine that having a joystick or controller plugged in might cause the kind of problems people are seeing with the SAS.
  17. Tried out Alarm clock - it loads OK but switching between alarm types breaks the UI. I can also confirm - Mechjeb doesnt attach to anything.
  18. First of all, thanks to Xeldrak for the inspiration. I had a bit of trouble modifying my normal lander, but 2 balanced rovers ended up doing the trick. For a little extra authenticity, my 3rd stage fired twice - once for Kerbin orbit insertion and then again for trans Munar injection. Having two rovers, i added two MSEPs to each of them and did 2 driving missions: the first out to 10km and the second out to 5km. I did end up within 100m of the memorial, but only after running out of descent stage fuel 300m away, 40m high and still at 5 m/s horizontal. I invented a new landing maneuver which I call the bounce and roll, flipping the MM at least twice and ending up upside down. Pod torque & landing legs allowed me to right it, but I wont claim the 100m distance or the flawless landing points - no parts broke off though! Points Main Mission - 30 points Everything has to be started with a single rocket (no building ships in orbit or refueling in orbit) You have to fly a LOR mission (you need a Command Module [CM] and a specialized Münar Module [MM]) No mods! All stock, no Mechjeb. (Did Neil and Buzz land by auto pilot?) BYOR (Bring your own rocket) - The rocket must be your own design Goals - 3-man Mission +10 - 2-man Lander +10 - 2-stage Lander (leave the decent-engine on the mün) +20 - Escape tower? +10 - Lander stored behind the CM during ascent +20 - Lander tucked away behind some fairing? +5 - Free return trajectory to the mün +10 - Got a Munar Roving Vehicle (MRV) on board? +15 - After succesfull Mün landing docked CM and MM in Orbit (no swapping ships without docking them first) +10 - MM disposed by crashing it into the Mün (remove Kerbal first!) +5 - Plant flag on the Mün (no cumulative, i.e. two flags don't get you 6 points) +3 - Spashing down on Kerbin (land on water) +5 Awesome new goals: - Deploy münar sub-satellite before returning to Kerbin +10 Points Landing accuracy (not cumulative) - Land within 1 km of NAM +10 Points I was roving on the Moon one day... - Are we there yet? - 15 points - Drive beyond 10km of the lander MSEP - Mün Surface Experimental Package - Science extravaganza! - 15 points - Deploy four experimental packages 2.5km from the landing site (and at least 2.5km from eachother) Total - 203 points
  19. Hello to all fellow Kerbal Space Program players. My name is Neil from London town. Been playing KSP for about a month now, and its given me some of my most rewarding gaming accomplishments ever. That first Mun landing is really tense! I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Brotoro for his Long-Term Laythe series and Temstar for his Zenith lifters. Their inspiration has helped in getting my own designs off the ground (literally). I'm really looking forward to .21 and crashing into some good looking Mun craters. Good luck out there! P.S. Does anyone know why I'm not allowed a signature? I'd love to put my ribbons on show!
  20. F3 I had to write a sentence to make the reply long enough.
  21. I can vouch for the method that Matrix Aran suggested. A two stage burn is good for both time and thrust vectors. I tend to pick the prograde/retrograde vector - enter in all the required d/v - confirm I get a encounter with the target, then drop the maneuver d/v and burn to beyond Mun orbit. Set a 2nd node when you come back to periapsis for the remainder of the initial d/v. As for getting to Laythe - aerobraking at Jool with periapsis of ~114km will put you approximately at the right Apoapsis. You may need some adjustments to actually encounter Laythe, but you will have saved enough fuel to do them.
  22. rryy is spot-on - Conics mode 0 is the way to go. Focus on the planet you want to hit. I have found the Maneuver Node Improvement mod (http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/maneuver-node-improvement/) extremely helpful - it allows you to change the conics mode on the fly in-game. It also allows you to re-open the node when it inevitably closes at the worst moment.
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