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  1. I downloaded this mod and peered into the CFG file. Ranger Rangers can fly a vessel, repair stuff, reset experiments and defend the base . They're basic Guards Effects: FullVesselControl, Repair, ScienceReset, ExternalExperiment GeeForceTolerance: 1.3, 1.45, 1.6, 1.85, 2.0 Colonist Colonists can fly a vessel, repair stuff and reset experiments. They're basic allrounders Effects: FullVesselControl, Repair, ScienceReset, ExternalExperiment GeeForceTolerance: 1.3, 1.45, 1.6, 1.85, 2.0 CoPilot CoPilots can fly a vessel as a secondary pilot and repair Effects: FullVesselControl, Repair, EVAChute level 0 GeeForceTolerance 1.3, 1.45, 1.6, 1.85, 2.0 Passenger Passengers can fill a empty spot in a vessel GeeForceTolerance 0.75, 0.75, 0.75, 0.75, 0.75 Farbal Farbals can do anything they are laythe kerbals Effects: Science, ScienceReset, SpecialExperiment, ExternalExperiment, FullVesselControl, Repair, Converter, Drill, FailureRepair, EVAChute level 1 Also has Autopilot skill, but a typo in the source prevents this from taking effect VesselScienceReturn 1.05, 1.1, 1.15, 1.2, 1.25 PartScienceReturn 1.05, 1.1, 1.15, 1.2, 1.25 GeeForceTolerance 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
  2. It doesn't really look odd. It uses existing assets and the modification is very lightweight and limited in scope. You can already do it with existing engine plates with the other parachutes; my mod just makes one less part to worry about. It uses inspiration from Gemini and Mercury. (Bit off topic: sorry Snark.)
  3. No worries, that's understandable. I'll add top nodes and fairings to the rest of the node-attach parachutes, do a little more testing, then release them soon. I have a Spanish test on Monday so I have to study too. Hope you had a good Halloween, y feliz diá de los murtos!
  4. I have a few ModuleManager cfgs that I wrote that I'd like to donate to the project. The first cfg file adds Porkjet's MK1 pod as a variant for Squad's new MK1 pod in 1.5.1. The second file adds a 0.625 engine plate. The final one adds a fairing and top node to the MK16 parachute. How do I get them to you?
  5. I figured it out! I went into the KerbalSpaceProgram folder and unchecked the option to run the program in compatibility mode for Windows 7. Hopefully this helps someone else with these problems. Should I revert my graphics drivers or keep the current ones?
  6. Thank you sir! That did not work. I installed those drivers, but it was hard. I first tried to install that driver via setup.exe. However, it returned the error message, "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer." Next, I tried using the Intel Driver Update Utility, but it still shows no available updates. Finally I forced the display driver to install via the device manager. (I used the "have disk" option in the wizard and pointed it to the graphics subdirectory of the driver's folder.) I verified that that new drivers were indeed installed by comparing the driver date and version number with the original values. Then I rebooted my Surface Pro 2 and verified the new drivers were installed again. However, there was no change in KSP's behavior. I still get a stuck loading screen; although, I hear the intro music after the normal loading time. The new cursor (since KSP 1.0) also works. But nothing else shows up. :-( Thank you for trying to help me out, anyway. I appreciate it. :-)
  7. Edit: Please see solution in Post #4 Help! I bought KSP over two and a half years ago from the KSP store. It always ran correctly, until now. I upgraded my computer to Windows 10, and now the video freezes upon loading. The game isn't even crashing... I can hear the intro song, but the window freezes on the loading screen. It is unresponsive except for being able to be closed. I don't know how to diagnose this problem. I uninstalled the previous installation including the saved game, all mods, and all files left over. I re-downloaded and reinstalled the game from scratch. I’ve changed render quality to “fastest.†My game's resolution is 1600x900, but it happens in other resolutions too. I’m launching the game from KSPLauncher. I’m running the game on a Surface Pro 2 with 128GB and 4GB of RAM. It ran fine before in Windows 8.1, but not now! Please help!
  8. Hey, I love the mod. I noticed there isn't a heat shield or decoupler included with one I downloaded. Is this true? Could you add a decoupler or heatshield please? The stock ones are quite jarring when used with this mod.
  9. Currently, all the contracts are offered almost randomly. Some people like to only fly certain contracts. Declining a contract is certainly possible, but it can get tedious. A slider to adjust how often certain contracts are offered would be better. That way if someone gets bored with one contract type, they can adjust the offerings.
  10. It seems to work. One feature request: please add support for the default toolbar.
  11. I'm also new to modeling and modding. I had a hard time a few weeks ago, just like you. Here's what I found: You need to drag your part to be a child of your part exporter. I don't even bother giving it a name. I can upload a screenshot later. For now, here's what the hierarchy should be: GameObject FuelTank Just drag the name "FuelTank" to your "Part Exporter" to do that. I never renamed my part exporter, I always leave it as "GameObject". I also currently still use PartTools 0.18, because, I'm scared of upgrading and not getting it to work. Once I get my first mod into a usable state, I'll upgrade to finish it. But I don't think these two differences between our environments matter much. I hope that helps! Let us know if that works for ya.
  12. You are an inspiration! I just started learning to make 3d models a few weeks ago. I hope that I can make ships as detailed as your Apollo clone someday. I also love how well it jives with the rest of the KSP aesthetic. Great job!
  13. I got it working.... not sure how though. I created a simple capsule, added the airlock, made it in unity, and it worked. go figure...
  14. Please help me! So I am not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am very new to modding and 3d modeling, so I tried some tests. I'm trying to make a simple airlock for a manned laboratory. However, I couldn't get Kerbals to exit the lab once they entered (the dreaded "hatch is obstructed" error). So I tried something simpler, and I got a weird bug: Infinite Bills coming out of the airlock. The Kerbals stay unresponsive, and their lights are always on. I'm not using any other mods at this point either. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here's what my unity environment looks like: Could someone show me what I'm doing wrong?