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  1. Yeah can confirm as well. Down from 80 to 30 at the KSC. That said, is the chat server IRC compatible? Might just use that in the meantime, got the monitors for it.
  2. This, Battlefleet Gothic, and then Stellaris around the corner. It's a space orgy and I have stuff to get accomplished
  3. One of the things that's happening, likely due to the aero changes, is stock parachutes are much less effective than they used to be because of their drag. I'm just wondering if for FAR this is WAD or a known issue? Or if I should be using far more chutes than normal? I've noticed similar issues when using 1.0 aero settings in 1.02, which leads me to suspect when they made the atmosphere soup again, they reduced the effectiveness of chutes to compensate. For instance a standard career mode "starter" ship of a goo pod, the starter solid booster, command module, and standard chute, will impact
  4. Does anyone know which packs have good looking Visor.pngs? The only oen I found was the orange suit ones, but shifting that to greyscale didn't look that great.
  5. Worse comes to worse, just change the altitude the chute deploys fully at by right clicking it in the VAB. Anything in the lower atmosphere should be relatively safe. Actually can stock chutes even snap in the first place?
  6. Question, will you be moving to add more compatible modules to RPM, or is it just the codeside that's being maintained? I'm asking because the MK 1 inline got updated, and I always used that as a control module before 3 man pods were created. So I want to know if I should wait for an update or swap out the models for the old MK1 from 0.9, which was RPM compatible. Also converting to Celcius might be iffy, as the re-entry safe temperatures in the VAB are also in Kelvin, so unless you can change that readout, you'd have conflicting data being given to the user, such as parts exploding 273deg too
  7. Worked fine for me with a solid strapped to it as well. You try verifying files then applying the fix?
  8. Either way, I don't really have much of an issue with the drag, just the lift, which is causing problems with gravity turns. Also reentry, but god knows which setting that is because both sets of variables had the same effect. I'm thinking maybe convection density is the setting, but I don't have any idea what the numbers needed to dial that in are.
  9. Did you upload the wrong file? I was checking what you changed and the uploaded file and the 1.02 default have 0 differences when string compared.
  10. Really the problem isn't atmosphere, is that they still have the Impulse tweaks that were intended for the 1.0 atmos.
  11. I've noticed the Award Window gets spammed with all the mission Kerbals, such as tourists offering contracts. Is there any way to purge them in the code for a future version, or is it just a fact of life for dealing with mods that pull kerbal details?
  12. When decouplers fail, is there an alert message or does it just fail to decouple? The reason Im asking is I've had some times where the decoupler staged without actually activating and I need to know if it was a Mechanics failure or a bug.
  13. The files have the version number inside them. Assuming the mod itself works fine, the update would just be changing that internal number to tell KSP it's all ok. I'm getting that alert with some .9 mods that still work (graphical mods are much less version sensitive)
  14. I can't seem to get it to load, what steps do I need to take with the news system?
  15. Is there somewhere we can get all the various mod configs made?
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